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Report: Zlatan Ibrahimovic nearing move to LA Galaxy

After conquering Spain, Italy, and France and taking on England, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is reportedly close to making the long-awaited and much-discussed jump across the Atlantic Ocean to take on the United States.

According to ESPNFC, the Sweden international is reportedly in discussions with the LA Galaxy. The report says that he would not be a Designated Player, but rather have his salary bought down with Targeted Allocation Money.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has come out and said he wouldn’t stand in Ibrahimovic’s way if he did want to leave the club.

“Zlatan is in last year of his contract,” said Mourinho, “if, if, if — and he said nothing to it to me — but if, if, if that is true and Zlatan wants a future in another club in another country we are here to help and create conditions to help, not to make his life difficult.

“But the last thing Zlatan told me was he wants to recover totally and help the team.”

The 36-year-old Ibrahimovic was nearing a move to the U.S. last spring, but a devastating knee injury ended his season with Manchester United early and kept him off the pitch until November.

He has made seven appearances in all competitions since then, scoring one goal.


  1. The MLS could use a few more larger than life personas. I’m all for it as long as goes at it and doesn’t view it as some a Captain Stevie-style extended field trip.

  2. bring in a 36 year old superstar to sell jerseys and tickets for one year? this is so mls 1.0 but why not?

  3. I guess the Galaxy is planning on winning a lot of games 4-3 or similar since they are still thin at the back and their best defender, Ashley Cole, is nearing retirement age.

  4. Obviously the guy wins…all the time.

    But this is a much different scenario. Playing on the worse team in the league, even if they have improved, and carrying that team is different. Add to that, he isn’t playing much right now, which I guess fits right in with LAs past/current players.

  5. I used to loathe this guy, the smugness, speaking about himself in the third person, all that crap. I was thrilled when reports came out that Gooch had kicked his ass or, at the very least, had a good rumble with him, even though Zlatan was the big star and Gooch was a nobody.

    Fast forward to now, and I’ve learned to appreciate him. There’s no disputing he is/was a very good player and seems to have toned down his public persona. He may even be a decent teammate.

    If LAG can get him for TAM money, and I assume he will get a similar deal as Beckham with sponsors and sales of jerseys to supplement his salary, then I’m ok with my Galaxy taking a crack at it. You’re not giving up a DP spot for an over-the-hill, ACL-recovering player who may not play much (and probably skip every turf game). I’m not sure where he fits into their line up, but LAG was so woeful last season, that it can’t go much worse this year

    • I would disagree with only one thing you say. Zlatan was not a very good player, he was a great player. When it comes to just scoring goals, in his prime there was none better and I have seen him make as many spectacular goals as Messi and Ronaldo. I remember one goal he scored against Italy in a European Championship game that seemed physically impossible. If he is physically fit, he should dominate MLS for at least one season, maybe two, even at his age.


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