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Aron Johannsson scores first goal of season in German Cup

Aron Johannsson has found appearances few and far between since his move to the Bundesliga in 2015. However, a strong performance last weekend in Bundesliga play looks to have carried over for the striker.

Johannsson netted his first goal of the season seven minutes into Werder Bremen’s German Cup quarterfinal match at Bayer Leverkusen on Tuesday. Three minutes after Max Kruse had given the visitors the lead from the penalty spot, Johannsson added to it by scoring on a chipped effort.

Johannsson later came off as a halftime substitute, as Bremen fell 4-2 in extra time. (UPDATED: Werder Bremen head coach Florian Kohfeldt said afterwards that the striker left the game with a hip injury, though it is not deemed to be too serious)

Johannsson’s goal was his first since Sept. 11, 2016, which was Werder Bremen’s lone tally in a 2-1 loss vs. Augsburg. After Tuesday’s appearance, the forward has now made 22 appearances for Werder Bremen between league and cup matches since signing in 2015, scoring four goals.


  1. Nice work AJ! I feel for guys like him. It must be really tempting to take the easy route, sign with the MLS and collect all the perks and favors that come with it. I would love to see what terms and conditions will be put on the next USMNT coach with regard to player selection. If we see an MLS coach hired, you have to figure the demands were such that no international coach of standing would ever accept them.

  2. Bizzy’s point is valid, but you chose a poor example in AJ. At the time of T&T, both Jozy and Wood were showing better on the field. And when Jozy and AJ played together, Jozy scored more. And in October Wood was playing pretty well for Hamburg while AJ wasn’t playing at all,. So, now Wood is in a terrible slump and AJ actually scores a goal. But you can’t base what should have been with what is now.Finally, the biggest problem with T&T was giving up 2 goals, which never should have happened.

  3. This is a typical example of available talent that wasn’t utilized by the USMNT because he WASN’T ON THE FIELD for Werder Bermen regularly (… his skill and talent just showed up out of nowhere or hasn’t always been there).
    A US Player fighting consistently for a spot on a team playing in a league at the highest level (EPL, Bundesliga, Championship, Bundesliga II, Serie A), whether the player is on the field getting regular minutes or on the bench) should ALWAYS be in camp for the USMNT….over players that have the entitled mentality and are in no position to loose their jobs if they mess up or do not perform
    Aron Johannsson
    Danny Williams
    Antonee Robinson
    Julian Green
    Weston Mckennie
    Caleb Stanko
    Alfredo Morales
    Terrence Boyd
    Matt Miazga
    Kenny Saief
    Cameron Carter-Vickers
    …….and the list goes on and on

      • I don’t blame you ROB (Reasoning’s Obviously Blank), this post was meant for people who can reason, analyze and contribute logical information pertaining to “the game”….. good luck buddy 😀

    • Preach Bizzy. I hear you bro. Not like someone sprinkled pixy dust on Aron last week and suddenly he’s good again. Mexico never benched Gio and Jon Dos Santos when they were struggling for club minutes at Totenham and Barca back in the day, quality was quality dudes in LigaMX came second. Wes Sneijder and Aron Robben wheren’t benched by the Netherlands when they couldn’t get minutes at Real Madrid way way back in the day either. But MLS starters must play over European based players who have to fight for real first division club minutes unlike cush MLS rosters equal to the Championship or League One.

      Before ya’ll hate, I’m want MLS to succeed not a MLS hater just realistic. A-T-L, ya’ll better be ready this year when you come to the Benz.


      Till we figure out how to keep MLS/SUM hands off our federation.

    • How often was AJ injured? It’s not like he was just sitting around twiddling his thumbs waiting for a call-up that never came. Whenever he was actually healthy and had decent form he was brought in.

    • I think that from your list only McKinnie, Miazga, CCV and maybe Green will actually do more than play a few times for the US.

      The others have appeared for the US and have failed to impress or have been so injury plagued that it is hard to know if they have overcome the injuries or if it is just a recurring theme with them. (That is a reason I think Jozy is unlikely to play in the 2022 WC.)

      Of course sometimes players really do have a one-time injury and recover from it, but when the injuries recur or new ones arise and cause repeated absences, well, Stuart Holden can tell you how that goes no matter the fight in the player.

      • “The others have appeared for the US and have failed to impress “…..Dennis the WHOLE TEAM has appeared for the US and failed to impress, the reason we are not going to the world cup. We had EPL players and Bundesliga players that were benched or left off the team for MLS “joggers”, “back passers” and “hold-up players” (and wondered why we are ALL on the outside looking in). Like Joe Dirt so eloquently put it…..teams with better leagues than us, like Mexico, understand soccer and put their best foot, their best team forward regardless of play time. A player struggling day in day out to make the team of a top league in a foreign country, who’s MAIN SPORT is soccer is better than a player casually playing for a team, under no pressure, in a country whose top 3 sports isn’t soccer. The league some of our snubbed players are currently playing in, is the very league retirees are coming from to play or instantly become starters in MLS.
        Food for thought

      • He was injured coming into the tourney, like Shawn said, and it makes you wonder why JK took him to Rio to begin with smh….i guess Jurgen’s mindset was anyone over Landon, regardless if they’re hurt or not wtf??!!

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