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Top 5 goals of the World Cup’s first set of matches


There’s plenty more soccer to be played, but the first set of World Cup matches provided a number of stunning finishes that need to be rewatched and relived.

Goals haven’t been as easy to come by as in previous tournaments, but there have been a number of quality finishes from a number of different teams throughout the tournament’s first few days. From stunning volleys to game-winning free kicks, the opening round of matches has had it all and then some.

With that said, here’s a look at the five best goals scored after the first set of group stage matches:

5. ALEKSANDAR KOLAROV (Serbia 1, Costa Rica 0)

4. PHILIPPE COUTINHO (Brazil 1, Switzerland 1)

3. CRISTIANO RONALDO (Portugal 3, Spain 3)

2. DRIES MERTENS (Belgium 3, Panama 0)


1. NACHO FERNANDEZ (Spain 3, Portugal 3)

What was your favorite goal of the first round of games?

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