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Projecting the USMNT roster for the September friendlies


The U.S. Men’s National Team face the first two of six major tests this fall on September 7 and 11 when they take on Brazil and Mexico, respectively.

The friendly against Brazil at MetLife Stadium officially kicks off a new World Cup cycle, but some remnants of the failure to qualify for Russia will still be around.

With no head coach in place under new general manager Earnie Stewart, Dave Sarachan is set to take charge of the squad on an interim basis yet again.

Young players should once again headline the 23-man roster for the September clashes, as chemistry starts to build on the international stage ahead of the 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup.

While the demand for youth is fan base’s the top priority, there will be a few veterans included on the roster to help ease the transition to the next generation of stars and provide some experience on the field against two competitive opponents.

It must be noted that Sarachan could call more than 23 players into the squad to get a look at them, but we opted for the traditional 23-man roster for our projection.

Below is our look at who should receive call-ups for the upcoming September friendlies.

Goalkeepers (3)

Brad Guzan, Zack Steffen, Alex Bono 

Once considered the deepest position on the depth chart, goalkeeper is suddenly a concern beneath Zack Steffen.

The Columbus Crew netminder, who is receiving interest from abroad, is the USMNT’s No. 1 goalkeeper at the moment, and he has a chance to further lock down the position this fall.

Brad Guzan comes along to help Steffen through camp and potentially start one of the two clashes, while Alex Bono serves as the third goalkeeper in camp.

The dynamic of the position could change in a few months if one of Bill Hamid, Ethan Horvath or Jesse Gonzalez reverse their form, but right now they’re all looking up at Steffen.

Missed Cut: Jesse Gonzalez, Bill Hamid, Ethan Horvath

Defenders (8)

DeAndre Yedlin, John Brooks, Matt Miazga, Antonee Robinson, Aaron Long, Erik Palmer-Brown, Eric Lichaj, Reggie Cannon

DeAndre Yedlin and John Brooks should be two of the first names written on the roster sheet by Sarachan and the new manager.

Now at the 50-appearance mark, Yedlin is the experienced leader of the young USMNT. A few up-and-coming stars of the squad have pointed to their relationship with Yedlin in recent months, which makes him a candidate to captain the side sooner rather than later.

Brooks will be the anchor of the USMNT defense, but now he needs to find a consistent partner.

With Geoff Cameron still hunting for a new club and Tim Ream on the shelf with an injury, the spotlight shifts to Matt Miazga, who is on loan at Nantes.

Erik Palmer-Brown is confirmed to join the camp, per NAC Breda, while New York Red Bulls head coach Chris Armas hinted at a potential call-up for Aaron Long, who is one of the best defenders in MLS this season.

Another loanee, Antonee Robinson, who is at Wigan Athletic, continues his line of call-ups, while Eric Lichaj provides experience at full back.

The one name to watch in this group is FC Dallas’ Reggie Cannon, who has arguably been the best player at right back in MLS.

Missed Cut: Cameron Carter-Vickers, Tim Ream, Jorge Villafana, Tim Parker

Midfielders (8)

Michael Bradley, Tyler Adams, Weston McKennie, Christian Pulisic, Timothy Weah, Romain Gall, Alejandro Bedoya, Jonathan Amon 

Michael Bradley and Alejandro Bedoya are the two veteran holdovers in this squad and they’re included for a handful of reasons.

Whether you like him or not, Bradley still has plenty to offer the USMNT, and he’ll be a vital asset to help bring along the young core of defensive midfielders.

Bedoya, who is in the middle of one of the best seasons in his career, provides the same element and would be a good closer for both matches in a holding position or on the wing.

Tyler Adams, Weston McKennie, Christian Pulisic and Timothy Weah are the headliners of the next generation, and there’s a good chance all four start together in at least one of the September games.

Romain Gall, now at Sweden’s top club Malmo, has been electric in the Allsvenskan, including a brace over the weekend for Malmo, while Jonathan Amon’s had a similar impact at Nordsjaelland in the Danish Superliga.

Gall and Amon are worth taking a look at in club, and if they impress enough, they could get late cameos in both matches.

Missed Cut: Wil Trapp, Julian Green, Keaton Parks, Lynden Gooch, Cristian Roldan

Forwards (4)

Jozy Altidore, Gyasi Zardes, Andrija Novakovich, Bobby Wood

The absence of Josh Sargent on this list allows him to work on breaking into Werder Bremen’s first team during the international break.

Jozy Altidore deserves a call-up to play against two tough defenses, where his hold-up play will benefit the speedy wingers the USMNT is expected to trot out on the field.

Gyasi Zardes is in the form of his career, and he has plenty of familiarity with Sarachan from their days at the LA Galaxy.

Novakovich continues to impress in front of goal in the Netherlands, and he’s a solid option to come off the bench or start in either match.

Missed Cut: Josh Sargent, Dom Dwyer, Rubio Rubin


  1. FWIW, I don;t think Sarachan will call in Bradley and maybe not Yedlin. Bradley has some guys who can fill his position (Adams, McKinnie for example) and he has looked rather tired in his last few appearances.

    Yedlin, well he is doing well right now, and I think it would not do his club situation to be away to put in a couple games and a couple trans-Alantic flights.

    Zardes probably willl get called in, the Galaxy are going nowhere with or without him.

    Altidore is a bit of a puzzle. There is really no clear replacement for him so he likely will be there.

    Brooks is another question, he would probably be better off staying with his club (and Parker is a reasonable replacement, but will Sarachan really take both center backs from the Red Bulls as well as their young star Adams?)

    • “I think claiming Bradley should not be called in is a bit hard to justify based on past performance”

      “Surely age is an adversary that no one ever beats, your hate on Bradley is not supported by anything soccer related”

      “Jozy is still the best forward the USA has. He is young enough that he will still be in the picture in 2022.”

      “Your repetitive droning on how awful Bradley is not only wrong, it is predictable in its own special mean-spirited way.”

      I think Bradley is exhausted. He is usually tireless and alert throughout the game…..but as the game wore on, he went from reading the game well, making good tackles and winning the ball in 1v1s to getting beaten and stripped of the ball “

      “I don;t think Sarachan will call in Bradley …….. Bradley has some guys who can fill his position (Adams, McKinnie for example) and he has looked rather tired in his last few appearances”

      DENNIS, DUDE, YOU ARE CONFUSING ME and contradicting yourself… Are you still kissing booty when it comes to Bradley / Altidore or are you you bashing them (by saying they are currently not good enough)? Do you think they are the best at their positions or starting to realize that their best days are BEHIND them. Do you want them IN or OUT?!!!! Make up your mind so I can properly plan my attack…….geez?

