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Report: MLS set to introduce new funds targeting young transfers


Major League Soccer is announcing a new pot of money to be in use starting in July called the “Youth Transfer Fund,” according to The Athletic.

The new fund is said to “incentivize teams to identify and sign young international players who could be sold at a profit in the future”, according to the report. The goal is to give MLS teams the resources to sign more talented young players capable of developing into transfer targets teams can develop and sell.

The fund would reportedly make $3 million available per team and would be restricted to players 20 or younger. That $3 million would be available for teams to use through the 2022 season, and will become available when the next transfer window opens, in July.

The report also stated that the funds can only be used to purchase the contract of a player and can’t be used for a loan deal.


  1. The Athletic is doing a great job covering CFB and CBB and launching a quality soccer arm makes it even better. If I was Ives I’d dump this site and try to make the switch

  2. what will mls clubs do with these young players? send them down to usl to play in the minors?

  3. Oh, boy, another level of complexity added to the salary issue. Do away with these mickey mouse rules and just double or triple the salary cap.

  4. Almiron is 24. I think you mean Barco would have been eligible. Although this pot, $3 mill over 4 years, wouldnt have made much of a dent in the fee Atlanta paid.

  5. Does Garber not understand that teams will be a lot more profitable if they can sell their academy kids for a price and not everyone leave for a free?

    When is the next MLS commissioner election?


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