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Timbers owner Merritt Paulson fined for comments on officiating


The Portland Timbers may have got their first victory of 2018 this past weekend, but their owner received discipline from Major League Soccer following his comments earlier in the season.

Timbers owner Merritt Paulson was fined an undisclosed amount by MLS on Monday following his negative comments towards referee Baldomero Toledo. Toledo was in charge of the Timbers match against Orlando City back on April 8th, in which Portland lost, 3-2.

Portland led Orlando, 2-0, for majority of the match, but eventually lost after a trio of late goals by the Lions. Dom Dwyer won Orlando a penalty kick which eventually tied the match at 2-2, in which Toledo chose not to use video review.

Earlier in the match, Toledo had booked Sebastian Blanco for diving but eventually overturned the call and awarded Portland a penalty after using video review.

After the defeat, Paulson took to Twitter to criticize Toledo’s performance.

“No way in a million years that’s a penalty. Disgraceful. How do you not VAR that. Tried it once early but he got us in the end. Joke,” Paulson wrote in a Tweet following Orlando’s penalty kick in the 82nd minute. “We lost to a team w 12 guys today,” Paulson wrote in a subsequent tweet.

Portland currently sits in 11th place in the Western Conference with five points and a 1-3-2 record through six matches



  1. “Pass’em out Trey!” Love that video
    I wish more owners and coaches would call out PRO

    Although not pertinent to this situation because as far as I known Dwyer and Toledo received no punishment? Too often in game infractions occur and penalties(fines or red cards) are administered in the following match? What is the point after the fact and no benefit to the team from in game infraction?
    With the availability of VAR a referee should not be able to use their subjectiveness with an on the field ruling, especially when wrong.


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