    • “Zardes probably willl get called in, the Galaxy are going nowhere with or without him.”….do you even watch soccer??? WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME ZARDES PLAYED FOR GALAXY??? LOL (Now it makes sense why your arguments seem to be based off past performances)

      “Altidore is a bit of a puzzle. There is really no clear replacement for him so he likely will be there”……You are showing uncertainty… either he’s our man or not. Maybe if you would have watched TFC vs LAFC game you would have had something better to say or talk about

      Before you tell someone to shut up make sure you have learned and understood at least the CURRENT basic facts about players and watch them play regularly (or keep you mouth close and outdated facts to yourself ? )

  2. For those who watch the World Cup most of you, speed with the ball and off the ball is what wins games. Bradley does not have the wheels anymore, Altidore may be ok just don’t give him the start he’s got to earn it. Without CP bring in green, and how the hell does Zardes get a call? As well CCV definitely should be in the defense. Is well Gooch is in form can’t imagine why you’d leave him off squad .

  3. “With no head coach in place under new general manager Earnie Stewart, Dave Sarachan is set to take charge of the squad on an interim basis yet again.”

    in an interview, when asked about this point, dave sarachan said that he is the head coach, not an interim. and i quite agree. dave has been the head coach of the usmnt during all of this time since arena stepped down. and he’s doing a helluva good job, isn’t he?

    i agree with louis_z and those who say let the kids play, they can handle it, let them find their feet, they can do it.

    i agree with lost in space who wrote: “IMO, the January Camp and the March FIFA window is when we can think about bringing back guys like Bradley, Jozy, Guzan, etc…. to be integrated with the youth. But it needs to be made clear that they are now the back-ups, not starters. They’re there to help close out games and provide cover….they are not there to be role models/leaders.” and with those who also think like this.

    i “get” what guys like gomer pyle and ronniet are saying that we need vets on the team.

    ronniet said “I totally agree that the Vets who are still in a good age range(30-32)at the next WC should absolutely be brought in. This idea that everyone associated with the failure to qualify should never be called in again is just childish and illogical, and any good manager would ignore such garbage”

    i like i_scored_three_goals_in_one_game’s suggestion to bring in young vets.

    my two cents: i am a ussoccer fan. (we all are here, right? that’s why we come here and discuss, yes?) i want what’s best for our team (like we all do, yes?). for me, the way is clear. out with the old and in with the new. it’s time for a fresh start. let’s keep dave sarachan and let him continue to let the kids play. let’s not call in any of the usual veterans from the last cycle. let’s be brave and wipe the slate clean and start over.

    i really “get” what ronniet and others like him are saying. national teams all over the world don’t just play teenagers, they play a mix of youth and veterans. but in our case i think a clean slate is what is needed. let me explain why? because we will now create something new. (we have the opportunity now to create something new.)

    why i like the kids:
    – they don’t have big egos.
    – they work well together.
    – no drama on/off the field.

    why i don’t like michael bradley on the team:
    – he seems to have too much influence. he seems to always try to stand in the center of the field and organize the team around himself. (and his dad has connections in us soccer, who is going to tell bob’s son ‘no’ and maybe jeopardize their pro careers?) you don’t get the feeling that his team mates like or want this structure from son michael. you get the feeling that they merely tolerate and/or go along with it for political reasons (everyone from the club owners who paid for mb down to the coach is probably telling all the other players to listen to mb and do what he says. and partly because his dad is so influencial, i would guess.)
    – i don’t like the way he plays soccer. stand in the center of the field. make the 10 yard safety pass. it’s boring to watch even if his percent completion rate is high. where is the passion? where is the disguise, the trickery? where is the burst of speed move? i am entitled to my opinion and i simply don’t like the way he plays.

    why i don’t like jozy on the team:
    – because he sets a bad example by being over weight sometimes. and not working hard to track back and win balls. and his finishing is terrible at times.

    perhaps it isn’t popular to say, but:
    – i’m glad that clint dempsey and tim howard retired. we all loved these guys as players. obviously, they were the cornerstones of our past cycle. but that’s all in the past now. i’m glad they retired. now we just need mb and jozy to retire and we can let the kids take over.

    as i said before, we have an opportunity to create something new with these kids. and the only way this can happen is we need to wipe the slate clean. if mb (no offense) or jozy (no offense) or if any of the “old guard” are in the group then that will be impossible. we’ll just get more of the same. there is an old saying, “if you want a glass of hot water, you have to start with an empty cup.” let’s do that.

    • dear dave sarachan, if you are listening, please don’t call michael bradley and jozy altidore into camp for the fall friendlies. have faith in the kids. they’re tough. they can do it. let them find their feet as someone here said.

    • I agree with the Bradley analysis which is why i ommited him from being called in again Lololol…..jozy however is for me still our best ST and is still young enough to be a focal point in the next WC

    • ronniet, i just saw your comment lol. well, i quite agree with you about jozy. and now that the kids have had two more chances to play together (brazil and mexico) – of course, we still want to see josh sargent and christian pulisic on the field first – but after that then, yes, i think it starts to make sense to talk about how we can work jozy back into the line up. for me what was key was that we wiped the slate clean for a moment to give the kids a chance to gel together as a new group. i think that is being accomplished.

    • the reason i came back here was to post this follow up.

      Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Michael Bradley: “He should follow my rules”
      a verbal exchange between zlatan ibrahimovic and michael bradley during the toronto 5-3 la galaxy game on september 16. “He thinks he is the philosopher of football,” Ibrahimovic said of Bradley in the LA Galaxy locker room. “I have more goals than he has games. He should follow my rules.”

      i love this guy zlatan. i am not a mb hater. but apparently zlatan also agrees with my mb analysis lol regarding the rules thing.

  4. “With no head coach in place under new general manager Earnie Stewart, Dave Sarachan is set to take charge of the squad on an interim basis yet again.”

    in an interview, dave sarachan said that he is the coach. not an interim. and i quite agree. dave is indeed the coach and has been since arena stepped down.

    I like these comments:

  5. The other teams rosters have been out for weeks. So annoying how ussoccer feels the need to wait until the very last moment. The games are only a week away. Announce the dang roster already.

