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Patrick Vieira: Nice deal ‘wrong information’


Patrick Vieira’s name may be linked to a move to Ligue 1 outfit Nice, but the Frenchman has denied any negotiation with the club.

According to MLS, Vieira says he has not been in any contact with Nice to coach the club despite being in France over the weekend to deal with a family matter.

“It makes me smile, because of course there’s no contract being signed or anything like that,” Vieira said after NYCFC’s training session on Tuesday afternoon. “This is the wrong information. I’m here, like always. I’m really happy. I really enjoy my work, I really enjoy being part of this football club. I’m just focusing and concentrating about our next game.”

French outlet L’ Equipe claimed Vieira and his agent flew to France to sign a two-year deal to become the next manager of Nice. Former manager Lucien Favre has moved to become the new manager of Borussia Dortmund. Vieira’s mindset has been on his team who recently trounced the Colorado Rapids 4-0 last Saturday.

“I think we are in a really good period,” NYCFC’s third-year boss said. “We’re doing really well. I don’t want players, myself, my staff or anybody in this football club to be distracted by what’s going on. My head, my focus and my energy are here.”

The Frenchman is currently under contract with City Football Group until December, but NYCFC are attempting to extend his contract. In the meantime, Vieira is not focusing on managing in France, England, or anywhere else that isn’t NYCFC.

“That situation is the same for me,” Vieira said. “Things that I can control are being here, having my head, my energy to this football club and then everything going out is out of my hands. I can’t control what’s going on in France, what’s going on England or what’s going on anywhere else. I have a fantastic relationship with the people of this football club. We’ve always been clear with each other. For me this is the most important.

“The other things, I let people do what they need to do or say what they need to say.”

NYCFC is back in action on Friday as they travel to FC Dallas in league play.


  1. Reading in between the lines: he flew over with his agent, he at least nominally did have a family visit, but the agent forks direction and heads off to Nice, no deal was reached by his agent, and he personally never sat down with Nice because it never got close enough to bother. So “he has not been in contact” and “of course there’s no contract being signed” but the L’Equipe story can be true to a point without that being the case.

    The change of tune perhaps suggests Nice didn’t offer enough, or that he is also interested in NYC, including as a tool to either bid up Nice or bid up NYC. We then hear that (a) NYC is looking to extend but also (b) some “awww shucks I’m just here to coach NYC” because maybe they jerked his chain on unauthorized tampering trips while under contract. But since he’s not denying interest and not denying Nice is still trying, anything could happen, either way, but maybe now NYC expects to be read into any conversations, perhaps compensated.


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