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Nashville MLS CEO Ian Ayre reveals timetables on GM and head coach hires


Nashville’s MLS team won’t begin play until 2020, but former Liverpool CEO Ian Ayre made it clear he plans to hire the people who will help run the club in the very near future.

“In terms of recruitment, general manager is priority so I’m doing a lot of work interviewing and turning the circle on the closure of that.”

Ayre said he would “expect that in the next four to six weeks we’ll make an announcement.”

Ayre was also asked about the new branding for MLS, with the current USL branding not set in stone,

“You really didn’t expect me to tell you the answer to that,” responded Ayre.  “I think we’ll plan to launch early in Q1,” Ayre said. “Some of the reasoning behind that lends itself to what we’re already doing in the city. Not trying to create too much confusion around the time when our USL team is just going through its process for renewals for next year.

“We’ve been trying to mindful and respectful of that, and for the supporters as well we don’t create confusion. We’re confident we have the timing right and the execution for that. We’re not completely finished.”

Nashville took a big step in the right direction last week, as its stadium deal at the Nashville Fairgrounds was approved.

Ayre also mentioned that a head coach and scouting system will be put in place by the early months of 2019.

Nashville SC currently sits eighth in the USL’s Eastern Conference.


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