  6. Everyone’s like it’s Mexico we have to play to win. Well, I think our last 3 games with Mexico, counting the qualifiers and the regional playoff, were LLT. So if falling back is not really an actual winning theory, why are we pretending it is in the abstract, ie, “playing Bradley gives us the best chance to win.”

    Granted, maybe there is some buried argument that Bradley tried to carry the team to that tie in Azteca and had a huge goal. The argument then would be that individually Bradley belongs. But you’d have to judge that relative to the others available, like any other selection.

    And to me it’s like, I think we need to know who in this coming generation can play, and specifically who can handle Mexico. He only gets in the way of that process. I think we should only be taking the short cut back to players like Bradley, Guzan, and such, if we have spent maybe a year trying out all these new players and decide objectively that his presence is necessary, that at this place in his career he is still better than any of the younger options.

    I also think that we relied on the older players for transition historically because (a) they kept qualifying and (b) the pool was mostly MLS from an earlier stage, and could use the short course in professionalism and international play. Now the old team missed out and some of the kids are at elite teams, and while a limited amount of leadership and education might be useful, a bunch of PSG/ Dortmund/ Schalke kids might be like why do I need this lecture. I think it would be better used for a fresh callup of new experiments. People who have been on call sheets since November and gotten some results, in between games in big European leagues, might be like I don’t need my hand held, or maybe I’ll call you about how to handle Costa Rica when we have to play them.

    • 1. I really don’t care if Bradley is called in
      2. I think you are only focussing on leadership between the lines, there is a lot more to it than that. Veterans can help with how to recover from the travel back and forth across the pond, how to deal with free time (think Charlie Davies), and remember none of these young players are leaders on their club teams they may need advice on how to work with different personalities. Guys coming from Euro systems may also have different points of view than guys that have always been MLS based on how things should be done.
      3. The formation may have as much to do with it as anything. If its a 4-2-3-1 I’d take Bedoya, if its a 4-1-4-1 I’d take Bradley. If it is a straight 4-4-2 I don’t like either.
      4. I would imagine the US will try to set deep against Brazil and counter as they did with France. With the talent, we have its likely our best hope against a top 5 team at least for the next four years even if all of our Euro players continue to improve.
      5. I just hope we are able to play more forward against Mexico, we played them evenly and controlled most of the second half in Columbus, but really played negatively in Azteca by Arena’s design. Too bad he didn’t use that strategy in Trinidad.

    • For those who are obsessed with beating Mexico, time for a reality check. The most important thing is qualifying for the WC, duh. You can do that by finishing 3rd. We don’t need to beat Mexico and finishing behind them is okay as long as we qualify. We have beaten Mexico in Mexico; we have never beaten CR in CR. Let’s concentrate on beating the teams, like CR, that we should beat. Beating Mexico is always a plus and enjoyable, but it’s not that important. Losing to CR at home was just as harmful during the last cycle as losing to Mexico and we did worse against CR than against Mexico. We should beat up on teams like Honduras, Panama, and even CR. Losing to a team like T&T is a sin. Failure to do better in that area is what cost us. Those sides played better as teams and they played harder when it counted. That’s what needs to be addressed, not individual talent.

      • I am not overly concerned about beating Mexico I just want to compete with them. We aren’t going to be able to play with Brazil, perhaps we can bunker and absorb like we did in France but if Brazil is interested we are going to lose by at least two goals no matter who is called To me the Mexico match is the important one because we should have a chance to win if we pick the right squad and play well.
        As for Costa Rica, Navas is the difference right now, their field players are not overwhelming, but he is arguably the best keeper the region has ever produced. When he’s played we haven’t won since 2013 and we’ve only scored once in those four matches, a Dempsey penalty.

  7. I’m not sure how much the leadershipo argument does or doesn’t make sense… hard to say from a fan’s perspective who adds value and who doesn’t.
    What I am most concerned about it making sure we have a team that is ready to play and win in competitive games when they begin, which I believe is next year (though the qualifying process has not yet been formally set) .
    Many forget that our challenges in WC qualifying are not limited to the hex. Not at all. In recent cycles we have faced “must win” games far earlier in the cycle than most would care to remember. Much as I like the young blood and hope we see as much of it as possible in 2022, that won’t happen if we aren’t there. And I’m not sure I trust that side that got pretty thoroughly beat up by Ireland’s B-minus team last summer to hold its nerve on a rainy night in Guatemala just yet. Particularly not if they are trying to integrate old/new on the fly. I think it’s good to start making decisions about what vets we intend to rely on during the cycle, and start seeing how it works now, rather than once we are in a “must win” situation, which could happen sooner than we like.

    • Did the team that played France look like it needed leadership? Or did it look liberated with new talent playing hard? Also, they will gather for maybe 1 week, 2 games, few practices. I understand leadership for a long camp, and one leader would suffice. But this is play for your clubs, two friendlies, back with your teams 10 days later.

      I also think that some of the tradition of veteran leadership was based around repeated success.

      Qualifying is all that really matters. The rest of these games, while interesting or sometimes a regional tournament, do not count in the same way. Last cycle displays a lot of the pitfalls of approaching too many games as “played (and selected) to win,” and worse, we often then didn’t win. I would instead keep experimenting with younger players, see who can handle the level of opponent, and bring back in older players only when we see areas the kids can’t fill, or that given several chances a veteran is better at.

    • I thought that was Ireland’s most A players. We weren’t thoroughly beaten, in fact, we were ahead until we started to make changes at the end and finally lost it in extra time. You are forgetting we played with young ones that right off the bat can play at an A-level against a middle of the road teams. I expect them to gel and get better. I don’t have any worries that they won’t qualify.

  8. After watching the Toronto-Portland game, I think Bradley is exhausted. He is usually tireless and alert throughout the game. True he played out of position at CB to start the game, but as the game wore on, he went from reading the game well, making good tackles and winning the ball in 1v1s to getting beaten and stripped of the ball (mostly due to inattention, not a great play by the opponent, just opportunistic).
    He just looked tired. The announcers even said early in the game that Bradley always made himself available for every game and wondered if fatigue would be an issue. FWIW Toronto has had a very high injury rate this year, likely due to the short off-season between MLS Cup final and CCL play while most teams had over a month more on either end of the break before serious games.
    He should stay home and recover. I don’t think it is in his makeup to not try; but he needs to get smarter about how hard he pushes his body.

