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SBI Question of the Day: How much are you rooting for Mexico?


Fandom has been a big topic of this World Cup, but the discussion of how fans of the U.S. Men’s National Team view Mexico has been a major talking point in recent days.

Since the U.S. officially sealed their fate in October, fans of the USMNT have debated how to watch this World Cup. Some are rooting for their ancestral home while some are rooting for chaos. Others, meanwhile, are rooting for CONCACAF rivals, including Mexico.

Mexico, in particular, has proven a divisive point that became all the more divisive over the past few days following a series of Landon Donovan tweets. In the days since, USMNT stars of the past have expressed their own opinion, with many saying that they could never root for Mexico. Donovan, meanwhile, says he sees it as a unifying opportunity for all involved.

With that said, how are you handling Mexico and their time at the World Cup? What did you make of El Tri’s win over Germany? Will you be rooting for them going forward?

Vote in the poll below and discuss further in the comment section:

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  1. As a Chiva I cant stand C.D America, I hate everything about what they are and want them to lose every game but I will support them even if they play Barcelona, real madrid or PSG. they are my brothers no matter how stupid they are we live under the same roof and with that being said we need to support every nation in our region. This should be a wake up call to make our confederation stronger and grown this amazing sport in our region. #CONCACAF

  2. Saw a commercial where Wells Fargo announced its a proud sponsor of the Mexican National team. Funny because pretty sure they don’t have much of a footprint in Mexico.

    Also want to break my t.v. every time I see that patronizing Volkswagon commercial. Don’t thinks it funny at all making a joke of us not making it.

  3. To hell with Mexico. Never never never would I route for the enemy.

    England, Brazil, Panama, Iceland go me this WC.

  4. Rooting strongly because they represent us, to the extent that they show how good concacaf can be. Moreover, they are the most convincing team playing in the WC so far.

  5. I just can’t root for Mexico. They are our primary rival and I can no more root for Mexico than I can as a Man City fan for Man United or NYRB as a DC United fan.

    I am much more in line with Taylor Twellman than Landon Donovan on this issue and I can’t believe folks are looking at Mexico as “America’s” team. Are you kidding me? I can respect Mexico but that does not mean I can root for them.

  6. 100% =D

    my two cents:

    reason #1: the times, they are a-changing. i really think that the days of “bitter rivalry”/hatred soccer-wise between mexico and the usa are coming to an end, and the old hatred/bitter rivalry is being replaced by a normal, friendly rivalry between us. maybe not everyone got the memo, but i think more and more people on both sides of the border did these days.

    reason #2: mexico plays the best soccer in concacaf if the usa isn’t in the tournament.

    reason #3: this year, mexico is basically representing concacaf. (they are raising the concacaf flag for us, so to speak, in russia)

    reason #4: mexico is fun to watch! they are an EXCITING, ATTACKING TEAM. they play as a team with lots of possession. they have good team cohesion, play forward aggressively, play with passion, with skill, with a little dash of trickery and deception. tons of passion! the agony on their faces when someone’s shot goes wide, the pure elation and joy on their faces when their team scores. in many ways, on the field, mexico is world class and just an example for other soccer nations to follow. (including the usa.)

    also, i took the quiz at “which wc team should i root for) and they said i should watch mexico because i will like their style of play. 🙂 🙂 and i think they are right!

  7. I wore the jersey and was rooting for them, not because I wanted to….but because my wife is Mexican and it was mandated.

  8. I just don’t get worked up over rivalries in general. For example, I’m a Sounders fan who does not really care about the Timbers, and a Kentucky basketball fan who does not care about Louisville.

  9. ROOTING FOR THEM 120%!!!!!
    ….there is nothing NOT to like. Sometimes its Ok to support an adversary that took his job more serious that you did.

    So as of this tournament……VIVA MÉXICO?????

    • Seriously?

      Our arch-rivals?

      The guys who need us to bail them out four years ago then rested their stars so Honduras would win and knock us out last year?

      • What an ignorant comment. Yes fans should stop that chant but it has nothing to do with homophobia. Oh well, I guess you can spend some time learning about the various meanings of words in other languages with all the time you will have not watching your team in the World Cup.

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