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Report: Pulisic linked with Real Madrid as potential Bale replacement

Christian Pulisic’s name is one that routinely pops up in transfer rumors, and that likely will not change for quite some time. This time, the Borussia Dortmund star has been linked with an unlikely move the reigning European champions.

According to Spanish outlet Don Balon, Real Madrid president Fiorentino Perez has been tracking the American midfielder for months and has high hopes of one day signing him. The club has reportedly prepared an $80 million for Pulisic should Gareth Bale leave, although the club’s first priority is reportedly a push for current PSG and former Barcelona star Neymar.

Real Madrid is far from the first club to have been linked with Pulisic, as Chelsea has recently joined Manchester United and Liverpool as clubs reportedly interested.

The midfielder has repeatedly stated his interest in remaining with Borussia Dortmund despite the numerous offers.

Pulisic and Dortmund return to action Thursday against RB Salzburg in Europa League action.


  1. Mary Stock “MNTs Bundesliga Boys” Twitter, YouTube. (On hiatus till we get rid of a hacker.) I’ve been thinking that Christian has nothing to stay at BVB for anymore. This coach has nothing to teach him. Yes, CP has been triple- and double-teamed into oblivion. His production has been cut to a fraction of what it was. He must be depressed about it. His form shows that. We at USMNT are going to have to figure something out–like 4 defender/forwards at all times. Like Messi has. I’m also sure that RM sees .this. problem and is not worried at all.They know better how to handle it with tactics and strategy. (In Barca, Messi has another forward who plays very well up with him to disperse the focus. They both get lots of goals.) So, I imagine they don’t expect CP to be the first-team all the time. Probably off the bench, As he was at Dortmund. (and is again).That’s not so bad. CP always gets back in. You can’t tell from what’s happening with tthis coach at Dortmund now how CP will be at RM. If it were the Premier League, I wouldn’t say that. And I would NEVER suggest he go there at this time. Different clubs, different thinking.

  2. Pulisic isn’t going to RM. The only reason would be to appeal to U.S. fans, and that would be a stupid reason for CP to switch clubs, especially since he would struggle mightily to see the field. If he doesn’t fit into Stoger’s plans, then a new club is needed, but not Madrid regardless of how much of a dream that might be. He needs to go someplace where he has a chance to become a starter.

  3. CP22 needs out of Dortmund under the current coach and roster. Stoger is enamored with the three Germans despite the fact that they really are not producing that much. Reuss is a stud but other two are mediocre.
    Stogers system traps CP22 on outside and he is constantly double teamed. The lack of overall creativity in the system will continue to hurt CP22.
    I don’t think he is ready for MU, RM etc, but Dortmund might no longer be his best option.

      • We’re well into that phase. Pulisic is not playing great yall. Its ok to admit it. That said CP truly is one of the top young players in the world. He’s definitely not in form right now, but that doesn’t change that hes already had tremendous accomplishments as a teenager. He needs to start producing more goals/assists for Dortmund to take the next step in his career, but I don’t have much doubt he will. He has been very productive for the US against our regional opponents which has not translated to Dortmund yet. He has potential for a Hazard-like career trajectory.

  4. I don’t see this happening and if it does, unfortunately it is because of money making potential of the American market, not because he is a good fit.

    Mohammed Salah is a more likely pick, an obvious pick and quite a bit better than Pulisic.

  5. The secret to a good rumor is to make it kind of believable. Of all the strikers in the world I doubt Madrid is going to go for a Bundesliga player that can’t get on the field much less on the scoresheet in a league much weaker than La Liga.

  6. Why? I want CP to succeed just as much as the next guy but he has done next to nothing for months. I also don’t see how hes going to get minutes in the Bundesliga going forward with Rues/Gotze/Shurrlle as the preferred starters at this point. Those three also happen to be German national team players with a world cup a few months away.They will get n early every opportunity.

    • He hasnt been in his best form lately but he was the their best player the first half of the season and ever since new manager took over it has been a different style of play. They don’t seem as dangerous with him on the bench. His goals and assist haven’t been what they should have been but if this is his bad form I’m OK with it.

    • CP is one of the top u-20 players in the world and American so his name is going to be thrown into a million transfer gossip stories. I’m sure he is being monitored by just about every top european club, but he is not ready to replace the productivity of Bale at Madrid. No one should read anything into this.
      Personally, I’d like to see him stay at Dortmund until he can start to produce more on the stat sheet. I am sure the call of a club like Real Madrid would be really difficult to turn down though. Could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so wouldn’t blame him.

      • Dortmund sucks right now and plays mindless soccer. There is no small group tactical emphasis and Pulisic is suffering from that. He can beat the opposition 1v1, but that wears thin fairly quickly as the defenders back off a bit. He is not being supported by teammates; no triangular plays. He needs to go somewhere that plays the game as a whole team and is not just a collection of individuals.

    • Why?

      Are you kidding me? You know how many people would buy that jersey?
      He is the new Chicarito. Good enough and DEFINITELY popular enough on the right team.


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