    • “After watching the Toronto-Portland game, I think Bradley is exhausted” …hahahahaha??? that’s an excellent way to say he currently SUCKS ON A MASSIVE LEVEL. Smooth Dennis

      • We all know you have a hard-on for trashing Bradley. You seem to need it to get off. The guy has more decency and talent than you ever have exhibited heret.

        You repetitive droning on on how awful Bradley is is not only wrong, it is predictable in its own special mean-spirited way.

        Please make a banner when you finally decide to show some class so we can stop skipping over your rants.

      • Dennis
        just because you are on your knees for Bradley and Altidore doesn’t mean other people should also. How about you come to the realization that they are not doing that well, and they will never get better….. for that reason, and because they suck, the USMNT didn’t make the world Cup (and because you are usually clueless…no I’m not just blaming them?).

        “The guy has more decency and talent than you ever have exhibited here…..”, then definitely you too bud ?

      • Whatever will you do when Bradley retires (other than make one or two last posts regarding how he was never any good)? You will have to either find another whipping boy or shut up. I would prefer the latter.

      • Dennis
        I promise I will shut-up when you get up off your knees when it comes to Bradley and Altidore…….till then you can keep your mouth open. Your call

    • Good point! I don’t think Bradley ever recovered from the sprained ankle suffered in the warm up prior to the Costa Rica match.

  9. Bono sat the bench behind Irwin for Toronto Wednesday night. Some of it might be because of the long trip, but in a match, TFC was clearly trying to steal a point you’d think he’d start if he was on good form.

      • Keepers though? I understand field players, but if you are trying just to get a 0-0 draw which is what TFC looked to be doing wouldn’t you go with your top keeper?

  10. I expect Bradley & Jozy to get called in for these games, even though I wish it weren’t the case. And while Bedoya may be having a great year at the club level, I just don’t see him getting called up for anything other than the January camp.
    As others have said we have veteran leaders (Yedlin, Brooks, & Wood) who can help provide guidance. So I’d rather see Acosta/Trapp & Hyndman/Green get the nod over Bradley & Bedoya.
    At forward I’m fine with Jozy or Zardes getting called in, but not both. I’d rather take 1 less striker to bring in another midfielder (Parks or Gooch). We need to find a creative CM and depth at Outside Midfield.
    I’m not sold on Gall or Amon being ready yet. If they keep up their performances I could see them attending the European camp (October); but for these 2 games I actually expect to see another MLSer (Arriola) or someone like Green who’s already been around some of the more recent camps.
    Personally I don’t want to see Guzan called in, I’d prefer to see Horvath/Hamid/Gonzalez get some experience in the camp.

    IMO, the January Camp and the March FIFA window is when we can think about bringing back guys like Bradley, Jozy, Guzan, etc…. to be integrated with the youth. But it needs to be made clear that they are now the back-ups, not starters. They’re there to help close out games and provide cover….they are not there to be role models/leaders.

    • Leadership happens off the field too. It will be revealing to see which veterans are called. There was definitely a rift in the locker room among last cycle’s team. Sarachan was there and has been great about calling in the young guys over the last year so we’ll find out who he thinks is fit to mentor the new team.

      Wil Trapp has been the captain of the team over the last year so I would be surprised if he doesn’t get the call and play quite a bit. I think that Bradley will be called but asked to be a role player, it will be interesting to see how he handles it. As others said, Altidore cannot be replaced because the USMNT is so thin at the forward position. I always have been a Bedoya fan, so if he’s playing well then he is a good depth option.

      Can the veterans above get out of the way and let the new generation take over? Are they professional enough to help rather than hinder? If not, maybe it’s better to leave them home, let the kids get thrown into the fire and find their feet.

    • Wood and Bradley might be able to teach something, but Yedlin barely grasps defense and Brooks is horribly inconsistent. I am not sure what help they could give. Ditto Bedoya or Lichaj.

      I’d also prefer that veteran leadership come from players who ideally are sticking around. So more Wood than Bradley. And I don’t think you need many leaders and the more you deliberately call the more you are impeding the rebuild, ie, the bringing in of players you claim to be leading.

      Also, while I think we perhaps as a chemistry “thing” need leaders, I think the team in general is becoming ever more professionalized, where more and more players will simply be self contained. PSG or Dortmund is likely ingraining anything we need.

  11. Mids. Ordinarily you’d say you need a father figure but it’s not like it’s a long camp, and the teams this summer looked fine on their own. So don’t waste spots on Bradley and Bedoya.
    Would generally be good picks but would prefer to see if Trapp and Green can handle it to more of the same old players.

  12. Defenders. Since when did Brooks earn the right to be the foundation. Or the guy who got burnt by Ireland to be his wingman. I’d like to see some new Cbs. I’d go with the same wingbacks as last time and I don’t see what Lichaj can really teach players better than him.

    I’d rather see fresh faces mixed with summer players than the restoration of the last cycle defensive nucleus.

    • Brooks hasn’t done enough to be any “foundation” for the team. He is arguably our most talented player outside of Pulisic, but has been wildly inconsistent throughout his career. I’m remembering Copa2016 where he was an absolute monster at the back for us and several qualifiers where he seemed to take his foot off the gas (costa rica being the prime example). Injuries have been a consistent interrupter for him as well.
      That said, I am perfectly fine with him and Miazga as the ‘first among equals’ for the group of CBs competing for spots. Both still have plenty to prove and are very far from being the foundation that was referenced.

      • As a defender, inconsistency and blowing games all by yourself is indefensible. I think you are conflating “upside” with average performance or goals allowed, which is more what a defender’s coach wants to know. Can I put you out there and you will shut them down. Can I rely on you to not cost me games. If the answers there aren’t what we need then you keep looking.

        Miazga lost Ireland and Brooks wasn’t even on that call sheet. And I think when we get to a new coach who is not wedded to the past, they will not be preferred at all to the pool.

      • I’m not confusing upside with anything. It’s a simple fact that Brooks is a talented but inconsistent defender. He’s at the point where the inconsistency that inevitably comes from being a young defender is no longer an excuse. All I’m saying is I get why Brooks is in the group of 4-6 guys we’re looking at at cb and that doesn’t bother me.
        I think you’re being harsh on Miazga. He got beaten very badly there but one bad moment in a friendly does not define a player. If these guys are the starters for a few friendlies that’s fine with me. If they stumble then we can mix and match as we go. I don’t see any other young CB really banging on the door for pt. We have some other decent options with potential but no standouts at this point. Any of them can play for all I care

  13. Keeper. Why Guzan? That almost ensures he plays a game. We need to be finding new options that look more like the part. I grant he is “experienced” but at a certain point of inconsistent experience, so what. He’s also 33 where he might or might not be useful in 4 years.

