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Report: Joe Gyau drawing interest due to strong performance in Germany


Joe Gyau is reportedly set for a step up.

Reports out of Germany state that Gyau has drawn the interest of several clubs thanks to a season filled with strong performances for Sonnenhof Großaspach. The third-division club reportedly wants to extend the American winger, but Gyau is reportedly set to move on.

Gyau has provided five goals and four assists for the 3. Liga club this season. The winger joined the club from Borussia Dortmund in January 2017. Prior to that, Gyau earned a senior appearance for the Dortmund first team in between several years with the youth program, but repeated knee injuries derailed his time with the club.

Sonnenhof Großaspach sits 14th in the German third division with two matches left to play.


  1. I think he’s at the point where he should take the biggest check (unless his family is already wealthy).

  2. I’ve been talking bout him for a few years now, just hope he’s healthy and can stay healthy. He has one thing u can’t teach and that is speed but he also has technical ability which few US wingers have outside of CP22, saief and Green right now

      • Have u watched his highlight clips? I guess if every 3 liga player is slow then no but what I have seen is yes. He is not a prolific goal scorer but an attacking left winger which is a good thing

      • Well I know he’s faster than me, but what I meant is he Bundesliga fast or just fast for 3.Bundesliga. I follow him as much as you can and was checking his twitter almost daily for injury updates I just wonder like others where the interest is from. I hope he continues to push himself and strive for excellence.

  3. It would be nice to know whether he is attracting Bundesliga interest, rather than just one level up. The article referenced doesn’t specify.

  4. I think he’s found his level (or should come back to MLS), with his history doing a u-turn back to B.1 or B.2 to get a big deal and then sit is not learning your lesson.

    • ??? He was starting to have major success with Dortmund when his latest injuries happened. It’s not like he wasn’t cutting it and was sent out because of bad performance. The biggest thing that he had to prove was that he is healthy and could get back to his previous level. As long as he has done that, it very much makes sense to move on to a bigger club.

      • If he was a kid and developing, maybe. If he wants a paycheck and an address, fine. But in terms of his career, if you look at his stats, he has never played more than 10-20 games for a big time first team, in any season, and he’s 25 and has been playing several years. Where he has gotten lots of appearances was Hoffenheim II and this latest stop. Objectively, to me, he has found his level. This is where he can play and produce. I am sure that he can convince a B.1 or B.2 team to sign him, and will make a lot more money, but I also remember how St. Pauli came and went, and how he’s been on the books at some big clubs and not played. At a certain point that is a sign where you belong, a track record, and not just a runway to bigger things.

      • IV – His career was just picking up major steam at Dortmund at age 23 when he got hurt. He’s been recovering/getting his mojo back for the last couple of seasons. If he’s healthy, he’s a much better player than the German third division. I don’t know if he’s Dortmund first team quality, but there is no reason he shouldn’t pursue the career track that he was on before injuries derailed him. It’s like you’re looking at his stats and age without considering his injuries or what his trajectory looked like right as his most recent injury happened.

    • I think hes way better than the B3, he just had to show he could play consistently without getting injured. His development was stunted a bit because of injuries but he was talked abouy very positively at BvB and waa starting to get first team minutes until injuries set him back. He can play at that level, he’s shown he can play at that level, its now about health and consistency

      • The injuries are a fair point — except of his cohort, Gatt is not even signed anywhere, and Renken is playing for Sounders 2. Part of what determines how your career turns out and what level you succeed at, is health. Are you beaten up. Does it impact your play. Are you the same player the name brand initially suggested. I’d be more confident if he succeeded at a high level before getting hurt. Then we know you have it in you, and your team is maybe more lenient. Aron Johannsson, for example.

        To me it’s a risky strategy.

      • you make fair points as well, and if nothing else, scoring goals and setting others up will do a lot for his confidence and momentum going into a bigger club hopefully

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