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Borussia Dortmund ‘not aware’ of Liverpool interest in Pulisic

Christian Pulisic has long been linked with a move to Liverpool but, according to one Borussia Dortmund executive, there’s nothing concrete to the story.

Reports frequently link the U.S. Men’s National Team star with the UEFA Champions League finalist managed by former Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp, who played a key part in the winger’s development. However, according to Sporting Director Michael Zorc, any Liverpool interest hasn’t been mentioned to him.

“I am in constant exchange with Jurgen Klopp, but I am not aware of this,” Zorc said.

The comments come following a report from German outlet Bild that state that Klopp was interested in pursuing Pulisic yet again with the pricetag being somehwere around €60 million.

Pulisic has featured 30 Bundesliga matches for the club this season, scoring four goals.

Dortmund currently sits two points behind Schalke for second place in the Bundesliga with just two matches remaining.


  1. If James Rodriguez just went to Bayern for about 40 mil BD would be CRAZY to let Puli09 go for anything less than 200 mill.

    • I can just see you sitting in middle school, refreshing SBI every 5 minutes, hoping someone will bite on your comments and actually engage you in some heated exchange, just so you can feel relevant… Hope the wedgies aren’t too severe today

    • Rob – you’ve got to let it go. Face it, you were wrong about CP when you said, back in January, that he was about to be benched. It wasn’t the most outrageous thing to say, given the fact that he competes with Reus/Gotze/Schurrle for playing time. But give CP credit, he’s survived 3 coaches and is still starting (mostly) on a team in a top four league that is competing for a Champion’s League spot. That’s pretty good, even if he maybe gets hyped a little too much by fans and the media.

      Are you still sticking with your comment that Jonathan Gonzalez is better than CP? JG seems to have lost his starting spot for Monterrey; I’d say Russia is very much in doubt for him.

  2. Personally I hope Pulisic is very wise about his next club. If he stays at Dortmund, and the keep Peter Stooger or what ever his name is, its always going to a grind it out kind of attack. But if he goes somewhere and doesnt produce early he could find himself with a less than desired rotation setup. Be wise young man. Your day is coming.

    • I agree. They will always be in a champions league spot and he’s getting consistent minutes there and developing. What’s the rush for a 19 year old? Maybe there isn’t for him and it’s just makes for nice news.

      • Who? You think Dortmund will always be in a Champion’s League spot? Don’t think so. Under Stoger, the playing style does not suit CP at all, and the team has struggled for results. The key is who is being lined up to replace Stoger. That will have alot of influence on CP’s next move.

    • Stay at Dortmund. The PL is not a league for developing attacking players; you better produce or you’re out.

      • Just like Salah when he was at Chelsea. He was very fast but poor control and inability to finish prompted them to loan him out and then gave up on him. In Italy, he became a much better player with improved ball control and finishing capability, and came back to the PL as a proven player.

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