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Alfredo Morales signs with Fortuna Dusseldorf following club’s promotion to Bundesliga


Alfredo Morales is set to join a newly-promoted club for next season’s Bundesliga campaign.

Fortuna Dusseldorf announced on Tuesday that the club has signed Morales on a deal that will keep him with the club through 2021. The club won the 2. Bundesliga this season, making Morales the team’s first signing ahead of promotion.

“I had great conversations with the front office of Fortunam” Morales said. “That was important for my decision to come to Dusseldorf, but also the great stadium and the crazy fans. I’m overjoyed that it worked.”

Morales joins the club from Ingolstadt after previously featuring for Hertha Berlin through 2013. In total, the midfielder has made 59 Bundesliga appearances, 103 2. Bundesliga appearances and 13 senior appearances with the U.S. Men’s National Team.

“With Alfredo Morales we have committed an experienced Bundesliga professional,” added coach Friedhelm Funkel. “He has shown in his more than 150 appearances in the first and second league that he brings the quality for the Bundesliga. With his mentality, he will help us immediately.”


  1. Never gotten much love from the USMNT. He will have just turned 32 at the time of the next WC, so he might be useful as a backup. Whatever, glad to see him get to a better team and probably a better paycheck. Americans abroad need all the love they can get and, if they do well, make it easier for future US players to get consideration.

    • Made 5 starts and 13 appearances overall. Head to head with Beckerman during 2015 GC and couldn’t beat out Kyle (although Morales was in preseason form).

    • This is great news for Morales. He still has a ways to go before he is at Michael Bradley’s level. Keep in mind he’s 28 now, not 23, and Bradley has about three times as many games in top 4 leagues (with some pretty good teams there too, contrasting Morales’ newly promoted Fortuna Dusseldorf squad and his previously relegated Ingolstadt).

      • “….This is great news for Morales. He still has a ways to go before he is at Michael Bradley’s level” hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
        This is where this conversation ends, it shows you have no concept of level of quality (or attainment) or perception of standard. Your reasoning, understanding, or interpreting of information is beyond me (Sorry, I can’t help you with that). hahahaha
        One player is sort after by a newly promoted team to the Bundesliga and the other is jogging around MLS on a team that is now second to last in the Eastern Conference

        its like trying to compare an Ivy League school to a top high school. Even though a student from the high school can get into the Ivy league school, that high school is not at the same level as the ivy league school. good luck Hahahahahahaha 😀

      • “He still has a ways to go before he is at Michael Bradley’s level. Keep in mind he’s 28 now, not 23, and Bradley has about three times as many games in top 4 leagues” HAHAHAHAHAHA, oh my goodness you are clueless
        Don let me help you with some insight
        2006–2008 Heerenveen 63 games
        2008–2011 Borussia Mönchengladbach 76 games
        2011 → Aston Villa (loan) 3 games
        2011–2012 Chievo 35 games
        2012–2014 Roma 41 games
        Career is finished and limited to ONLY MLS (Toronto is the team with his max. no. of games
        at 109 lol)
        2008–2013 Hertha BSC II 81
        2010–2013 Hertha BSC 20
        2013–2018 FC Ingolstadt 142
        Career still on the rise and 2 years younger than Bradley…being valued as a Bundesliga player (first pick)
        Hope this helps 😉 Hahahahahaha

    • Have either of you watched an actual match with Morales playing in it this season? If not kind of silly to try to hold this argument. Morales is able to make the move to Fortuna because he was out of contract so he’s a bargain veteran, that’s why he was able to sign this week, and likely evidence that he didn’t have any bigger clubs knocking on the door. I’m sure they do have great fans and a nice stadium but if Morales thought Stuttgart or Leipzeig were interested he wouldn’t have signed in May for Dusseldorf. Still would be in favor of bringing him in for the Euro friendlies. And no Bizzy at age 30 Bradley is not going to Europe, Toronto would never get a big enough offer to cover its investment and loans are incredibly rare given MLS being off schedule with Europe.

      • Johnnyrazor
        Lol, Yes I have seen Alfredo Morales play, including his last game against Bielefeld (one of the reason I invested in Kodi hahahaha). There is no comparison here. Morales is STILL PLAYING AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL, whether he is in Europe or not, or out of contract or not, which means he is playing, training and learning in an environment higher than Michael Bradley WILL EVER PLAY FOR THE REST OF HIS CAREER. Other countries understand this concept well and is the reason they excel. Their players have to maintain at the highest level, all day everyday, or they are out of the NT. There is no room for “past glory” and its all about current achievements. (There is a reason Zlatan Ibrahimavic is not going to the world Cup)
        Its like trying to compare Rooney and Lukaku. Rooney is more famous and achieved more than Lukaku probably ever will but CURRENTLY, AS OF RIGHT NOW, Lukaku is a better player than Rooney (which as to do with playing, training and learning in a higher and better environment)

      • You lost me when you put Lukaku and Rooney in the same 600 word paragraph as Morales and Bradley. While I can see what you are trying to say, you could argue, at their best, Bradley has achieved as much or more than Morales. I’d imagine if Morales was offered the same contract as Bradley he would be in MLS in two shakes of a lambs tail.

      • Not sure on your analogy the difference right now is that Rooney is 7 years older not that training at Everton is weaker. If where you train determines ability why did Lukaku score more goals at Everton than ManU. Where you play and train is relavent to a point but I don’t think Morales is learning much at age 28. Düsseldorf has two CMs in their mid 30s so Morales should have a good chance to play.

      • Johnnyrazor
        “If where you train determines ability why did Lukaku score more goals at Everton than ManU.”…Really? Is it amateur hour?

        Why are most of the players on the England National team from Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Leicester City when there are 20 teams in the EPL? Hmmm…..I wonder why hahahaha 😉 What happened to all the other teams as where you play or train shouldn’t matter right???? Hahahaha 😀 Where you train / play and the level of your team DOES matters.
        As far as Lukaku when you have a different approach to the game the result is different. In Everton he was the man so it was up to him to score most of the goals. The same reason why Liverpool is 4th in the EPL, 25 point behind Manchester City but Mohamed Salah won the golden boot.

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