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Rocco Commisso’s proposal denied by U.S. Soccer; NASL not giving up legal fight


Rocco Commisso may have suffered another setback, but he isn’t giving up the fight for the NASL.

The owner of the New York Cosmos saw his proposal of a $500 million investment into U.S. Soccer in exchange for a ten-year runway to produce a stable and viable league get passed up by the federation. Commisso’s offer included a May 31 deadline that has now come and gone with no acceptance from the USSF Board of Directors.

Commisso sent out an open letter responding the the proposal’s denial, accusing the federation of passing up a golden opportunity to develop soccer at all levels and accusing them of only “going through the motions” when considering his offer while failing to avoid conflicts of interest.

“In the end, not even a $500 million offer squarely in line with USSF’s stated mission of promoting ‘the growth and development of soccer in all its recognized forms in the United States’ could break MLS’s stranglehold over our Federation,” Commisso wrote. “By letter dated May 30, 2018, Mr. Flynn informed me that ‘the Board does not see a compelling reason to deviate from the annual sanctioning process,’ extinguishing any hopes USSF would voluntarily grant NASL a 10-year runway to develop a sustainable independent professional soccer league in the United States and effectively terminating my proposal.”

Commisso’s next step is to proceed with the pending antitrust lawsuit against the USSF and its board members. He hopes for a speedy trial that can have the NASL back in action for the 2019 season.


  1. LOL. Basically gov’t and business as we know it would not exist by your definition. “Lies”, by your standards mean nothing should exist! Your purse snatcher analogy is hilarious in it’s ineptness.

    A true believer u are. Keep fighting the goo…..I mean delusional fight. It will get you place in fanatsy land.

    Rocco and the NASL are just gifts of idiocy and delusion……and blatant, eaily proven LIES over the last several years…that keep on giving. Ypu aren’t a hero, you don’t get it while otjhers don’t, you aren’t fghting some good figjt….u r a hill or simply delusional.

    • any time two or more people work together to do wrong and lie about it, it’s a conspiracy, yes? aside from perhaps the odd purse snatcher in town, who works alone, most crimes that occur in society are conspiracies. because it requires more than one person to do it. and because if publicly asked they Don’t want to admit any wrong doing.

  2. rocco is probably right, of course. the anti-trust lawsuit is probably correct and he should probably win that case. but the judge will probably be friends with the defendants and find in favor of them. sometimes the system just doesn’t work.

    rocco is a builder like hunt or kraft or kronke or anschutz. rocco is a man who can snap his fingers and create jobs in your community. i have a lot of respect for men like rocco.

    rocco, if you can hear me, i respectfully suggest that you give up this lawsuit because you won’t (be allowed to) win it. even you have limited resources. you must “pick your battles”. i suggest that you acknowledge and accept the new soccer pyramid and place your new york cosmos in the usl/second division and let the nasl lay fallow this year (and for the foreseeable future).

    you must then play “the waiting game” and wait for the next opportunity to present itself.

    best wishes to your soccer dreams.

    • rocco might also bypass or ignore fifa. (no one can stop someone from creating their own competitive soccer federation or an independent league.) but i advise rocco against these types of actions. they will be ineffective. the best that rocco can do now imo is to put the cosmos in the usl. spend a lot of money on them. give them a stadium, front office dream team, player dream team, the works. let them seriously compete for titles every year in the usl. wear the cosmos shirts the right way, as champions. this is the best way for rocco and the ny cosmos to in forward imo.

  3. Its funny because USL was willing to be D3 and did so to build the league up to D2 standards. NASL ‘Give us D2 or we’ll quit’. What nonsense. NASL wrote stupid clauses in their contracts in regards to D2 status. And in the long run it burned them.

  4. Meanwhile in the US…..Attendance keeps climbing to record levels and so many new teams I don’t even know how many are in the league now.
    just looked it up 33 teams.

  5. This guy is like the Black Knight from the Holy Grail. Rocco, it’s over….move on. You can’t keep blaming U.S. Soccer and MLS for the horrific business decisions of the NASL.

  6. LOL….this guys is uch a clown. Me Rocco. Me lose 18 mill by making dumb investment in NASL and Cosmos because me think with emotion, arrogance and delusion instead fact. Me mad and want my money back. Me go on ranting PR stunt w joke non proposal like Siva’s 4 bill non proposal….but now me get rant more….blah, blah, blah, blah.
    Thsi si what rich folks do when they lose money on stupid decisions. Rant, cry and litigate!

    That’s all this is.

    • It’s truly amazing how someone can be a successful businessman while also appearing to be a legitimate window licker.

  7. If he’d sunk that kind of money into his league before it started falling apart, he might have the “sustainable independent professional soccer league” that he claims to want now.


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