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SBI USMNT Man of the Match: Tyler Adams


The U.S. Men’s National Team was able to hold out for a gritty tie with France, and it was in large part thanks to the midfield efforts of Tyler Adams.

The young New York Red Bull was effective defensively and during the rare moments that resulted in USMNT chances, including playing the pass that sprung the counterattack that culminated in Julian Green’s goal. Adams’ performance against a star-studded France midfield earned him honors as SBI USMNT Man of the Match.

Defensively, Adams tracked back well and helped keep Les Bleus off the board for nearly 80 minutes. He cleared the ball out of threatening areas multiple times, and had a few timely interceptions to stop French attacks.

Also playing well were Tim Parker, Shaq Moore, Antonee Robinson and Zack Steffen, who earn honorable mentions for their efforts in the draw.

What did you think of Adams’ performance? Who stood out to you for the USMNT on this somewhat surprising result in Lyon?

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  1. I think you are confusing him with Weston McKennie. That’s who you meant was man of the match. Adams is mediocre at best.

    • This comment proves a point I’ve made before. We all as fans have players we like and so we look for only the good plays they make and look for any misstep of others. If you like McKennie you only see Adams poor plays, you like Adams you see Trapp being muscled off the ball. You like Green you ignore him passing it to Pogba unmarked 25 yards from goal. All of our players have flaws and if you are looking solely for that guy to make a mistake you’ll find it. FYI I did look at three different players ratings on different soccer sites and Adams was rated higher by all three.

  2. Twellman mentioned before the game this was an audition for scouts and agents. I would say overall a few players raised their profile, which may lead to more opportunities. Adams is likely first (probably headed to Leipzig), but dark horses like Parker and Trapp from MLS might get contacted, and Steffan definitely should catch interest.

    • Trapp has a European passport now through I believe his grandfather so that may make things easier. I think if Colombus moves to Austin he might take the step. Steffen was in Germany in pretty good shape with Freiburg and came back to the US so not sure he’s interested or if Euro clubs would bite. He is 2 years older so perhaps he’s ready to be across the pound.

  3. Of the group the author mentions as having good games, I think he is giving Moore too much credit. He relied on committing fouls too often in dangerous spots any one of which could have led to a goal. I think it was him who hit a fairly poor cross that the French defense misplayed for Greene’s goal, I guess luck counts for something.

    • i actually thought the low cross was perfect, Green was loafing until the ball actually was crossed, which is too late to make a run then. He did a helluva a job pouncing on the turnover in the box and placed a one time finish perfectly! Nothing lucky there, just want-to! I don’t get this proclivity to make excuses for top nations whenever the US beats or ties them smh

    • I missed the first 30 min but I had the exact opposite opinion of Trapp, thought he was the only midfielder actually trying to show for the ball and link to the attack. He was the center of the spine that was defending the France onslaught, he was a vocal leader, and was smart with positioning. I guess all our guys should have been overmatched by the stars from France, but they didn’t really look like they felt that way.

      • Trapp had some good moments for sure, but he was also the weak link. Adams and Mckennie seemed to do really well, and Green, Miazga, Parker were very poised. Trapp, Wood, Corona, Villafana all seemed to have up and down moments.

      • I agree that Trapp was great today. Composed at all moments and really kept things together. Athletically at times over matches but showed he belongs for sure. Adams was solid but not MOM. Parker in my book..

      • People automatically discount Trapp because he’s a small white guy playing as a #6. He’s not going to mow people over like DeJong, but he’s actually bigger than Kante whose one of the best #6 in the world today (N’Golo is quite a bit more athletic). He’s going to be in the right position almost everytime, and move the ball quickly between the lines. Depending on the manager and their formation he hasn’t done anything this month to rule him out of playing a role going forward.

    • Jonny nothing to do with him being a small white guy, he is slow and and just not strong enough for the international level in my opinion and that’s up for debate and I’m OK with that. He wasn’t bad but he has limitations and forcing Adams, mckennie and him in the midfield is a problem when there should be an offensive presence there.

  4. No argument with this selection for MoTM. I also thought Steffen had a great game and should be our starter for the foreseeable future. I had not seen Tim Parker play much before and was super impressed with him. In fact, all 3 of the CBs did a great job dealing with the onslaught of French attackers.

    I was shocked that Yedlin didn’t start but Moore and Robinson acquitted themselves quite well. I didn’t get the Corona and Villafana substitutions. I honestly didn’t care much if we won or lost (ok, somewhat partial to wanting France to do well in their last friendly), but I wanted to get more new guys out there, rather than retreads.

    • Parker was defending his ass off out there. I say Robinson should be our LB from now on. Moore looked good at RB.


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