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Report: Geoff Cameron linked with MLS move


One U.S. Men’s National Team star has been linked with a move back to MLS.

On Tuesday, reported that Cameron, 32-year-old Stoke City defender, is considering a move to MLS this summer. Several MLS teams are reported to be interested in the former Houston Dynamo central defender, but no talks are in advanced stages as of yet. If signed, Cameron would likely be a Designated Player.

Cameron has played a number of positions throughout his career, including center back, right back, and defensive midfielder. There are a number of teams in MLS right now with needs in those areas, which will make Cameron a high-quality target this summer.

The New York Times reported last week that, due to a relegation clause in Cameron’s contract with Stoke City, which reportedly would last through 2020, Stoke will be forced to sell Cameron this summer, making a move to MLS a bit more likely.

Cameron would be subject to the league’s Allocation Process. The LA Galaxy currently hold the top spot followed by D.C. United and the Colorado Rapids, giving those teams the first crack at signing the veteran.


  1. “Cameron would be subject to the league’s Allocation Process.” my understanding is that all mls teams are waiting in sort of a line like at the deli holding a ticket with a number on it and the first one in line has the first right to make the incoming overseas player an offer, is it right? and so all kinds of trades and deals (publicly announced to the news media) will happen as teams either want to move up or down in this line based on their current roster needs and money that they need or have to spend, is it right?

    just to clarify, i think it isn’t a matter of where would the player like to play or which club wants to have him as much as it is simply which mls clubs are at or near the top of this order and who can therefore make him offers?

    a famous anomaly was jermaine Jones bypassing this process and being awarded to the ne revolution on a coin toss in a private room, yes? and reading the recent headlines, i’m not clear whether the galaxy actually had the rights to bid for zlatan or if that was another Jones back room deal?

    my two cents: i think the pendulum in mls board is swinging away from back room deals and in the direction of following the rules (such as they are). i predict this player will go to the club with the rights to make him the offer.

    • I think there will always be backroom deals because a player is going to have a wish list of teams he would like to go to. The Bigger the name the more MLS will bend the rules to make them happy. I have to imagine that Cameron would want to play his last years at home in NE. His second choice would be to whoever pays him the most, and Houston would probably be 3rd choice.

  2. If the Dynamo held the rights to Cameron, even if the allocation process trumps it will they get any sort of compensation?

  3. Love to have him back in Houston, but do not see it happening. Saw him score his first goal at the Rob.

    Always had hoped a bigger EPL Club would have gone after him. Now with his age and injuries not sure he has spot there.

    • I am no Trump supporter (or Hillary or whoever supporter). I watch soccer because it’s one of the few things left that can unite us independent of all that. So it’s sad to see chumps like evan come in here an ovulate about their politics as though anyone cares. Go back to MSNBC or HuffPost or wherever and come back when you are ready to talk footie.

      • Aaaah, shutuppa your face!

        I like players to represent me and my town that my town and I identify with. Is also like cheese. You like cheese too? There ya go…unity. Cheese unites us.

  4. Not sure which MLS would be a good fit, though he should definitely go to a team with like-minded Trumpian fans. I wonder if he’s considered Eastern Europe or perhaps Russia?

    • Wow another inclusive open minded progressive. If you studied history you would know that your ideas are MUCH closer to Communism that Trump’s Capitalism. I have yet to run accross a Trump supporter who would not want to see a progressive inclined player on their team based on their political views.

  5. I would be curious who grabs him and to play him where. When he first broke in he was a RW, then a CM, and I’ll be curious if he’s signed creatively or just put on the backline.

  6. LAGalaxy could REALLY use him. I don’t think he turns it around enough. That team has been terrible for a while, but they could really use him.

    • Not sure how LAG would pay him, they’d have to sell all their youth prospects for TAM and I’m not sure that would be enough considering Alvarez and Llanez aren’t likely to stay in MLS very long.

      • Dunno how they’re going to do it, but they’d better. Cameron is probably still the USA’s best centerback or very close to it at the moment and he’s probably still got 3-4 good years left in the tank.

        Galaxy need to find a way to get him his money, even if they’re forced to redeem triple-secret Garberbucks, because their CB’s are a clown shown of horrific proportions right now and it’d be hard to exaggerate how big an upgrade Cameron would be.

      • Too true. As a Galaxy supporter I’d openly say they’d be a better team if they gave up Zlatan and both the Dos Sometimes brothers for a solitary decent CB. Obviously those are impossibilities, but they tied up all their money in things they don’t actually need. Frankly, everyone (including Zlatan apparently) knows the Zlatan experience peaked in the first 10 seconds of the first round.

  7. Won’t be Houston, there was bad blood surrounding his transfer out, particularly our choice to hold out for more money while he sat around playing for no one. He still vents to social media about us every so often.

    • That’s fine. He’s gonna follow the Tim Howard path and stick whichever team takes him with his washed carcass

  8. I wonder if anyone in the EPL would pick him up as a versatile defender/holding midfielder? Huddersfield – one of the promoted clubs – Newcastle. He isn’t a liability -for the most part – I still think those who post on SBI are defeatist and blame the american player as much as possible, He did have some leg/muscle injuries this year.


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