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Report: USMNT planning to host Argentina, Colombia in October friendlies


The U.S. Men’s National Team appears to be scheduling some top teams for their friendly slate to close 2018.

According to CBS Sports, the U.S. is finalizing friendlies against both Argentina and Colombia ,which would occur during the October FIFA international window. Miami has been listed as a possible host city for one of the friendlies, which have yet to be finalized.

The addition of both Argentina and Colombia would add two more heavyweight countries to the USMNT’s already busy fall. The USMNT is scheduled to face Mexico and reportedly Brazil in September after missing out on this summer’s World Cup. In addition, matches have reportedly been lined up against England and Italy.

The U.S. last played Colombia and Argentina in the 2016 Copa America Centenario where they fell, 1-0, to Colombia in the third place match and 4-0 to Argentina in the semifinals.

U.S. Soccer has not confirmed the friendlies as of yet, and the FIFA friendly window in October is set to take place from the 8th-16th.

But first the USMNT will take on Bolivia at Talen Energy Stadium in Chester, Pa. on Memorial Day. Following that, they will head abroad to face both Ireland and France in June friendlies.


  1. my thinking is similar to imperative’s. given that our program is in a state of complete overhaul both with it’s management and its players, this seems to me to be the most MIND-NUMBINGLY STUPID time to line up friendlies against italy, brazil, argentina, england and france.

    can i pls get a witness or an amen brother?

    • now is not the time for the final exam. nor is it the time to give a unit test. in fact, we don’t even know who the instructor of the course will be yet. and we haven’t even had a look at the syllabus.

    • my two cents: it’s an obvious ca$h grab, as imperative suggested earlier. it doesn’t make any sense soccer-wise. but i guess if you’re a bean counter in the ussoccer office (and i don’t really intend any disrespect. we do need accountants in this world.) and if you add up all the $$$ ussoccer can make by arranging these big name teams to come to the usa to play friendlies in this wc year, then the idea makes $$$ and cents even if though it doesn’t make any sense.

      hopefully, italy, brazil, argentina, england and france will all bring youthful b or c teams and not run up the score 10-0 on us and thus give everyone involved some enjoyable, competitive matches to watch.

      i guess i’m assuming that ussoccer was ASSUMING that the usa would qualify for this 2018 wc and was ASSUMING they were going to ca$h in big time this year and furthermore MAYBE anticipating the inflow of cash they had ALREADY SPENT THE MONEY and then when the usa (shock!) didn’t qualify they were all like “oh snap! what are we gonna do?” and so the bean counters in the office devised this plan in desperation to try to get at least some of the ca$h revenue back. am i close?

      • we never see the legal documents signed between ussoccer and the other federations (those of italy, brazil, argentina, england and france) when friendlies are arranged, do we? for all we know, the agreements include language to the effect that the other federations (italy, brazil, argentina, england and france) will bring youthful b or c teams (and not crush us 10-0). i mean maybe it’s already arranged?

  2. Did you honestly just use Real Madrid and the USMNT innthe same sentence?!?! LOL!!! No worries about a talent gap between those two teams…

  3. They should be consulting the new manager on schedule. I know we don’t have one but maybe that’s the point.

    We are starting to repeat the midcycle “must win” mentality, in terms of schedule, that helped botch last cycle. The reflex faced by this hard a schedule is to fall back on the old guard. What we need is the opposite, a forward looking mindset that initially doesn’t care about results as we discover what kind of players we have. If a new coach is worried how losing will make him look how much pressure does this schedule put upon him?

    • I mean, Miami as a site? Colombia, Argentina? This is $ churning. This is fanboy stuff. This is not, we picked supportive home fan sites and picked opponents calibrated to what we need to do this fall. In terms of leadership we haven’t learned a darn thing.

    • So you don’t care about results but you want us to play crappy teams so that we can win. You want them to pick opponents that the young inexperienced kids can walk over so that they can feel good about themselves instead of learning what they need to improve. What did playing weak opponents do for Bruce Arena last fall, oh yeah it made him think that Omar Gonzalez was good enough and that the 4-4-2 diamond was still a viable formation in the modern era.

      • well Real Madrid just trotted out a 4-4-2 diamond in the Champions League Final, which they won by the way, so clearly that formation isnt as outdated as you may think

      • Honestly, I only saw the highlights but to call what Real usually runs with how Arena implemented it the same is pretty disingenuous. Casemiro plays higher up the field and Kroos and Modric aren’t hanging out on the touchline like Nagbe and Arriola were. Real gets its width by getting its outside backs forward not by widening midfielders as Arena (and honestly Klinsmann) did. All four of Real’s midfielders are center mids they use their 4 man midfield to clog the center, the US used it to try to create space in midfield. Unfortunately, it often created space for the opposition to out man the bottom of the diamond and block passing lanes when the US attempted to play out of the back. Also, no one talks about it but Pulisic was not a CAM in that Trinidad match he was a third forward, he got way to stretched from Bradley. Maybe the 4-4-2 isn’t dead, but there are not many teams that have the personnel to run it and the US definitely didn’t under Bruce Arena.

  4. I would assume at this point the USMNT will have a head coach and the player pool could reflect the future?
    Coming off of a WC both Argentina and Colombia should run out young squads. However, these matches should be a call out for a two deep US roster moving forward. Still time to tinker with additions and subtractions of players but the core players should be there.

    • Slow down the new manager will have had two matches in September. And you want them to have their core players set at this point. If we’ve learned anything over the last two cycles is that injuries, club situation, and form can change rosters quickly two years out from qualifying beginning is way to early to have a core set, especially considering the younger nature of the roster.


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