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United 2026 World Cup hosting bid releases proposed 48-team match schedule


The United 2026 World Cup hosting bid between the United States, Canada, and Mexico is beginning to take a more defined shape.

The group released a 530-page big book that contains all sorts of details about the logistics of the proposed 2026 World Cup, including economic data, political information, media and marketing matters, as well as a possible match schedule.

The committee developed software to generate a possible schedule of matches that would take place over 24 days in 23 stadiums across the three countries. Canada and Mexico would each host seven group stage matches, two round of 32 matches, and one round of 16 match.

The proposed match schedule accounts for all the unique challenges presented by the new 48-team format. Teams will be guaranteed at least three days rest between matches and as close to equal rest as possible between them and their opponents.

The tournament will open with matches featuring each of the three host countries. Mexico City and Los Angeles will host opening matches, with one of them serving as the main one that hosts the opening ceremony and FIFA Congress.

The tournament will generally take on a west to east flow, with matches gradually shifting eastward as the event progresses. The committee proposed MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey as the host for the final with Atlanta and Dallas serving as hosts for the semi-final matches. There will be a minimum of two days between any pair of matches at the same venue and no one stadium will host more than seven matches in the entire tournament.


  1. This 48-team world cup proposal is totally asinine. I still can’t believe they’re gonna go thru with it.



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