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Report: USMNT hasn’t contacted Osorio


Following the World Cup, Juan Carlos Osorio has reportedly received a number of job offers from around the world. The U.S. Men’s National Team job, however, is not among them. At least not yet.

According to Goal USA, a half dozen national teams have contacted Osorio in recent weeks. Two of those teams are reportedly from South America while two other offers have come from Asian teams.

One of those South American teams is reportedly Colombia, a job that is highly-coveted by the Colombian-born coach. Osorio has long been linked with both the Colombia job and one with the USMNT, and the report says Osorio is expected to be a candidate.

The report also states that the U.S. has yet to contact Osorio, although that is likely due to the fact that Earnie Stewart does not formally begin as General Manager until August 1. According to the report, no candidate has been formally contacted by U.S. Soccer regarding the coaching search.

Osorio reportedly rejected a contract extension from Mexico recently after guiding El Tri to an upset of Germany and a run to the knockout stages. As things stand, the Mexican federation has yet to confirm Osorio’s impending departure, and the Goal report states that Osorio would not accept even an improved offer from El Tri.


      • When provided with the necessary tools, Chris Coleman has met or exceeded expectations. He provided stability at Fulham during his tenure, and no explanation needed when it comes to Wales successful run in Euro 2016. I also meant to include Tata Martino as a candidate. He might actually be the most qualified.

  1. Some time ago I wrote that Earnie Stewart should have already limited his choices to two or three (article on him choosing a coach based on the style Stewart prefers). Then we learn that Sarachan had his contract extended till the end of the year. Now it appears we haven’t contacted any coaches in the World Cup, including Osorio. What this all tells me is that Stewart has picked his coach, the coach has agreed, at least verbally to accepting the job and they’ve agreed to terms. The fact that the new coach won’t take over until the beginning of next year indicates to me that the new USMNT coach is coming from MLS.

    • BTW, thought I would just throw this out there. Considering the job he has done with an expansion team, could Bob Bradley be in the mix? Really, he is now probably the best qualified American coach out there.

    • We are very much in the dark, as you say…. but I’d bet almost any amount of money that Bob Bradley is not in the mix. Another retread – after the Arena debacle – would be the absolute last thing a new regime would want to do.

      • At the time of Arena’s hiring I voiced concern because he had left the Galaxy in a downward arc. He was also GM there during that time, casting doubt on his personnel choices. By contrast, Bradley has done an outstanding job (with GM John Thorington) of stocking his expansion team and has them playing extremely well. He also has more international experience, by far, than any other US coach. I’m not pushing for Bradley, but I think he deserves consideration. Personally, I still favor Tata Martino.

    • who might this mls coach be? i think it wouldn’t be caleb porter, because i think he is available right now (no need to wait until january for him, i think).

  2. ultimately, i want a berhalter, a marsch, one of our next generation of american coaches (with their new tactics and methods) to take over as usmnt coach. but i’m so pleased with dave sarachan so far this year that actually i think we already have our coach, it’s sarachan. let sarachan continue to lead our usmnt, let our next gen coaches (berhalter, marsch) continue to grow and let osorio coach columbia or wherever he chooses to go.

    • big ol pile of mediocrities that never won league. can’t win MLS why am I trusting you to win the Hex. this is not a proving ground. I want a coach with winning already on their CV.

      • well, that’s dave sarachan. mls cup champs 1999 (dc united), supporter’s shield 2003 (chicago fire), us open cup champs 2003 (chicago fire). some people value supporter’s shield more than mls cup since it is the club with the best record, not the hot team at the end of the season.

        so who would you have, caleb porter (mls cup champs 2015, 41-25-36 overall)? he would be a solid choice, i’m sure. BUT I WANT THE REVOLUTION TO CONTINUE.

        as johnnyrazor recently wrote, today we have “Not only Pulisic, but McKennie, Weah, Adams, Sargent, Klinsmann, CCV, Miazga, Robinson and I’m sure there are a few others that I’m forgetting. And that’s only looking at the young Americans in Europe.” and basically, sarachan is playing all of these young guys. and i really like that and i want that to continue. would porter continue to let the kids play? or would he have a more “balanced” view, fielding older guys and a few kids? i respect others’ opinions, but for me, there is only one way for us to go here: YOUNG. out with the old, in with the new. and sarachan is doing that. (and yes he has an mls cup on his cv.) so let’s stay with youth, let’s stay with sarachan.

      • “this is not a proving ground. i want a coach with winning already on their cv.” – imperative voice

        yeah i hear ya BUT i think you have to value in to each coach’s performance how much money they had to work with to put their rosters together. i don’t have exact figures, but if you look at the value-for-the-dollar that columbus gets out of berhalter and who in the league is better? berhalter has basically taken a small market club with shallow/modest spending and made them into a highly respectable foe on the soccer field, even up against the biggest spenders in the league such as atlanta, lafc and nycfc. i think it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see that results would improve even more if he were at a club with more money to spend on (no offense meant) better players. i guess that the red bulls spending is higher than columbus’s but more modest than the biggest spenders (atlanta, lafc, nycfc) and look at what marsch did there, also quite impressive by nearly any standard (except mls cup, i guess).

        without meaning to sound disrespectful of your view, i think if we don’t take this factor into account, we’re not really fairly evaluating berhalter and marsch.

    • Love ya but brother this is unintelligible. Less is more! Organize your thoughts!
      Or maybe you’ve just had a dozen or so beers…. we’ve all been there.

  3. He’s been a great coach for MX, and I think he’d make a good coach for Colombia. I think he’s the wrong coach for the USMNT.

  4. Come on, the headline “USMNT has not contacted Osorio”, later in the article “no one has been formally contacted for the job.”

    • It’s kind of an inside baseball thing. First, there were some rumors out there of a pre-contract with Osorio where he had the right to test out Mexico and/or Colombia first. This suggests not. Second, there was a question out there of whether August 1 meant anything or if Stewart was secretly hammering out a US HC deal at the same time he finished things with Philly. This again suggests no. You’re right that the second kind of implies the first but I think the piece is item by item getting answers on inside baseball rumors out there. The upshot, literally nothing is doing on HC now, and we are not bound to Osorio. I am fine with the latter but not the former.

  5. I know people like him and Mexico played a fun style but I still have too recent of memories of him with Red Bull, not a fan. Never seemed to be able to make adjustments, the joke was he was always writing in his notebook but could never seem to come up with an answer.


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