Christian Pulisic focusing on Dortmund in wake of Premier League links

Christian Pulisic focusing on Dortmund in wake of Premier League links


Christian Pulisic focusing on Dortmund in wake of Premier League links

Christian Pulisic will need to get used to transfer rumors. As one of the brighter talents in world soccer, the Borussia Dortmund attacker will be linked to any number of clubs over the next few seasons and throughout his career.

Still, Pulisic insists he’s focused on one club and one club only: Borussia Dortmund.

Despite ongoing links to the Premier League, Pulisic reiterated that he isn’t currently eyeing a move to England. His comments come in the aftermath of former teammate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s big money move to Arsenal, one that has seemingly passed the baton of Dortmund transfer target to Pulisic.

“Of course, the Premier League is an unbelievable league,” Pulisic told ESPN. “You never know in football what can happen, so right now, I’m focused with Dortmund, and yeah, that’s that.”

“[The transfer window] was definitely kind of a whirlwind,” Pulisic added. “Every day, you hear something different in the media or whatever, something like that, but now that it’s over, our team has been having kind of a rough go of things lately. So many different coaches in the last few months, but yeah, right now, we’ve just got to turn that around and focus on ourselves.”

In recent weeks, Pulisic has been linked with Premier League heavy-hitters Liverpool and Manchester United, with German outlet Kicker noting how valuable Pulisic would be as a brand asset for either club. However, according to the report, Pulisic won’t receive clearance for any sort of move until after the 2019 campaign.

Dortmund currently sits fourth in the Bundseliga, one point behind second-place Bayer Leverkusen. Bayern Munich is almost certainly out of reach atop the table, but Dortmund is still focusing on booking a Champions League spot for next season after crashing down to the Europa League this campaign.

That pursuit remains Pulisic’s goal as he looks to move past the transfer rumors and look ahead to the final months of the Bundesliga season.

“I’m trying to have a great season — not only for myself, but hopefully, as a team, we can come together and fight for a Champions League spot,” he said. “Of course, [it’s been] disappointing with the national team, but basically, I just kind of want to be a leader for that team and help them grow. Hopefully, we can come a long way and be ready for the next World Cup.”

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