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Report: Patrick Vieira feels contact from Arsenal a ‘token gesture’


With longtime Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger gone from the club, many wondered who would be his successor.

Former Arsenal midfielder and current NYCFC manager Patrick Vieira was one of the possible replacements to take over the London club after stating he was ready to make the jump to Europe.

According to Sky Sports, Arsenal has contacted Vieira within the last 24 hours but the 41-year-old was disappointed with the call. Vieira reportedly felt the call was a ‘token gesture’ and was left disappointed.

Since taking the NYCFC head coaching job in December 2015, Vieira has a record of 37-25-20 with a 45% winning percentage. It is unsure if Vieira will look elsewhere in Europe for a managerial position or remain with the MLS club until the end of his contract on Dec. 31st 2018.


  1. He’s also stated numerous times he wasn’t ready and he is happy where he is. He absolutley NEVER said he was ready to go now. Have some respect for MLS, a quickly growing and improving league that will be up there with the big leagues sooner rather than later. Stop thinking of MLS as China, Australia, or the Mid East. MLS has almost limitless potential where those leagues do not.

  2. What a bizarre article. Everyone should be looking to “jump to Europe” so much that they would leave their team mid-season with 6 months on their contract ?

    I get that Arsenal is a good job and he has connections. The rest is just the usual, I don’t value MLS, so anything would be better for the guy I am writing about. When he re-ups with MLS, the author can focus on the next guy that hopefully can “jump to Europe”


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