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Investor purchases minority share in Orlando City


Orlando City received a small injection of capital funds this week when they announced a new minority owner.

International investor Albert Friedberg has bought a minority ownership stake in the club for the price of $42.33 million. He now owns 8.63% of the club.

Majority owner Flavio Augusto da Silva still holds well more than a controlling share of the team.

“The U.S. soccer market has shown signs of great strength, which we’ve seen at both the club and league level. We have been approached by interested investors over the years, but I committed enough capital to carry out each step of this project so far and kept expansion opportunities on the back burner,” said Flávio Augusto da Silva, majority owner of Orlando City SC.

“Today, however, we have taken the opportunity to become partners with an experienced and strategic investor in Albert, who, in addition to financial contributions, brings strong business and finance knowledge to help with projects that lie ahead for the improvement of our product on and off the field.”

Da Silva says the funds will be used to organize their financials, but not to develop a new training facility in the Lake Nona area of Orlando.

Freidberg is part of the Toronto based investment firm Friedberg Mercantile Group Ltd. He has experience in soccer ownership. He was a minority shareholder in Celtic of the Scottish Premier League from 1994 to 1999.

“I am delighted to be part of Orlando City SC, one of the best managed and financially solid teams of the MLS,” Friedberg said in a statement.

“And I am extremely gratified to have partnered with Flavio, whose vision and integrity are legendary, and with his very competent team. Under their able direction, Orlando City SC will be certain to share in the explosive growth that I see ahead for soccer in the US.”


  1. Unless you think the guy overpaid and made a bad investment, then according to Forbes, the value literally “doubled” in one year, unless of course, Forbes did a bad job and under valued Orlando. This is only one data point and the answer is probably somewhere in the middle, which is why it will be very interesting to see what Forbes comes up with next time.

  2. $42.33M / 8.63% = $490M valuation for the club. That’s higher than every MLS valuation in Forbes’ 2017 analysis (LAG was highest at $315M), in which they valued Orlando at $272M (5th highest).
    It will be interesting to see how they value Orlando and the teams above them. You would think they’d have to go at least $400M unless they argue this guy vastly over paid.
    Also curious to see how high Atlanta goes, since Forbes doesn’t include expansion teams in their analysis (so no LAFC until 2019).
    My guess is the values of the top teams will rise rather dramatically, even as high as $600-$700M, but the teams in the lower 50-67% of the rankings will only see small increases, staying in the $100-$200M range.


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