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Report: Wayne Rooney edges closer to D.C. United deal after tour


Wayne Rooney is inching closer to officially joining D.C. United as he is exploring the city and the team’s new stadium.

According to the Washington Post, Rooney arrived in the nation’s capital on Wednesday and will undergo a physical with the team on Thursday. In the meantime, he toured Audi Field, the club’s new stadium, and will meet with general manager Jason Levein no later than Friday, when he flies back to England.

The two sides aren’t expected to reach a deal by then, but they hope “to feel good about where things are headed”.

There are some terms in place, however. Rooney would have a deal that would last through the 2020 season and pay him $5 million per year. He wouldn’t be eligible to join the team until the summer transfer window opens on July 10, four days before Audi Field is scheduled to open.


  1. D.C. United are still stuck in the past. Teams like NYRB & Atlanta are bringing in young South American talent with big upsides and D.C. is bringing in an aging Euro with no legs. Rooney is going to love playing in Houston and Orlando in August.

  2. rooney can be another notch in mls’ lipstick case, it’s not my money they’re spending.

  3. “Rooney edges closer”…wow, man, everybody seems REALLY excited about this.

    Rooney seems to want his retirement-nest-egg money.

    DC United seems to want a bell-cow Big Name star they can open Audi Field up with.

    This signing has “Pirlo” or “Stephen Gerrard” written all over it, but hey. It’s DC’s money, after all…

  4. Why ? Have they seen what happens. Zlatan just slapped a guy on the head on purpose. I wonder if he gets injured next. We will see.

    Rooney isn’t Zlatan, and DC really is in the same situation as LAG, so this will turn out better?
    Cause I was thinking worse.

    • Well, DC doesn’t have quite that train-wreck avert-your-eyes-kids level of badness on its backline that Galaxy has, so there’s that, anyhow.

      Just don’t know what Rooney brings, exactly, though. His legs seem to be gone and the last thing you want to be in MLS is a slowing player. Argue with our technicality, fine, but nobody with eyes thinks this is a slow league. Maybe he’s got a technical edge that DC could use?


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