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Two local officials tasked with developing Queens lot back plan for New York soccer stadium


Building a soccer stadium in New York has proven to be a difficult task, but it appears the pursuit could be getting some assistance from a pair of local officials charged with developing a massive plot of land.

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and City Councilman Francisco Moya are set to chair a committee that will come up with recommendations for a 17-acre plot of city-owned land in Willets Point. Thus far, six acres are set to be used to develop affordable housing, retail, a school and green space. The taskforce, headed by Katz and Moya, includes many local members of the community, but the two leaders have shown that they back the idea of a soccer stadium.

“I have not made it a secret that I support a stadium there,” Katz said, according to Crains New York. “I think it would be a great thing for the constituents of the borough of Queens.”

“I think this is a bold step in terms of economic development planning,” Moya said in his 2017 State of the Borough speech. “Soccer would be the economic engine.”

Moya was previously in the state Assembly when he supported a plan by MLS to build a proposed NYCFC stadium in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.


  1. About time the States had a soccer stadium specifically for the national side like Wembley in England which also hosts rugby matches and occasional American football. It could also be used by a NY team as their ground. The money making opportunities are endless.

  2. This story is a whole lot of nothing. The borough President has little power and the proponent is a city council membership so no one with any political heft is backing the project. Also, the Wilpon family won’t take too kindly to their cross town baseball rivals building a stadium next to Citi Field.

    • It’s better than having them all up in arms about not wanting a stadium in their backyard. Despite the recent ceremony, Miami Goldenballs FC still might not happen due to community uproar.

  3. I’m not sure if Audi Field’s 12 acres includes parking, but the Willet Point site could probably use Citifield’s parking lots. Also, the proximity to both the NYC subway and Long Island Railroad probably reduces the need for parking.

    • Audi Field (20,000) is already a small stadium squeezed into a small lot. LAFC’s (23,000) stadium is on a 15 acre lot. ideally NYCFC’s stadium would be bigger than those two and RB Arena.. 27k-30k but i guess settle for whatever is possible


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