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Miguel Herrera accuses Toronto police of attacking his players at halftime of CCL loss

The CONCACAF Champions League fireworks in Toronto were not confined to the pitch on Tuesday night.

During halftime, there was reportedly an incident in the tunnel involving Toronto FC and Club America players. Club America manager went so far as to accuse two Toronto police officers of attacking goalkeeper Agustín Marchesín, defender Bruno Valdez, and assistant coach Giber Becerra in the tunnel.

“The cops were beating my players. They hit Marchesin, Bruno and Giber. If you are going to use the police to hurt the players I want to see it reported by CONCACAF people, because they saw it,” Herrera said through a translator at the post-match press conference.

Toronto FC head coach Greg Vanney saw things a different way. He claims Hererra was talking to Sebastian Giovinco, causing Jonathan Osorio to get between them to intervene, where he ended up elbowed in the face.

If Herrera is correct that CONCACAF officials witnessed the entire incident, there will likely be an official report filed that could include disciplinary charges for all involved.

This incident comes on the same day that Herrera threw shade at MLS, claiming that Liga MX doesn’t see them as real competition and would rather compare itself with European leagues.


  1. Classic case of a coach trying to deflect from his team’s failure. After the next game he will probably claim Trump sent in troops to help Canada against Club America. Then complain that his poor boys had to compete against two countries.

  2. Canadian police beating soccer players? So far away from being believable if you know anything about Canadians who don’t even spit bubble gum on their streets. I say, pics or it didn’t happen.

    On the other hand, plastic zip locks full of feces being thrown at players taking corner kicks is totally acceptable from a Concacaf POV. Multiple fire alarms/routine inspections at 2am, 3am in the morning before a match at the vistor’s hotel and crowds banging pots and pans and car horns all night too are all perfectly ok in Concacaf’s POV.

    Stay classy Herrera.

  3. And here I thought only the U.S. that had problems with police brutality… Thank you, El Piojo, for shedding light on human rights violations taking place in Canada.

  4. So did Vanney make up the whole part about the other coach talking and a scuffle or did Herrera just forget to mention it?

    He reminds me of the MLS hating trolls on these sites. Maybe he is Rob !?!?

    • It’s not that I hate mls, I’m just a little too familiar with it. Just like you decide to support it out of blind ignorance I decide to call them out when I see fit. What can I say, I was raised to be honest regardless of the circumstances.

  5. Dear Miguel you might want to start worrying less about competing with Europe and more with MLS. Oh and I am sorry about the abuse your team in receiving. Welcome to our world, at least it wasn’t puss bombs or batteries being thrown at your players. Now piss off.

  6. I’m sure that the police from one of the world’s most civilized cities were picking on Herrera’s boys. Precious, irresistible fans from Toronto, see what we’ve been having to deal with for all these years? Along those lines, perhaps the cops did overreact and wade in, for they’re not used to the crap and have expectations of order.

    • for they’re not used to the crap and have expectations of order.

      Exactly, Canadian police expect manners and politeness. They nip it in the bud before it even starts and it happen so fast to Herrera and his boys they thought they were getting roughed up.

  7. I love how Herrera has embraced his new role as the tragicomic clown of North American soccer. We need villains as well as heroes for storylines. Wash that bitter taste out of your mouth with a nice slice of torta humilde, Miguel. You may get another helping next week.


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