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Pineda and Jimenez out for Mexico clash with USMNT


On Tuesday, the U.S. Men’s National Team will play host to Mexico in Nashville, Tennessee.

El Tri will be hoping for a better result than last Friday’s 4-1 loss to Uruguay, but they will have to do so without Orbelín Pineda and Raul Jimenez. Pineda is leaving the El Tri camp due to injury, while Pineda is returning to England at the request of Wolverhampton.

Raul Jimenez scored Mexico’s lone goal against Uruguay and played the entire 90 minutes. Pineda did not feature in Friday’s match.

Also missing out on Tuesday’s clash will be Hirving Lozano, Erick Gutierrez, and Guillermo Ochoa, who all played against Uruguay, but have since returned to their European clubs.

Both Lozano and Gutierrez return to Holland as PSV prepare to put their unbeaten start to the season on the line against ADO Den Haag. Ochoa went back to Belgium as Standard Liege look to get back on track against a struggling Sporting Charleroi.


    • Our approach should NOT change based on their absences, Gary. That’s the kind of sad attitude that has us in this mess. You’re just talking to talk. We should be aggressive and put pressure on them regardless.
      Do your chores tomorrow so you can watch the game Bobby, you little dirtball.

      • whammm, i see that you and rob have sort of a beavis and butthead operation going on here. just curious, which one are you supposed to be? beavis or butthead?

    • thank you for coming to the forum to post your valuable opinion today, gary page. over the last several years i cannot count how many times i have enjoyed reading your intelligent and valuable opinions here. please continue to share your thoughts. i for one do always enjoy reading them.

    • yes gary, i quite agree. we can attack more on tuesday night if mexico is missing those players. and i think as long as usa fans keep the healthy perspective that mexico is also bringing a fresh wave of youth to these friendlies, i think we all can enjoy a lively game without drawing too many conclusions from it.

      • Given the circumstances you honestly believe our approach should change based on whether or not those two are available? Give me a break. I think Gary has decent input and fair opinions regularly. That however was not one of those instances. Sure you don’t like that I shit all over robs stupid ass to prove a point and that’s fine, but to say Gary’s opinion here holds any more weight than mine is laughable. Kind of like when you respond to yourself 13 times in a thread. One thing we can agree on the Mexicans are dirtballs on the field.

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