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MLS unveils jersey for All-Star Game


MLS may be currently taking a short break with the World Cup in full swing, but the focus will soon turn back to league play and, eventually, to the MLS All-Star Game.

The league unveiled the jerseys that will be worn by the All-Star team this summer’s clash with Juventus. The jersey is primarily white with red and blue accents while referencing the host city, Atlanta, via¬†four intersecting lines shaped to form a railroad crossing.

The MLS team is set to take on Juventus at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Aug. 1.

Here’s a closer look at the kit:


  1. target?

    my two cents: some corporate brands look good on mls jerseys and some do not. airlines, power companies and car companies are examples of present/past mls jersey sponsors that i think look good on the shirt. target, piggly wiggly, kmart, walmart, sam’s club, etc.? is it just me or maybe is the whole category of “cheap retail” not the image we’re looking for on the front of the mls jersey?

    • but yeah the atl 2018 with the crossed railroad tracks is boss, lovin’ the colors and design. looking forward to the all-stars this summer, it’s gonna rock!


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