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Report: Fire nearing deal to re-sign Bastian Schweinsteiger

The Chicago Fire are reportedly nearing a deal that will see the return of Bastian Schweinsteiger.

According to, the Fire are getting closer to re-signing the German midfielder. The two sides are reportedly discussing a contract that would be for the 2018 season with a club option for the 2019 campaign. According to the report, Schweinsteiger would remain a Designated Player.

The 33-year-old midfielder recorded three goals and six assists in 24 appearances for the club last season. In a year that saw the Fire rebuilt, Schweinsteiger was a key piece in leading the team to the postseason and a third-place finish in the East after two consecutive last-place finishes in years prior.

Thus far, the Fire have yet to add a player to their existing roster while the midfield situation remains a need following the expiration of Juninho’s loan deal.


  1. There was no where for him to go besides MLS. MLS is perfectly positioned for this type of player and the second type of player that has made the league better ( away from CONCACAF players getting much better ) the South American looking to play away from So Am.

    Look at the Premier League standings, they just become more and more of a joke all the time.
    Bayern has won 14 out of last 20 season ( I counted this season as over )
    Spain has been that way forever.

    Name a team that a Schweinsteiger or S Am midfielder wants to play for away from the top teams. The English league is the only one with any amount of unpredicatability.
    Everton is 35 points back with 27 points earned. Go higher up? Liverpool is 18 points back and trading their biggest player…again.

    Trolls can paint it as MLS will take the unwanted wash-ups and the Galaxy have too many times, but there is no where for him to go and he can still play at a very high level.
    I said this 5-7 years ago, but I believe it to be MORE true now…..MLS becomes WAY more desirable than it is now in a VERY short time.


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