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Hertha Berlin coach: Jonathan Klinsmann responded to criticism


Last season, Jonathan Klinsmann was the subject of criticism surrounding his work ethic. This season, he appears to have taken that criticism to heart.

Hertha Berlin goalkeeping coach Zsolt Petry says the young American goalkeeper has responded to criticism regarding his work ethic. Petry said last season that Klinsmann was “too American”.

“Jonathan has shown the right reaction,” Petry said, according to Bild. “He now saves balls he did not save before. He invests even more time in his body, spends more time in the weights room, puts in extra work. I am impressed.

“He reflected on  instead of victimizing himself, and that’s a good sign. He might have been mad at me because of my strong words, but it’s my job as a coach to clearly show him how he can get better.”

Klinsmann is expected to compete for a job as Hertha Berlin’s third goalkeeper behind Rune Jarstein and Thomas Kraft.


    • Before WWII Hitler thought Americans were soft and a pushover. How did that work out? Fact is, Americans work more hours at their jobs than Europeans do. Europeans have more vacations and more time off. Americans are among the hardest working populations in the world.

      • That’s a more nuanced answer than I thought. I guessed entitled, that he wasn’t working hard enough. Either way, that’s still frustrating that there is still some negative opinion on American players.

    • I went back and reread the initial comments,

      “His personality development has stalled a bit. You can see that in training. He does not talk too much to his teammates, has little contact, not a lot of charisma, confidence and determination.

      “One word: The body language is still missing. Without it you won’t get far in football. If he can do it he can become an option.”

      It read to me as he was talking more about he didn’t integrate into the team as quickly as they had hoped, he didn’t become one of the guys. Klinsmann at the time talked about how he didn’t really speak German when he arrived in Berlin. I don’t think it was an attack on American work ethic at all.

      • The comments were overblown at the time. They meant nothing then and I doubt they had much to do with his apparent improvement. If the “offending” coach can use it to get outta jail over it, so much the better….

  1. Rob it’s an American in Europe. Aren’t you going to tell us how small your dick is? Maybe after your mom gives you a sink bath… Or do you only have the hots for Pulisic?

    • Comments like this are ruining this blog. I used to come here to talk soccer with people who knew something. Its more and more just a flame fest for a bunch of teenagers over here. Keep it to the soccer man.

      • Joe Dirt is right. The internet is too full of trolling and negative nonsense. Make good points about soccer and you’ll always be valued.

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