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Aron Johannsson draws praise after standout performance in Werder Bremen’s win at Schalke

Aron Johannsson has been out of the picture at Werder Bremen for quite some time, but the American forward made quite a return over the weekend while impressing his manager along the way.

The 2014 World Cup veteran had played a combined 12 minutes in four appearances heading into this weekend’s clash with Schalke. Throw into the fray with 34 minutes remaining, Johannsson created his club’s first goal of the match before playing a major part in the team’s second finish as well.

On the first, Johannsson pounced on a loose ball spilled by Schalke’s Ralf Fahrman following a free kick, but was rejected by the German goalkeeper. However, Max Kruse pounced on that rebound, leveling the score at one apiece.

Then, in stoppage time, Johannsson’s audacious chip over the top was touched down by¬†Maximilian Eggestein before Zlatko Junuzovic provided the game-winning finish in a 2-1 victory.

¬†“Aron has used his time very well,” said Werder Bremen boss Florian Kohfeldt said, according to reports from Germany.

“He did a great job yesterday,” Junuzovic added. “He’s had setbacks and he was very happy after the game.”

Johannsson finished the match with 14 completed passes, two key passes and only four misplaced passes.

Johannsson and Werder Bremen return to action on Tuesday for a cup match against Bayer Leverkusen.

Here’s a look at highlights from Johannsson’s efforts:


  1. Despite the Ives commenters not liking it. At least one or 2 of the following will be on the 2022 WC roster for the USA (perhaps not starting, but available to take the field). Altidore, Bradley, Cameron, Feilhaber, Bedoya, Besler, Ream, Gonzalez, F. Johnson, Dempsey, Chandler, Johannsson, and Zusi and one or more of Howard, Guzan and Rimando. Those are the guys who various coaches picked in the past and there is no reason to believe that they will not continue to be the best among their age cohort.

    All of them will be over 30 and several over 35. Injury, how well the player is able to deal with slowed reaction speed, how well he can deal with a likely diminishing role and of course, the unknown coach’s preferences will determine which will be on the 2022 roster.

    I have no crystal ball, but a couple will almost certainly be on the roster, I just have no idea which ones, although my guess would be players like Besler and Bradley whose games depend more on intelligence and skill rather than on quickness or athleticism over those like Zusi and Altidore who rely on speed or physicality for much of their success and for whom injuries have a greater impact on their play.

    • Mary Stock – MNT’sBundesligaBoys YT I can’t speak for a new coach when he is hired, nor can you. But I can speak for having seen and learned from the performances of the players you mentioned. If you want to win ANYTHING, don’t pray for the above, esp., the ‘influencers’ who had the most effect on the newer players at T&T.And other games. It was they who came out “not ready to play.” at the Mexico game when everyone just stood still , and then blamed it on Klinsmann, That 5-3-2 formation JK used to benefit cPulisic’s play was later taken directly from this game and used by Tuchel at Dortmund with Christian the star. The players performed beautifully, even though they hadn’t seen this formation in over 2 yrs. He used it again to great success w/CP having freedom of the pitch in a Champions League playoff where CP performed lilke a veteran. They won 3-1.. Then, with the MNT there was the Colombia game at Copa Centenario, where the USA was almost turned out of the tournament iin the first game. Again, these guys were not ready to play. But they THEN GOT BUSY AND BEAT ECUADOR ALL TO HELL. 4-0..TO KEEP THEMSELVES IN.. This has happened too many times. They get bored (they want to go to the WC for the prestige of being a player there, BUT THEY ARE NEVER EMOTIONALLY PREPARED TO.come into these qualifiers and show their best. They are bored and NOT READY TO PLAY). Only an emergency can get them up,, scared to death they’ll lose in a humiliating way.,Only this can make them ready to play. That is why we’re playing with the young ones who can be molded into world-class players over the course of 8 Yrs–2030–the World Cup. IF they have the right coach. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR. YOU MAY GET IT.

      • Trying to make people think training with a three man back line for a few days as opposed to training in it for several weeks is not only ridiculous but ignorance at its finest. The players playing in that Mexico qualifier had no idea what to do and pleaded with Jurgen to switch up the formation to avoid embarrassment. They were unprepared and that was all on JK!!!

      • There is no way anyone can say any player did not try. That would imply the ability to get inside the player’s head. You can say they did not play well, were unprepared, did not perform well, did not seem to run around enough or whatever your definition of “hustle” is, but all you can in the end say only that they were beaten.

        Every player on the field that day for the USA was a professional and they have spent their professional lives competing successfully against other professionals. I do not believe that any of them thought oh well we’ll just jog around a bit and pick up a paycheck. I do think that more than a couple of them had a bad day, that happens no matter the desire. I am sick of this idea that maligns the players as if they did not care, it is simply not supported by any evidence other than the result. It seems as if some fans would be satisfied only if the entire squad went out and committed suicide.

      • Agreed Dennis. Saying “player X just didnt care enough” or something of that fashion is the laziest most simple minded argument. Under prepared and overconfident? I would say very much yes. Poor reactions time and time again to the circumstances? Yes again.
        Back to the post about who will be involved… I think Bradley and Altidore probably have the most life in them as National Team players. As much as we like to talk about our prospects in CM only Mckennie is playing there regularly now. Adams has been moved around a few positions and Acosta really needs to move to a higher level. There is lots of potential in our young CMs but Bradley will definitely have a part to play until a few more guys step up.
        Our striker pipeline is as empty as ever. Booby Wood looks like he has plateaud as a decent 2nd division striker, JMo realllllly needs to prove last year was blip and not a trend. Not sure Morris has potential to be much better than Wood though. After that its Sargent?? Potential is there, but we have no idea what kind of player he will turn out to be. Expect to see plenty of Jozy for the foreseeable future.
        I really do not have a problem with that either. We do not have quality replacements ready to go. I would only ask that Bradley is not Captain and not a starter.

  2. He’ll only be 32 in the 2022 cycle, and he’s one of those guys whose game is certainly not built around speed but skill/positioning/awareness, so he could conceivably still be in the mix if he can get and stay healthy.

    Always really liked him and thought we undervalued him a bit. Really technical, really savvy player.

    • I dont think he was undervalued…just never available. That plus Jozy was overvalued. Doesnt matter, he wasnt from MLS so woulda been hard to get minutes from coach SUM.. I mean Arena.

      • There is no way in hell any coach in charge of USMNT would have played Aron or anyone else for that matter over Jozy. Hate all you want on MLS, but no one who is going to come in charge will just say goodbye to using MLS players only to please eurosnobs like you.

        How can Jozy be overvalued??? He is the most hated 3rd best scorer for any national team, no doubt. He might become top scorer one day and he will still be hated

  3. This is as exciting as any of the young guys. Injuries derailed what was a very promising forward. hoping he can keep pushing for even more minutes!


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