    I think this one would be the scheduling tail wagging the selection dog. Ie, “playing to win,” even if the experienced players actually made you lose.

    Maybe we could see how a player like Hamid or Horvath played, if we have to err for capped. OK, you’ve had some brain farts, show me you’ve learned. Or they screw up again and we can move on knowing precisely what we are dealing with.

    But I would be fine with someone new as well. The idea should really be to be getting out of the same old selection loops. To me the incumbency prerogative is an extension of qualifying every time. If we don’t make it, it should be an open call erring on the side of people who didn’t ride the Titanic down last time.

    • I think we do need to be careful of throwing all the veterans to the scrap heap. We should continue to give preference for the young guys, but I think mixing in a 2-3 of the older guys who will be a positive influence in the team are a good thing. Sarachan should have a good idea of a couple guys who will be a positive influence on/off the field.
      Guzan in particular strikes me as one who would fit that mold especially if we are going to have a young back line vs very strong opposition.

      • What can Steffen learn from Guzan? Guzan is horribly inconsistent. More importantly, you only get 3 keepers each time, he consumes a spot he will not be filling under a new coach, and with Guzan ageing and inconsistent, and Hamid and Horvath struggling, we need to work through the pool.

        I think people have lost sense of how bad the team got last cycle.

  14. Forwards. Re Novakovich, shouldn’t you have to do something for the team the last few games to earn the next one? It’s a nice story, but what’s he done?

    Put differently, if you’re going to call in kids, why not the ones who scored last time, eg, Sargent.

    Similar lines but a more veteran player, Zardes. Wondo kind of thing. If you have a NT track record I don’t care if you are in a league uptick. Call someone in we don’t know how the movie ends.

    • If all things were equal you might have a point. You have to take into account Nova had just come off a 38 match season going the full 90 in 33 of them for about 3200 minutes. Weah played in 15 matches for about 1000 minutes (I couldn’t find his U19 minutes so some there before Winter Break when he went to PSG II). Sargent wasn’t playing any matches except friendlies. Nova may just not have had any legs in June after basically carrying Telstar to a promotional playoff run. If you only looked at Pulisic based on the Bolivia match you probably wouldn’t invite him either. The staff was with Nova, Weah, and Sargent for three weeks if they choose him over either of the other two its probably for good reason.

      • Sargent also would have been raw for lack of use. Sargent had a high quality finish. Novakovich looked very meh. And the point to me is we need to get away from this “potential” obsession and shift to demanding production. The team the last cycle was supposed to be good. it proved very bleh. I am more concerned with what they actually do than what we think they might be. When he gets called, he has to produce. Is he not going to be tired or weary some callups when it counts? He still needs to produce here.

    • The idea with Sarg looks to be leaving him with the club so he can earn first team minutes. That will benefit him and us much more long term.
      As for Nova, i was not terribly impressed in his couple brief appearances, but have no issue bringing him in again. I really don’t see who our young attacking options are going to be. I’d be fine leaving Nova/Zardes at home, but can you suggest any young guys who have actually been producing and deserve a call up? I can’t. We continue to have this major hole in our player pool. Other than Pulisic we have no one who is going to score/create goalscoring opps with any regularity.

      • I think we need to get away from the pecking order mentality, where players seen as better get infinite chances even if they don’t play like it, and shift to evaluating on production. If a promising player doesn’t produce, keep working down the call list and find one who does.

        I think we know what Zardes offers, which is marginal value for the team. And Novakovich I haven’t seen a thing yet. I would try Novakovich again at a longer camp and see if he improves.

  15. I think CCV had a sore hamstring anyway but the loan move so late prolly didn’t help his chance for this camp

  16. I’ve seen Acosta about 3 times since his move to Colorado and he seems reborn. He deserves a call up. Also in the midfield, I’d add Green and Hyndman and take out Bedoya, Bradley, and Amon. I’d bring in Yarbrough from Mexico at GK instead of Bono and substitute CCV for Long or Cannon. I’d also give strong consideration to Parker over Lichaj. Finally, regarding Zardes, he has 15 goals so far this season, more than any other American in MLS. He has speed and a lot of caps. I don’t see how you can not bring him in. He’s still young enough to play in the next WC.

      • I missed that. What I do know is that last year he played at least 90% of the minutes at Leon and seemed to have a good year. A team usually doesn’t give up 4 goals unless the defenders in front of goal really screw up. A goalie may let in one or two bad goals in a game, but almost never does an experienced goalie give up more than that. In fact, even two bad goals by a GK is very rare.
        In short, I doubt that giving up 4 goals in that game was Yarbrough’s fault, especially given his previous track record.

      • LigaMx squads usually play pretty reserve squads in the group stage round so I am sure the goals weren’t all his fault, but he had already lost his starting spot at that point. Leon went out and got the keeper from Chivas who played the CCL Championship match, so if you’ve been the starter for five years and they go out and get someone else, it is probably not a sign that the club has confidence in you anymore. I didn’t see more than a few minutes of their matches last Spring but they were last in the league in GA so some of that has to fall on the keeper.

  17. “………the bet here is that Sarachan wants some veterans in the middle who could possibly help guide the young core against Brazil and Mexico” HAHAHAHAHA….WHY????? Please we do not need our veterans as in Bradley, Bedoya or Altidore have anything to do with developing the minds and mentality of our young core of players to go against the likes of Brazil,Mexico and columbia…..absolutely nothing.
    we didn’t NEED them in the:
    Game against Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Game against Paraguay
    Game against Ireland
    Game against France

    Please…..please…..please Dave Sarachan, we have already taken the trash out. No Bradley, No Bedoya, No Beasley, No Zusi, No Altidore and Zyardes (it’s one or the other!!!!!),

    Lets just improve on the team that played and squeezed out a tie with world champions France??

    • Bradley has scored 4 goals against Mexico in games that mattered. That is more than either Donovan or Dempsey; I think claiming Bradley should not be called in is a bit hard to justify based on past performance (and he is younger than Donovan and Dempsey who are both now retired). Surely age is an adversary that no one ever beats, your hate on Bradley is not supported by anything soccer related.

      • Donovan scored 2 goals against Mexico in the gold cup, 1 goal in World Cup qualifying, and 1 in the World Cup. So, he also scored 4 goals against Mexico in games that mattered.

