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Report: Jesse Marsch nearing role with RB Leipzig



The situation remains a complicated one, but it appears Jesse Marsch may be heading to RB Leipzig after all.

According to the Athletic, Marsch is close to leaving the New York Red Bulls to join up with the Bundesliga club. The report says it’s unclear what role Marsch would take with the club, which recently announced that Julian Naglesmann would take over as head coach for the 2019-2020 season.

The report says Marsch could be hired as Leipzig’s interim head coach while serving as an assistant under current sporting director Ralf Rangnick is also a possibility.

March has been linked with a European move for quite some time with RB Leipzig links heating up since the tail end of the Bundesliga season. Marsch has been in charge of the Red Bulls since 2015 after previously managing the Montreal Impact. The Red Bulls won the Supporters’ Shield in Marsch’s first season as he earned Coach of the Year honors.

The Red Bulls currently sit second in the East with several games in hand heading into Sunday’s derby clash with New York City FC at Yankee Stadium.


  1. why on earth would anyone want this? under marsch, the ny red bulls have been AWESOME. if marsch goes, then who pray tell will fill his shoes in ny?? i don’t see how this is good for anyone.

  2. you just put Staebek on the same level as RB Leipzig….thats my point. they’re not. marsch could go be HC at anyteam in Scandanavia but a team fighting for UCL spot in Bundesliga is another level.

    • this is the standard argument in favor of not hiring americans in the big leagues. classic “no experience” tautology. haven’t coached there ergo can’t coach there. at its worst they will hire some mediocrity fresh off relegating a team before they will hire an American. that’s not quite what leipzig is doing, but my thing is, for marsch, what’s the point.

  3. His pursuit of UEFA credentials was basically handtipping that he wanted to eventually make a move there, but they already hired a head coach, and it’s kind of insulting for someone with his CV to be brought in as an “assistant” anything, whether TD or coach. He was an assistant for a national team already.

    • his “CV” isn’t really that impressive overall to be perfectly fair. he’s done well of late with RBNY, but all things considered, he’s not “Bundesliga/European tournament” good….

      • and its actually pretty commonplace in say college football to see HCs from smaller teams/leagues/conferences in FCS make the jump to FCS but in a coordinator/support role as opposed to a HC. in reality its probably the best route for marsch to go

      • All due respect but this is not football, he’s moving to the “sister school” and not some random U (to use your comparison), and even if it was football my experience is that unless you are going to a national champion type school (Clemson, LSU), they hire as a head and not an assistant. People like him usually only take assistant jobs as understudies to soon-retiring long term heads. Not the guy they just hired.

        He has several years of coaching experience as an assistant and then a head, and that includes a stint as an assistant for the USMNT. And this is their sister team. I should think the ownership knows exactly what he offers, and that further apprenticeship is overkill. He is not an unknown quantity to them. They aren’t like Marsch Who? He’s been groomed for this for years, took UEFA classes (with their encouragement and approval I assume), and there’s been RB talk for years. And when he does get an offer it’s either assistant GM or interim coach when a head’s hired already, or some such half-baked confection? Jump in a lake.

      • Of course, because that’s what Hammarby did to Berhalter when AEG owned both LAG and Hammarby, is make him go through a fake apprenticeship pretending soccer isn’t soccer both sides of the pond. Oh, wait, he went from LA assistant to Hammarby head. Ha.

        Bob Bradley didn’t have to serve an apprenticeship at Stabek or Le Havre.

        Wagner went from Dortmund II head to Huddersfield head.

      • Hammarby, Stabaek and LeHavre are not equal to RBL’s level or their expectations. Marsch’s CV is not as strong as Bradley’s who still had to begin in Norway. Wagner has lived his entire life in Europe and has played and managed in their systems. Huddersfield also not on the same level as RBL and was in the Championship when they hired Wagner. Let’s see what the position is before we are so critical of choice that hasn’t even been announced.

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