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Mexico won’t punish players for pre-World Cup partying


Mexican players have escaped punishment for their celebratory ways.

Mexican tabloids reported that at least eight players were out late partying after their friendly victory over Scotland in Mexico City late Monday night. The Mexican Football Federation has also elected not to punish these players for their actions.

The tabloid photos surfaced as the team was travelling to Denmark ahead of the World Cup.

“The day was a free day,” said Guillermo Cantu, general secretary of the FMF. “That’s the risk you take with [giving] freedom. In truth, it’s not whether we like [what the players may have done] or not, simply that we have to be clear that they haven’t missed any training or a meet-up.”

He also made it clear that it’s not his place to judge what the players do on their free time.

“The subject of values is separate. I’m not going to condemn the players. It’s a personal and free decision of how they can use their [free] time, which was agreed upon a week before the journey [to Denmark],” Cantu said. “The topic of freedom is complex.”

That isn’t to say the involved players didn’t face any repercussions. Captain Rafa Marquez took the time to speak with the entire team to remind them of their responsibilities in Russia and that he wants to avoid anything that can harm the public’s perceptions of them.


  1. Umm…pretty sure this article neglected to mention one thing. Or maybe 30:

    “Mexico City, Jun 6 (AFP) Members of Mexico’s national football squad held a farewell party with around 30 prostitutes before the team travelled to Europe ahead of the World Cup, reports said Tuesday.

    According to the TVNotas gossip magazine, nine members of Mexico’s World Cup squad partied with dozens of escorts at a private compound in Mexico City last Saturday following the team’s 1-0 win over Scotland at the Aztec Stadium.

    The magazine published grainy images of players arriving at the party under the headline “The true farewell of the Tri!”.

    However, Mexican officials said the players involved will not be sanctioned because they attended the party in their free time.

    Guillermo Cantu, general secretary of the Mexican Football Federation, said the players would not be punished because “they have not missed training.”

    “A free day is a free day and those are the risks that one runs with freedom,” Cantu was quoted as saying.



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