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BWP, Giovinco, Steffen and more named to 2018 MLS All-Star Game roster


After announcing the Fan XI earlier this week, Major League Soccer announced the rest of the roster for the 2018 MLS All-Star Game after unveiling the starting lineup last week.

Bradley Wright-Phillips, Sebastian Giovinco and Zack Steffen were among the selections that round out the roster for the game on August 1 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium against Juventus.

Sixteen teams will be represented at the game, with Atlanta United boasting five starters.

The New York Red Bulls have three All-Star Game participants in Wright-Phillips, Aaron Long and Michael Murillo.

LAFC, LA Galaxy. New York City FC and Sporting Kansas City have two players each headed to Atlanta for All-Star week.

Chicago, Colorado, D.C., Philadelphia, Real Salt Lake, San Jose and Seattle don’t have a player on the All-Star Game roster.

2018 MLS All-Star Game Roster 

Goalkeepers: Brad Guzan (Atlanta United), Zack Steffen (Columbus Crew)

Defenders: Francisco Calvo (Minnesota United), Laurent Ciman (LAFC), Alphonso Davies (Vancouver Whitecaps), Matt Hedges (FC Dallas), Aaron Long (New York Red Bulls), Michael Murillo (New York Red Bulls), Michael Parkhurst (Atlanta United), Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)

Midfielders: Miguel Almiron (Atlanta United), Ezequiel Barco (Atlanta United), Jonathan dos Santos (LA Galaxy), Alberth Elis (Houston Dynamo), Ignacio Piatti (Montreal Impact), Alexander Ring (New York City FC), Ilie Sanchez (Sporting Kansas City), Diego Valeri (Portland Timbers), Yoshimar Yotun (Orlando City), Wilfried Zahibo (New England Revolution)

Forwards: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (LA Galaxy), Josef Martinez (Atlanta United), Carlos Vela (LAFC), David Villa (New York City FC), Bradley Wright-Phillips (New York Red Bulls)


  1. follow up to my previous post:
    Six Atlanta United players headline MLS All-Star Fan XI

    ““if i’m tata, though, i absolutely keep my atlanta players together” – quozzel.
    i think the first mls all star coach to set this precedent was peter novak (dc united) in 2006 …
    so basically peter nowak did what quozzel is suggesting, he kept his dc united starting unit together, more or less. and he just enhanced it with a few key all star players … it doesn’t raise eyebrows anymore, does it? i think everyone expected tate to pick his remaining players from atlanta united. and i think we can go back to peter novak in 2006 for setting this precedent.”

    so interestingly, tata did NOT follow the peter novak precedent/model of 2006 and choose all players from his club, atlanta. instead, we see that tata chose his picks from AROUND THE LEAUGE. his lineup on august 1 won’t look like atlanta with a few key all star pieces added (like peter nowak did in 2006). instead, it will be a totaly new animal. peter nowak’s all star enhanced dc united team BEAT (pre-season) chelsea in 2006 (in a friendly match). nowak’s team had cohesion and chemistry because basically it was just his dc unit team with a few extra parts. so the question as i see it is will tata’s team – being made from so many different mls clubs, not mainly from just atlanta – have enough cohesion and chemistry? will it “click” on the field? how will they run set plays? do they have enough time to practice together to gel as a unit? tata’s team may be the most talented mls all star team ever on paper, but on august 1 can they win a game together against (preseason) juventus (in a friendly match)? it will be interesting! we all will be watching, i’m sure.

  2. excuse me, everyone. your attention, please. an announcement about miami fc will be coming soon. please know.

  3. not a lot of english being spoken on that team….not that any particular americans should have been chosen ahead of those players by any stretch, but its an indictment of the current state of affairs of soccer in this country. in MLS we’re providing a platform that greatly benefits our direct regional competition (amongst others) at the expense of americans for the sake of entertainment (and probably money, although that argument gets squashed when you look at investments made in foreign players by way of salary and transfer fees). should come as no surprise when we don’t qualify for world cups

    …….And these guys were going to represent the stars and stripes in a WORLD CUP?!!!! ???

      • BWP is more popular than Altidore??
        Alexander Ring is more popular than Michael Bradley??
        No, its not just popularity contest Silverrey. A lot of the picking order is based on what most of them lack…..Talent

      • I mean I knew he was crap?, but to say other people figured out he’s not up to par with Carlos Vela (LAFC) or Bradley Wright-Phillips??? Damn?

      • Only the first 10 were voted on by the fans (11 but Nagbe is out with injury, 6 of those were ATL because they have by far the best attendance until the last week all 8 5 Stripes players were in the Fan XI). Garber had two selections BWP and Alphonso Davies. Then Tata Martino filled in the rest (most likely an assistant or staffer, head coaches never actually pick these all-star rosters.

        Also, your first post only makes sense if an American was picked for the All-Star team above them. Alexander Ring isn’t eligible for the US so whether or not he’s better than Bradley doesn’t matter. The only players that are relevant in your post are Howard and Besler because the only Americans on the all-star team are GKs and CBs. Nagbe was on the roster but replaced because he’s out with injury for two to three months.

