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Piatti fires back at Impact owner Saputo


Ignacio Piatti has been the backbone of the Montreal Impact since his arrival but these times could come to an end by the summer.

A few weeks after president Joey Saputo gave an interview to local radio station 98.5 FM saying there were “no untouchables on this team,” Piatti reacted to his boss’ displeasure.  

“He’s the president. I do everything on the field, he takes the decisions,” Piatti said in French after scoring two goals in Wednesday’s 3-0 win against Orlando City. “I want to stay in Montreal but if he thinks that I’m the problem, I can go to another team.”

Saputo informed the public following the Impact’s 1-0 loss to the LA Galaxy back on May 21. On the radio’s postgame segment, he admitted his frustration with the team and explained how letting go of Piatti could be a possibility.

“If someone comes and get Piatti and gives me X amount for [him], I will save on my salary cap,” Saputo said in French. “Are we better off having three $2 million players rather than one $6 million player?”

Piatti has been one of the few bright spots in a largely disappointing season in Montreal. He has registered seven goals and six assists this season, but that hasn’t been enough to keep the Impact from a 5-11 start to the season.

Piatti is the eighth-highest paid player in MLS, due to make $4.7 million in guaranteed compensation in 2018.

The MLS summer transfer window will open on July 10 and will run until August 8.


  1. This is just stupid from Saputo. Why would you even lead your star player to believe he’s the problem when he’s the best player on the team? You can’t treat players like that and expect to get away with it. You especially will have a hard time attracting other players to your club and then see where that gets you. Think you suck now? Run Piatti out of town and you’ll truly know what it means to be bottom feeders…

  2. Montreal is confusing with its lack of success? Pre-MLS they always ran out a competitive team.
    The owner sounds like a tool and should really take the blame. MLS is set up for parity but if you are consistently near the bottom or barely fighting for a playoff spot year in and year out the blame goes towards ownership.
    Piatti is one of the best players in MLS and any team would be foolish not to take him. He is the type of player you build a team around.

  3. my two cents: saputo should publicly apologize to piatti for making those remarks, then (if piatti accepts his sincere apology), keep piatti and build the team with good players around him.

      • There’s a legit argument to be made that Piatti is the 2nd best player in MLS since Giovinco joined the league. He almost won them the CCL FFS

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