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USMNT vs. Paraguay: Live Commentary


For the second time in 2018, the U.S. Men’s National Team is set for friendly action.

The U.S. faces off with CONMEBOL representative Paraguay on Tuesday at Sahlen’s Stadium in North Carolina looking for some excitement from a crop of young players. Nine players could earn their first caps for the USMNT, while veterans like DeAndre Yedlin, Wil Trapp and Bobby Wood lead the charge.

The SBI staff will be offering updates and analysis in the comments section below, so feel free to follow along, and as always, please feel free to share your own thoughts and opinions below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Its time to give the kids the keys.

    Here’s my USMNT 18:



  2. never once thought, “if only Michael Bradley were on the field.” Trapp and Adams did well. The biggest head scratcher was why Sarachen wasted so many subs and waited so long. I guess he really wanted to win.

  3. Overall, extremely satisfying performance. Lots of potential MOTM’s.
    Paraguay wasn’t great but still great for this group to get win. Defense and mid’s very solid.
    Think about what it would be to add CP and Weston to group?
    Still sad we did not get to see Moore and EPB.

  4. Paraguay’s Rojas lucky to not see red for a studs-up tackle on Delgado, and a bit of chaos comes after. Definitely a bit heated.

  5. Thought it was a good first half. The only thing I didn’t like about the first half was a fan chant that sounded like it was based off the melody for that song ” Hey Mickey you’re so fine……”….that has to stop.

  6. Tyler Adams Man of the Half followed by Miazga.

    Adams covers ground in a flash, maybe as fast as Yedlin. Hes also mentally excellent, constantly urging players to play fast and forward. Hes special. One of the best young players I have seen with the USMNT.

    Miazga was also very good. Almiron struggled to beat him. Miazga went 2-0 in one v ones with Almiron.

  7. GOAL WOOD! Calm finish to the right side of the goal. He needed that. 1-0 to the USMNT, and it’s a deserved one.

  8. PENALTY TO THE USMNT! Great ball from Delgado, better run from Adams, who tries to round the goalkeeper and is taken down. Penalty coming for the U.S., and I feel like you have to give it to Wood.

    • Question is how long you let him stay out there to try and find it. Taking him out early could hurt his confidence even more. Needs a goal in a bad way.

  9. I life the way the team is passing in as little amount of touches as possible but still holing possession. Would love to see 2 forwards in the 2nd half.

    • Saief has been drifting in, and he’s been the standout for me so far. Looked pretty good so far. Not fully smooth, but the ideas and possession have been there.

  10. Tough start for Bobby Wood. Few offside calls and one botched one-on-one chance. Can see he’s a player lacking a bit of gametime/confidence.

    • I mean he greatly let me down in the one qualifier he played! I mean we only beat St.V&G 6-1, that debacle ruined our confidence for the next two years.

  11. Ok with line up but want to see Weah, Robinson, EPB, Novakovich and Moore in game.
    Excited for game! Don’t care at all about score, just want to get idea of their skills.

  12. Good evening all, and welcome to tonight’s live commentary. USMNT lineup is out, and it’s pretty much as expected.

    Looks like Trapp, who is serving as captain, will have No. 6 duties with the foursome of Nagbe, Adams, Delgado and Saief ahead of him in that order. Bobby Wood the lone striker up top. Initial lineup is mostly-veteran based, but expect a bunch of the newer faces to jump into the fray in the second half.

    What are your expectations for tonight? What would make the match a success in your eyes? Any comments/criticisms of the lineup? Any lingering questions?

    Feel free to fire them our way heading towards kickoff.


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