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World Cup Ticker: FIFA investigating Mexico chant, Croatia drops Kalinić, and more


FIFA have opened a case against Mexico regarding homophobic chants from their fans.

Mexican fans have been known for a controversial shout aimed at opposing goalkeepers during goal kicks, a shout considered homophobic and one that has led to fines and penalties for Mexico in the past. German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer was the target of the infamous chant while taking a goal kick in the 24th minute of Sunday’s match against El Tri.

Mexico and other Latin American teams have been fined over the chant throughout World Cup qualifying, although some of them were canceled by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Mexico’s federation has been taking steps to encourage fans to cease using the chant, and it was hardly present during the Confederations Cup last summer. Unfortunately, Mexican fans travelling to Russia for the World Cup appear to have brought it with them.

croatia drop Nikola Kalinić from roster, citing back injury

Croatian midfielder Nikola Kalinić has been sent home from Russia after being unable to come on in Saturday’s 2-0 win over Nigeria with a back injury.

“During the Nigeria encounter, Kalinić was warming up and was supposed to come on in the second half. However, he then stated that he wasn’t ready to come on due to a back issue. The same thing happened during the Brazil friendly in England, as well as before the practice session on Sunday. I have calmly accepted that, and since I need my players fit and ready to play, I have made this decision”, explained head coach Zlatko Dalić.

Kalinić was warming up to come on late in the Nigeria match, but refused to enter the game due to his sore back. The decision to send him home was made after Dalić consulted with his coaching staff. He cannot be replaced on the roster, so Croatia will continue with only 22 players.

denmark’s william kvist hopes to return to world cup

Danish midfielder William Kvist left his team’s match against Peru with two broken ribs and a punctured lung after colliding with Jefferson Farfan. He is heading back to Denmark for treatment, but he is in good spirits and hoping to make a quick recovery. He posted a video to his Facebook page saying there’s a tiny chance he returns to the squad.

french left back lucas hernandez admits to faking injuries

Lucas Hernandez admits to exaggerating an injury late in France’s 2-1 win over Australia on Saturday afternoon.

“As we saw against Australia, there are moments where I exaggerate a bit,” Hernandez said at a press conference on Sunday. “It is part of the show, part of the game, I am used to doing it.

“It helps the team to buy some time. I do it from time to time. It is a part of me.”

The left back went down, apparently without real reason, late in the match against Australia and we now have concrete proof of why.


    • The greatest player that the U.S has ever produced pissed on sacred ground of Estadio Jalisco. Get off your high horse bud.

  1. Hernandez admitted that he faked an injury in the last moments of the game and he has done it before. He ought to get a retroactive yellow card.

  2. Bigotry is only offensive when it comes from a white person. Which is why FIFA will do nothing, and Mexico will never be punished.

    • If Whites had not bought racism, bigotry, and stealing land over here to America, in the first place we would not have to worry about it. SMH

  3. Tradition (and a little humor) does not replace appropriate conduct and excuse inappropriate conduct. If we/FIFA are going to condemn monkey chants and bananas and other racial remarks, we/FIFA also need to eradicate other offensive chants.

    Without being completely irreverent (and hopefully not irrelevant), maybe they can yell “Zika” like the Olympics in Rio toward Hope Solo.


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