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Josh Sargent earns post-tournament recognition for efforts with Werder Bremen U-19s


Josh Sargent put in a heck of a performance during the CRB U-19 Champions Trophy tournament, and now the forward has earned a little recognition for his effort.

The U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team forward scored three goals for Werder Bremen throughout the club’s run, leading the way in a third-place finish in the U-19 tournament. Sargent’s efforts earned him honors as Best Striker of the tournament.

Sargent’s Werder Bremen teammate┬áJean-Manuel Mbom was awarded Best German Junior Player. Other trophies went to┬áBorussia Monchengladbach’s Franz Langhoff (Best Keeper), Huddersfield’s Rarmani Edmonds-Green (Best Defender), and Japan’s Ryo Tabei (Best Midfielder).

The tournament featured 10 teams across two groups. Monchengladbach, Fortuna Dusseldorf, Legia Warsaw, Huddersfield Town and Sassuolo comprised Group A while Bremen, Standard Luttich, Everton, RB Leipzig and a Japan High School Select Team made up Group B.

While Bremen finished third, the Japanese team topped Monchengladbach in the tournament finale.


  1. Although the road of hype of the next great US Nat player is riddled & littered with “What could have been” names, I can’t understate the importance of Josh becoming a fixture as a number 9 for our future…
    Allow me to indulge:
    It’s been so long since we had a complete midfield go out a compete with a quality opponent. No matter the formation, our midfield has sucked to the point of making it impossible to play a comprehensive 11 man total football game…
    We’ve had a pretty damn good group to select from in the back- but aside from a few blunders, in general it’s been a weak midfield with almost no productive possession that exposed and left hanging an otherwise decent backline…Yet our Def has been ragged on, and shirt of a Chelini or 2 that are world class, our Def can’t stand up when our midfield has no ideas or possession.
    Our forwards have been like putting square pegs into round holes ever since Deuce lost a step to play in the hole.. Jozy or AJ can’t play alone up top, Deuce has been a tweener, Bobby too up and down- all combos leading us to a 4 man midfield, which has absolutely sucked since Jermaine Jones was healthy-and it still wasn’t great.
    Leading me to my point:
    We need a Josh Sargent to be the next McBride- a true 9, so we can have youth, speed, and numbers to solve our biggest issue- a totally new style of mids that can play total football. Whether we become a 4-3-3, or 4-2-3-1, we have a lot of exciting young mids- we MUST have a Brian McBride redux, and Sargent looks like the best chance.
    Ok-CP 22 is the leader..nuff said…
    Between Adams, Saeif, Weston, Gooch, Hyndman et al, plus Weah & that next group- If 3-4 emerge at a level approaching CP, we could build a whole new style…
    But we need a true #9, or we will have to watch every possible version of a 4-4-2 and I’m afraid it may be lather rinse repeat…
    WallofBrooks and CCV could become the next Rio Ferdinand & Nemanja Vidic and if our midfielders don’t progress in a way with speed and skill the likes we’ve never had and it wouldn’t matter one bit… and that doesn’t happen without a guy like Sargent who can lead the line and allow us to fulfill the potential of these young guns developing into real mids… Otherwise it’s the diamond or empty bucket for years to come….

    • The sort of total football that you are talking about starts with defenders who are great in possession, which is why Kellyn Acosta and Tyler Adams should seriously be considered as first choice outside backs for the national team. We have never had outside backs that can dictate the pace of the game and maintain possession no matter which third they are in and no matter how much high pressure they are facing. Yedlin is not that type of player. In any case, perhaps the most important position on the field when it comes to the “proactive style” that we all want to see are the outside backs.

    • I would agree with your statement if….
      1) The USMNT had any strikers playing worth a damn in any league other than MLS.
      2) Sargent was eligible to play in anything other than this type of youth tournament/friendly.

      But since we don’t have any decent strikers at the moment and Sargent can’t play in a real game until next season, I’ll take what any positive news on the striker front.

  2. The high school soccer system is a lot different in Japan. Actually, most good young prospects play in the high school system, rather than the professional academies within the country.


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