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Report: MLS shutting down MLS Live in favor of ESPN streaming service

A change is reportedly coming to MLS broadcasts.

According to Bloomberg, MLS is set to shut down the MLS Live streaming service as the league shifts towards ESPN+. The move will see MLS join a new streaming service set to be launched within the next few months.

The report says fans will be able to watch roughly 250 out-of-market games a year while home matches will not be available in-market. The switch will not impact the league’s nationally-televised schedule.

According to the report, matches will be broadcast in the league’s website until ESPN+ launches this year.


  1. What happens if you live in Canada? Like everyone else here, I thoroughly enjoyed MLS Live in 2016 with the 2017 experience being very less than inspiring. Will there be a Canadian equivalent?

    • Last year they changed the app and I had a ton of problems with it. I spent a month trying to get the support folks to get me set up right. Finally they just refunded my money and said they couldn’t help me. I had enjoyed the 2016 version. But now that ESPN is involved I doubt I will be subscribing.

      Good luck

      • MLS Live was so much better than trying to watch the nationally televised games on ESPN’s streaming. They better step up their game when they release ESPN+!!!

  2. Meh … So long as I can catch the Atlanta United games, I’m good. I got to watch over 30 games from Houston Texas last year. I hope to have more of the same (and one of those will be in person on March 3)


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