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Panama coach Hernán Darío Gómez concerned about MLS players fitness ahead of World Cup

Hernán Darío Gómez, head coach of the Panama national team, is concerned that his players’ fitness could impact the team’s World Cup dreams into a “nightmare”.

“Our first priority for a good World Cup is the physical condition of the players, if we do not improve the weight of the players we will suffer a lot in the World Cup,” he said, according to El Telografo.

He expressed concerns for players who play in leagues that haven’t begun theirs eason yet, as well as potential injury issues. He singled out MLS, where important players like Roman Torres Michael, Amir Murillo, and Anibal Godoy ply their trade.

“I’m very concerned about the issue that the MLS has not started, “he said.

Panama won on the final day of CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying to make it to the World Cup for the first time in their history. They will play in Group G with Belgium, Tunisia, and England.


  1. This is odd considering his team is likely where it is because Panama has benefitted from MLS growth.

    I hope England puts 10 goals on them.

  2. I don’t think it matters.

    Methinks Panama won’t be in the tournament long enough for any kind of fatigue to become a factor. Non-CONCACAF refs tend to punish teams that like to hack and slash at anything that moves while simultaneously diving, whining, and feigning injury at the drop of a hat. After they drop their opening match 5-0 to Spain and finish with 9 men, I think they’ll pretty much be officially Done.

    Also, they will actually have to score their goals at the World Cup, instead of having them mysteriously awarded by CONCACAF referees. This will likely be problematic for them as well.

  3. Seems a strange concern as when the WC starts those MLS players will be 1/3 of the way through their season. One hopes they are in game day shape. Injuries are always a concern but such is the life as a pro.

  4. This seems stupid to me. MLS starts in a few weeks and by June 1 all players who play regularly would be at full match fitness. Meanwhile, European players will be coming off a long season in mid May, have only a short rest and then have to join their national teams for June friendlies, and then go to the World Cup shortly thereafter. The bigger problem is European based players not having enough rest, it seems to me.


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