      • Mr. Johnnyrazor
        so basically you are making my point and that why I said “other people figured out that people like Altidore and Bradley are OVERRATED players, that are not even up to par with MLS elite lol…..whether picked by fans or picked based on talent THEY STILL DIDN’T MAKE THE CUT?…..Which goes to show the lack of talent of these regular starters on the USMNT hence we didn’t qualify for the WC.Think about it, 24 players were picked in MLS, a league that’s already a low level league (compared to EPL, Championship, Bundesliga)…24 players and all the players above, picked by fans or picked based on talent, NOT ONE COULD MAKE THE CUT???

        hahaha, I rest my case ??

    • Bizzy you are a silly man. Trolling on the USMNT players? Is it their fault no other american players are good enough to take their spot?

      • Joe
        You are the very essence of the backwardness of USSOCCER. You mistake being a passionate fan and holding the organization accountable to trolling. Not everyone follows the herd like cattle. If you have an MLS ALL-STAR game and NOT ONE PROMINENT USMNT player is on the team….what does that tell you?? maybe its a pointer that MOST OF THEM (that had secure spots on the national team) should not have even been there to begin with.

    • But no American player not named Pulisic (and maybe McKinney) would make that roster based on their performances this season so again what’s the point. Wood wouldn’t beat out those forwards, Green doesn’t beat out Sanchez, Piatti, or Valeri, if I needed a winger today I’d take Elis over Weah maybe not by next Summer but today I would. If you gave me a random draw of any of those forwards or midfielders and I could grant one US eligibility, anyone, one of them would be a regular starter. This roster is an indictment on MLS for not producing quality players, not on Arena (who you know I loathe) or Klinsmann for selecting the wrong ones.

      • “Wood wouldn’t beat out those forwards, Green doesn’t beat out Sanchez, Piatti, or Valeri, if I needed a winger today I’d take Elis over Weah”…..that is like making an argument that Dempsey, Bradley and Altidore would have done better than the midfielders/strikers of PANAMA or COSTA RICA at the World Cup…but guess what? They are not playing in the WC???…..lets keep the assumptions to a minimum.

        Until Wood or Green have given up the good fight and are HERE playing in MLS it is foolish to make random assumptions, so lets keep the topic on the ones that FAILING MISERABLY in MLS?

      • “This roster is an indictment on MLS for not producing quality players”….so what happen to the international resume and achievements of Altidore and Bradley? Now that they are expose as overrated and everyone agrees they SUCK, they are products of MLS now?? haha???

        They should have NEVER been sure / regular starters on the USMNT to begin with. Always a pleasure Johnnyrazor???

      • So we can make assumptions that if you play anywhere but MLS you are automatically better but then we shouldn’t make assumptions like Villa is better than Bobby Wood?

      • Yes FOR AMERICAN PLAYERS for the most part. I mean look at the all-star selection, hardly ANY AMERICAN PLAYERS???. So stick to American players JR lol

      • almost our whole squad from the last wc cycle didn’t make the all-star team this year bah ha ha!

      • “Bizzy, I think he’s laughing at you not with you”……..hmmmmm? then I think he’s indirectly laughing at you too then. We got beaten by the worst team in CONCACAF, We didn’t qualify for the World Cup from a weak group, 95% of the MLS players in the world Cup circle are not good enough to make even the MLS All-Star team THE FOLLOWING YEAR…….so no Johnnyrazor, I think TWO CENTS/LOWERCASE LETTERS GUY has a better soccer IQ than that ???

      • Two cents has in the last few weeks advocated Dave Sarachan being hired full time and that the USMNT selection should be by fan vote so make your own assessments of his soccer IQ.

        By the way, about half your list was on the MLS All-Star team last season during qualifying.

      • “….about half your list was on the MLS All-Star team last season during qualifying”

        Ah last season?… irrelevant as people hailing Michael Bradley as our best central midfielder or Jozy Altidore as our best option up top. Look at them now…..???

        “Always remember best the irrelevant”….Peter Drucker

    • bizzy’s comment is hilarious! laughing with you, bizzy, not at you. yes, johnny_razor, i think sarachan should stay on as our head coach. and i think our wc roster should be done similarly to all star team (fan vote 11 picks + ernie’s gm 2 picks + head coach picks the rest).

    • bizzy said “you get it ???”
      yes, bizzy, i totally get your joke. it’s hilarious!!! hahaha we suck!

    • johnnyrazor, forgive me? bizzy’s comment is quite funny! where is your sense of humor today?

      • Sorry, you are usually such a big MLS guy and since Bizzy was trashing US players in MLS thought that you were sarcastically laughing.

      • Zardes has had a good first half, but Martinez, BWP, and Vela have been better. There is no way that MLS has an all-star exhibition without Zlatan, Villa, and Giovinco so Zardes is out. Giovinco probably hasn’t earned a spot based on this season alone but deserves it from the last three for sure.

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