      • Are we trying to win now or are we trying to find the next generation of players who can score on Brazil or Mexico?

      • I think Bradley scored 3 goals in almost 9 years prior to last year’s golazo. I wouldn’t call a Mexican killer. Now, Donovan always had Mexico’s number but is now in the past. I say give the young ones their chances, so far I like what I see from the.

      • LouisZ: the problems with playing the game that way are (a) maybe we need to see the new talent try more than play to win, (b) when Bradley retires we need to know who from this generation — not his in their rocking chair — can score on these teams, and (c) while Bradley would score the past few Mexico games weren’t “wins,” so it’s not really playing to win.

      • “Bradley has scored 4 goals against Mexico in games that mattered….. based on past performance”…. REALLY??? Past performance??? I guess let call Dempsey out of retirement BASED ON PAST PERFORMANCE….and while you are at it lets throw in Freddy Adu, hahaha????

    • bizzy – The notion that you are putting weight in the result against France pre-World Cup says all we need to know about your standards for evaluating players. That game meant absolutely nothing, and the French were playing like it. I agree that the young generation is largely ready to take the mantle, but cmon with that.

      • I mean, just a few weeks ago, you were talking about how Alfredo Morales and Danny Williams should be big parts of the squad.

      • “just a few weeks ago, you were talking about how Alfredo Morales and Danny Williams should be big parts of the squad”…..Don Lamb did you just wake up from slumber ? If we are going to field veterans I’d rather have have a player not doing too well in BUNDESLIGA / EPL that has a strong work ethic and understands what it takes to fight for every inch of play time, than a “has-been” sucking / struggling in MLS. Next time try to understand the concept thoroughly. GREEN SEEMS TO SCORE IN GAMES WHEN NO ONE ELSE CAN and France was playing to win that game (IN PREPARATION FOR THE WORLD CUP, which they won….with ALL their starters) and were a better team than lets hmmm? say, Trinidad and Tobago……which says all we need to know about YOUR standards for evaluating players or teams?.

      • Also, the first game of the world cup was 14TH JUNE. The USMNT played a well organized French team ON JUNE 9TH……5 days before the start of the WORLD CUP!!!

        1-Hugo Lloris (capt.); 22-Benjamin Mendy (21-Lucas Hernández, 66), 19-Djibril Sidibé (2-Benjamin Pavard, 74), 5-Samuel Umtiti, 4-Raphaël Varane; 13-N’Golo Kante, 14-Blaise Matuidi (12-Corentin Tolisso,58), 6-Paul Pogba; 9-Olivier Giroud (11-Ousmane Dembélé, 58), 7-Antoine Griezmann (18-Nabil Fekir, 69), 10-Kylian Mbappé (8-Thomas Lemar, 87)

        And you talk about STANDARDS for evaluating players?? Or say the game meant absolutely nothing in a game that was one of their LAST GAMES to showcase themselves before the biggest tournament in soccer?? Hahahahaha, yeah enough said”???

  18. Why bring old vets when they have young vets that have been to a WC Brooks and Yedlin and young players who have been through a WCQ cycle also like CP and Wood. That should be enough vets around to help the newer players.

  19. Jozy is still the best forward the USA has. He is young enough that he will still be in the picture in 2022. Still, I wish he weren’t so injury prone (which may make that 2022 presence questionable.) Can younger guys step up and take his role, I hope so, but it has not happened yet.
    Bradley is a bit older than Jozy and he was never that guy with quick feet who could dribble in tight spaces. But he does read the game well, works tirelessly to help teammates and is capable of pulling of some incredible plays. The younger guys are quicker, but so far, I think they still have a tendency to disappear for stretches, something that can hurt the defense or leave teammates stranded. I hope they will mature into players with more consistency. Bradley, I think, is pretty resilient and relatively injury free, of course, age is an undefeated foe.
    Guzan, well he is not as athletic as some of the younger guys and he makes some mental errors, so I think is time with the nats is very limited.
    Bedoya, I have never been a big fan of. He is solid and seems to have gained his footing with the Union, but I do not think he is the kind of leader either actual of by example that is needed.
    Cameron is not getting time at Stoke and he is past his due date.
    Ream is a player I like, but his speed has always been a question and he still makes an ocassional error, likely too old to be useful in 2022.
    Yedlin is still fast and his defending has improved. Going forward, being fast is not enough, though, he must make crosses or combinations that are more dangerous.

    • I totally agree that the Vets who are still in a good age range(30-32)at the next WC should absolutely be brought in. This idea that everyone associated with the failure to qualify should never be called in again is just childish and illogical, and any good manager would ignore such garbage. Listen, did some of the vets screw the pooch in qualifying, absolutely, but you don’t hold a grudge against players who are still some of the best(Altidore, Nagbe, Guzan, Wood, Ream, Zardes)in the pool by not calling them in. I don’t know of any other NT that is playing strictly teenagers and early twenty somethings, regardless of if they qualified for the last WC or not. Sarachan has done a wonderful job of bringing in a bunch of young, untested players and given them international experience, but you don’t build a team like that and at some point you need veterans in as well to help transition the team. The NT is not a place for developing players, that’s the clubs job, and players who aren’t playing regularly need not be called in. Good managers don’t read the papers, nor do they crumble to fan pressure and whining, but what they do do is create an environment that harnesses a players development from their club while also trying to put together a cohesive unit. That is done with the mix of youth and veterans.

      • Agreed, it is a NT manager’s job to win games, not develop players. The international game is generally faster than most club play so it does take some international experience to adapt (or not) to the increased speed of play.

        The last thing any manager wants is to put a team of players out there whose reaction to the increased speed of play he does not know. Sure one or two players can be tested, but not a whole squad. That will always make for what fans think is an overly cautious approach, but most managers have been burned (usually much earlier in their careers) by using players not quite ready for the level of competition. The managers will avoid the temptation to just throw the latest new-comers without having some experience with the majority of the players on the squad. How cautious, too much caution risks a team that is getting too old and stagnate, too little caution is just a crap shoot.

  20. These are friendlies no need to bring any player who is likely to not be apart of the next WC cycle. Bradley, Altidore, Bedoya if called will all be taking valuable minutes away from a younger player who need the minutes more.

    As far a ‘veteran leadership’ goes I really don’t want the younger generation learning from the Bradley/Altidore/Howard generation on things like leadership. These older players caused a rift in the locker room not just between themselves and the previous manager but also with their own fellow players and countrymen who happen to be born outside of our borders due to their fathers serving our country in the Armed Forces in Germany. I don’t need to rehash all the comments made by this group we all know.

