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SBI USMNT Man of the Match: Timothy Weah


Timothy Weah waited for his chance to shine with the U.S. Men’s National Team, and the PSG forward took advantage of it on Monday.

Starting on the right wing, Weah produced a lively performance in the USMNT’s 3-0 win over Bolivia, scoring the third goal of the night. He helped create several chances in the first half for Dave Sarachan’s team despite picking up a knock early in the half.

In the 60th minute, Weah got on the end of Antonee Robinson’s cross and beat Carlos Lampe for his first senior national team goal.

Weah’s pace caused problems for the Bolivian backline, and easily could’ve had another goal or two with the havoc he caused. Weah was replaced by Julian Green in the second half, receiving a standing ovation from the fans at Talen Energy Stadium.

Weah beat out Weston McKennie for Monday’s honors despite a strong defensive showing from the Schalke midfielder. Robinson also shined in his first USMNT start at left back against a Bolivia attack that produced nothing threatening in the final third.

What did you think of Weah’s performance? Which player stood out to you on Monday?

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  1. Robinson was a see saw, his recovery speed against a sub par opponent covered up the fact that his screwups created the opportunity to begin with. He would have had an epically bad game against better opposition. He is a defender and his defense was meh.
    I was impressed with Park. He made several one touch,out of trouble passes under pressure that kept an attack moving.
    I was truly impressed with Holden. He made a comment about Corona’s tackling, JP called him out, and Holden came back with (basically) “nothing I don’t say to his face”

  2. Not really worthy of ManOfTheMatch but Zimmerman surprised me yesterday. Granted he was going against a weak attack but made three long passes that were bullseyes. Completely flipped the field putting the US in the final third. With centerback who can pass and hold the ball with some movement it makes every players life easier. Also, Zimmerman scored a nice header!
    With capable passing players in the back it makes me think Pulisic might be more comfortable and productive playing wide rather then central. Playing off the shoulders of defenders adds a constant dimension of length and width. It also allows the attack to pick a side and go at a weakness or individual player.

  3. Also, I’d say as far as player ratings go, Bono might be the first player I’ve ever seen go 90 mins and still deserve an “NR” rating.

  4. My MOTM goes to Ives for this tweet:
    “How young is this #USMNT starting lineup? Jump Around by House of Pain just played on the PA here and only 2 of 11 USMNT starters (Lichaj, Corona) were even ALIVE when Jump Around came out in 1992. #IFeelOld”

  5. lol at SBI’s contrarian MOM picks… Weah’s finish was excellent but he had a poor match overall. I still don’t think that he has surpassed Carleton, who surely would have been more productive with all of those chances going forward. I say this not to slight Weah, but more so to highlight how much fun it is going to be to watch these players grow over the next few years.

  6. Thought Mckennie was pretty poor, should of been probably sent off for all the late challenges and only got one yellow, probably just a bit excited. Robinson was good and I know it was only one game but I hope he starts against France to see a little more.

    • I don’t know if he’s ready for France, but its also the weakest position so I don’t know anyone who really is. Short of drafting FJ (still hurt) or Chandler (also hurt). At least he has some recovery speed something Villafana or Garza lack.

  7. Does anyone have his measurements from U17 qualifying to today? He looks like he’s grown 3 or 4 inches and added 25 lbs of muscle at least.

  8. Yeah good call probably… and as you say both McKennie and Robinson deserve mention. Also liked what I saw out of Rubin. Not man-of-the match caliber but he is looking more and more like a contributor going forward, rather than a last-chance guy looking for a job (which is what he was back in January)


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