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Tyler Adams leaves Red Bulls win with knee injury


New York Red Bulls and U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder Tyler Adams was forced out of Sunday’s match with Atlanta United with a knee injury that left the teenage standout with a worried look on his face.

Adams was subbed off in the 79th minute, and was seen pointing to his right knee while on the bench. He was eventually treated with an ice pack on his knee.

Adams had a strong performance in the match, helping keep Miguel Almiron contained in the Red Bulls’ 3-1 win in Atlanta.

No official word has been given on Adams’ condition, but the possibility of him joining the U.S. Men’s National Team for its friendlies against France and Ireland in June could be in jeopardy.


  1. It did not look very serious at all compared with the real story of the game, which was the potentially very, very serious injury to Kemar Lawrence, who is surely in all our thoughts and prayers.

    Unconscionable not even to mention that. Do the supporters in this forum not even perceive players from other countries?

    • Relax pal. No need to get on your moral high horse. Though it definitely looked bad, reports are that Lawrence is fine…

    • Reports are that Lawrence was responsive. That leaves a pretty broad range of possibilities. Almost certainly he has a concussion and the recovery from that can be weeks to months. I recall Mike McGee was limited for on the order of a year. I hope Lawrence’s recovery is faster so he can go to the WC in Russia, something he deserves and contribute to Jamaica’s success there.

      • “Contribute to Jamaica’s World Cup success”… Pretty sure he can do that from the comfort of his couch…. along with the rest of the team.

    • I don’t know… the timing and non-serious look to Adams’ injury (looked more like discomfort) make me speculate that this “injury” is more about facilitating the transition to RB than anything else. He might indeed have surgery, but that could easily be a “maintenance” type of procedure that is being timed so that he can recover during the off season and be ready for July/August. Either way, it looks like he’s done for RBNY and won’t be with the nats at all this summer.


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