    They should not be rewarded with further caps for their actions and previous ‘leadership’.

    • Agreed. F*ck Bradley and his “leadership”. We don’t want it. He’s a proven loser who failed at leading when it mattered most. Bedoya- I like but he will not be in the next WC and he is just not good enough to justify taking away playing time from a younger guy. Jozy- I am afraid we are stuck with him. He does produce and is still only 28 years old, but most importantly, there arent others poised to replace him (outside of Wood who has also struggled).

  21. a list without Fabian Johnson? not even mentioned in missed the cut. was that an oversight???

    I have no issues with Jozy or Bradley and I think it’s silly to complain and act surprised.

    • Good point. Fabjo is a skill player who also happens to be extremely athletic. If he can stay relatively healthy, reasonable that at 34, he could play a role at the next world cup. Outside Pulisic and Mckennie, does the US have another midfielder in the pool that has a higher current market value? I don’t think so. That should tell you something.

    • Didn’t FJ say he was not going to play with the USMNT after Russia? It wasn’t official and we didn’t make it to the WC obviously but that’s probably why he wasn’t discussed.

  22. Hope you’re dead wrong on Bradley and Jozy and Bedoya. We need to move forward, not give more minutes to those that could never do it before. Have you see Bradley play lately? OMG

  23. I like veteran leadership in camps, so bringing them to the 23 is fine with me. Playing time is a different story, you have to prove that you deserve that.

    Bedoya > Bradley for camp. His highs aren’t as good, but he is a professional. He does all of the dirty work and brings the blue collar attitude that some of our young players need to see.

  24. Just say no to Guzan. His best days are way behind him and his distribution is horrific, always immediately giving the. All back to the opposition.

  25. Jozy Altidore or Gyasi Zardes DROP FOR:
    JULIAN GREEN (clutch scorer)


    Michael Bradley (not even playing well for TFC) DROPS FOR:
    WIL TRAPP (current Captain)

    Alejandro Bedoya DROPS FOR:

    Any two of these three will work:
    John Brooks, Matt Miazga or Cameron Carter-Vickers (even tho he has a new club)

    Please USMNT and Dave Sarachan…….NO MICHAEL BRADLEY, Clint Dempsey, Alejandro Bedoya, Graham Zusi (he’s playing very well tho!!!!), Matt Besler, Omar Gonzalez, Damarcus Bealsey, Tim Howard…….THAT WAVE IS OVER. “OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW”.

    • I actually agree that there is no need for Jozy based on form coming off surgery but to say Green is a clutch scorer based on 6 total goals at level above U23s is kind of a reach. I like him, I have no problem with his inclusion but let’s be honest about his performances.

      • He has scored against teams absolutely nobody else in our player pool can SEEM to score against. Who on the roster, as far as forwards, can score boast to have scored against WORLD CLASS OPPOSITION??????
        USMNT VS Belgium. (in a world Cup game)
        who were the players that scored that game?
        Kevin De Bruyne
        Romelu Lukaku
        Julian Green?

        USMNT vs France (that won the world Cup)
        Who were the players that scored that game?
        Kylian Mbappé
        Julian Green?

        Please name 2 Top 10 teams in the world Altidore, Zardes, Novakovich, Wood, Sargent, Dwyer, Rubin or Ramirez has scored against?? Better yet name a game where they were THE ONLY USMNT PLAYER TO SCORE IN THE MATCH (against a Top ten team……..hmmmmmmm?

        you are right let’s be honest about his performances

      • Jozy: Mexico, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Chile, Chelsea, Ajax, PSV, Tigre, Club America
        Wood: Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Schalke, Leverkuessen, Mochengladbach
        Green also didn’t score against such powerhouses as Paderbon, Duisburg, Dresden, and Holstein. Green needs to be more consistent to be considered a lock for call ups. You like to judge ability by league look at Sargent and Wood each got contracts with Bundesliga clubs in the last 12 months, after Greens “clutch” goals in 2Bundes. and against France, no rumors of offers for Green, even Jozy had rumors of top flight interest but nothing for Green.

      • Johnnyrazor… Johnnyrazor ….Johnnyrazor …You are so Easy to lure out (I miss this)
        1. Clutch goals
        SPAIN = Altidore scored and Dempsey scored (not exactly a lone goal savior….like both of Greens goals vs Belgium and France – HENCE THE COMMENT THAT GREEN CAN SCORE WHEN NO ONE ELSE CAN)
        GERMANY = Almost zero first team players LIKE THE CHILE TEAM?
        COLUMBIA = Scores off a PENALTY HAHAHAHA??? not exactly clutch
        CHILE = Brek Shea and Altidore scores (not exactly a lone goal savior – HENCE again Green CAN SCORE WHEN NO ONE ELSE CAN).
        Chile vs USMNT?
        : 23-Johnny Herrera; 4-Osvaldo Gonzalez, 13-Jose Rojas (capt.), 17-Juan Cornejo; 6-Gonzalo Espinoza (16-Gonzalo Fierro, 72), 15-Erick Pulgar, 10-Marco Medel (5-Paulo Diaz, 79), 19-Diego Valdes (9-Juan Delgado, 60); 7-Bryan Carrasco, 22-Roberto Gutierrez (18-Andres Vilches, 90+4), 11-Mark Gonzalez (8-Angelo Sagal, 90)

        Chile’s ACTUAL National team: SEE THE DIFFERENCE
        1 Claudio Bravo (c), 3 Miiko Albornoz 11′, 17 Gary Medel , 18 Gonzalo Jara , 4 Mauricio Isla , 20 Charles Aránguiz , 15 Rodrigo Millar 74′, 2 Eugenio Mena 82′
        8 Arturo Vidal 80′, 21 Markel Bergara , 7 Alexis Sánchez


        2. 2 TOP TEN TEAM – German team at the time
        Germany starting XI v USMNT Friendly 2013:- ter Stegen, L Bender, Mertesacker, Howedes, Jansen, S. Bender, Reinartz, Schurrle, Draxler, Pdolski, Klose.THATS A GERMAN C TEAM With almost no starter !!!!! (NOT EXACTLY A TEAM THAT WENT ON TO WIN A WORLD CUP)?

        3. A game where they were THE ONLY USMNT PLAYER TO SCORE IN THE MATCH….yup, that fact still stands ???

        Not even going to waste time on the other teams you came up with….

