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FC Dallas tops Tauro FC but is eliminated from CCL via away goals

FC Dallas’ comeback attempt fell just short, ending the club’s CONCACAF Champions League hopes prematurely.

Following a 1-0 defeat in the opening leg against Tauro FC, FC Dallas battled back to earn a 3-2 victory on Wednesday at Toyota Stadium. However, due to away goals, FC Dallas falls on aggregate as Tauro FC advances to play Club America in the CCL quarterfinals.

The match started poorly for the MLS side as Tauro FC’s Edwin Aguilar opened the scoring just 16 minutes in, giving the Panamanian club a massive advantage. Maxi Urruti fired FC Dallas back with a goal 16 minutes later but a Jesus Gonzalez goal for FC Tauro gave the visitors what was essentially a three-goal lead heading into halftime.

FC Dallas got one of those goals back just five minutes into the second half through Mauro Diaz, who scored from the penalty spot to make the score 2-2 on the day and 3-2 on aggregate. FC Dallas then pushed and pushed for two more goals, with one coming in the 90th minute on a finish from Cristian Colman.

However, it was too little too late for FC Dallas, who couldn’t find the tie-winning goal and suffered elimination because of it.

FC Dallas now looks ahead to the MLS season, which opens Saturday with a match against Real Salt Lake.


Tauro FC’s Edwin Aguilar scored the first goal before assisting the second, leading his side to victory and, ultimately, advancement.


With FC Dallas back in the match with halftime looming, Jesus Gonzalez gave Tauro FC a bit of breathing room, which they needed throughout the second half.


It was a rough day for many in the FC Dallas defense, including Ryan Hollingshead, who struggled on the left side.


  1. I hope MLS becomes a dominant league one day, but unfortunately we can’t even dominant CCL minnows. Preseason or not if a MLS team qualified for CCL by being one of the best teams in MLS or winning USOpenCup then we should be easily handling minnows like Tauro,but year in and year out we are not and this sort of failure on the international club level happens too often. If MLS execs want me to believe that their league is for real then you need to prove it by playing well outside your league in international club play, but top MLS teams keep losing in the group stages or quarterfinals in CCL all too often.

    We as fans need to realize that MLS is not there yet despite all the hype and propaganda the MLS office and ESPN puts out. That also applies to up and coming players in MLS. Unless you’re lighting up the league an MLS starter should not be favored for the NT over a English Championship or 2Bundesliga starters and especially Premiership or Bundesliga players even if they’re on the bench in a top 5 league. No Championship or 2Bundesliga sides would have failed against Tauro.

    I hope our best players continue to challenge themselves in Europe and fight for their spots. I also hope MLS learns how to develop the younger late teen years of players and actually plays them rather than just ‘rostering’ them then selling the better ones on to Europe without asking for a ridiculously inflated transfer fee.

    I have to wonder are our young players learning the right techniques and tactics such as where to be on the field and when and how to make runs that create space and draw defenders out of space. Forming triangles to possess the ball and how to run off the ball after making a pass to a teammate. Whether its the NT recently or the typical MLS game(Atlanta and TFC excluded) most of what I’ve been watching is very stagnant play, slow and plodding with very little build up and no linking and very few quality off the ball runs to open space. Easy to defend and counter against.

    • Great book. However, the part about ESPN putting any resources to CCL coverage is hogwash. They couldn’t give a hill of beans for CCL, and neither would the fans of footie.

      • The ESPN reference was more in line of its promotion of MLS in general not CCL obviously they don’t cover CCL.

    • “Unless you’re lighting up the league an MLS starter should not be favored for the NT over a English Championship or 2Bundesliga starters and especially Premiership or Bundesliga players even if they’re on the bench in a top 5 league.”
      Wow Joe Dirt…….thank you for that man!!!

    • Agree on the first part. As a fan of both liga mx and mls it bugs me that some mls fans think they are at the level or very nearly at the level of liga mx. 7 of 9 ccl’s has had an all Mexico final.Getting good takes time, some of you guys overate mls big time.

  2. These mediocre results made me stop watching for the last three years!

    MLS can’t be that mediocre of league without winning Champions League (the new format)!

  3. I wonder what, if anything, will bring the realization of how poor the level of football is in this country…the epic failure of not qualifying to the WC out of the weakest qualifying zone didn’t do it…I don’t think an MLS team being knocked out by a central American team will do it either.
    After all, Garber says MLS is doing great and the future is bright…

  4. I think it’s time to start hardcore trolling the social media profiles of MLS teams whenever they lose these games. It probably won’t work, but maybe we can shame MLS into actually beating Central American and Caribbean clubs.


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