      • “……. look at Sargent and Wood each got contracts with Bundesliga clubs in the last 12 months, after Greens “clutch” goals in 2Bundes”

        hahahahahaha absolutely true, but at least everyone in question PLAYS in Bundesliga or 2.bundesliga, and are NOT PLAYING IN MLS, on a team that sucks this season and might not even make the play offs…..IN MLS?

      • Johnnyrazor
        Your BOY was absolutely NONEXISTENT in this game…..Portland neutralized Altidore like he wasn’t on the field and you think he’ll be “lethal” or effective for the USMNT against Brazil or Columbia??????

        Altidore and Bradley are SUCKING right now for TFC (its actually hard to watch to tell you the truth?)…..and we don’t need that hopelessness, mentality or style of play anymore in camp for the USMNT


      • I guess I didn’t take you literally enough. I am not sure the number of goals scored in matches that no one else on your team scores in is a real valuable metric.
        If you notice I said in my original post that Jozy is not in good form after his long lay off from surgery.

    • Did the US win any of those games Green scored in??? Nope, so calm that down and one was a friendly! Altidores goal against Spain was actually in a Fifa game that helped get the team to the final, while Green goal against Belgium was one that made the game look closer than what it really was.

      • Altidore was never a clutch scorer when it matters, his last major score was against Spain almost 10 years ago and he needed Casillas to mishandled the block. Last year’s Mexico score was his first ever against them.

      • I don’t really care if goals are “lucky” or not Greens goals against Belgium and France were quit fortunate, but they went in and that’s all that matters.

  26. I think the way the USMNT fans have treated Bradley and Jozy over the past 10 months (and certainly the past 3-4 months) has been pretty sad. I was at an Orlando game in July, and it was ridiculous what was being shouted at them. Time to move on.

    Having said that, I see value in bringing Jozy in; he and Wood are still are top forwards, whether we like it or not. But in the midfield, McKinnie and Adams, who essentially play the same position as Bradley, are on the same level as him (or are close to getting there). So if playing one of those guys doesn’t result in a significant drop off in play, I just don’t see wasting minutes on Bradley. Besides, TFC would rather him stay focused on their playoff push.

    The rest of the roster looks fine to me, but I would certainly want Steffen to start over Guzan, who should fill the role of the mentor from here on out.

      • True, but it was downright shameful the way they played those final qualifying matches. To not treat them as human beings is shameful. But from a soccer standpoint, it makes no sense to bring them back into the fold.

    • 100% agree on fan treatment of Jozy and Bradley. however, Adams and Weston can certainly play a similar role, but they are also both incredibly effective getting forward. having Bradley and Bedoya has pure #6 options (or Trapp) allows Adams and Weston to get forward. we already know they’ll have plenty of energy to get back and help on defense as needed.

    • Trust me half my family is Brazilian, the way US fans have treated Bradley and Altidore is tame compared to what would have happened to them if this was to happen in Brazil.

      Seriously, were calling it ‘sad’ because fans have booed at them in MLS and ranted about them on blogs. Please, the average American doesn’t even know who these guys are. In any soccer nation if the same thing had happened they’d be shamed for life anywhere in public they ever went, even family members would be hostile to them and embarrassed for the family.

      We are such a bunch of effeminate sissies these days in this country. All of us need to grow a pair.

      • JD: Perhaps Brazilian fans are delusional for thinking they should win every WC and slightly unhinged and their reaction when reality comes crashing down…? I don’t think we need to worry about how other countries treat their plans are people.

        You weren’t in the stands when I heard some pretty vile stuff yelled at them at the game I attended in Orlando. Do I hold them partially responsible for missing WC2018? Of course. Did they play like crap during a lot of the WC qualifiers? For sure. That doesn’t mean I should treat them as less than human…

      • Yeah count me amongst the people who doesn’t think it’s super cool “cause the Brazilians do it”. Lame reasoning.

  27. I partially understand the idea of calling up Jozy and Bradley, considering the competition and giving the youngsters a leader, so to speak. Bedoya doesn’t need to be called up ever again. Zardes is still Zardes, meaning his touch is useless even in the best of games. And he offers no leadership qualities like the others. I still really don’t care to see any of them on this list. I understand the desire to give them a supposed leader; but, throwing them in the deep end isn’t the worst thing, and especially in friendlies. Additionally, because these are friendlies, there’s nothing riding on them so we don’t need to “take our best available.” The other younger players weren’t there to massively f*&% up late 2017, while Bradley, Jozy, and Bedoya were. Not to “punish them,” so to speak, but why do they reserve this right to pull on the shirt after that, and especially when the goal is to move forward and march towards actually qualifying in 2022?

    • Jozy’s too good to let go of. I wish he wasn’t, but he brings a level of physicality, speed, skill, and experience that none of the others really have. At some point you’d like to see one of the younger guys take that leap past him because he’s only so good but unless he drops off a lot I don’t see any way Jozy is off the squad in the next four years even if not as a starter.

      Michael Bradley I could take or leave at this point. He brings some things, particularly with his longball passing, but there’s a lot of faster, more athletic, more technical CM’s in the pool around him now.

      Call me the oddball, but I haven’t been as impressed with Yedlin since he moved to England. He’s a better pure defender and seems more careful…but the raw edge of unpredictability that made him so dangerous seems to be gone.

    • Zardes is the top US scorer in our domestic league, the MLS. His touch problem came when he had the move the ball inward from the wings. Up top as a C/F is where Zardes needs to be..period. Its at this position and in front of goal he does not need to move the ball as much and makes less mistakes and that leads to goals,

      Lets hope Sarachan does not do the same thing as Arena and Klisnmann did, and move him wide, it may be more of the same. With the good service he can get from the USMNT mids, I expect Zardes to be dangerous enough to draw defenders to him, and allow room for the other mids and attackers.

    • i just continue to find it funny that fans would say player x provides no leadership when none of us are in and never have been in that USMNT locker room, or better yet a practice to recognize this so called leadership. I don’t blame the players tbh for that debacle in TnT but Arena, who should have rotated the team for fresher legs. Mostly everyone who started that game in Trinidad had played a full ’90 four days earlier and were gassed before the end of the first half. My point is, i’m no longer prepare to castrate the vets who still have something to give the program going forward at the expense of just trotting out a bunch of young players that need to still develop AT THEIR CLUBS before being fully entrenched with the senior NT.


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