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SBI USMNT Man of the Match: Tyler Adams


Tyler Adams’ late run through the middle of the penalty area was a smart advancement into the final third that became the difference in the U.S. Men’s National Team’s 1-0 victory over Mexico.

The goal was the first of Adams’ USMNT career in his seventh appearance.

Adams latched onto Antonee Robinson’s assist in the middle of the penalty area four minutes after Angel Zaldivar was sent off for a harsh challenge on Wil Trapp.

The 19-year-old wasn’t the only player with New York Red Bulls connections to shine in the win, as Matt Miazga starred at center back and ignited some much-needed fire into the match with his mocking of Diego Lainez.

Along with Miazga, Julian Green deserves honorable mention recognition for his play as a No. 10 in an adjusted 4-2-3-1 formation following his 40th-minute entrance.

Let us know in the comments below who you was the USMNT’s Man of the Match against Mexico.


  1. The game changed when Green came in for McKennie. I haven’t decided exactly how or why yet, but that it did was obvious. We still weren’t creating much in the attack, but the possession began to even out. Robinson coming on and the red card happened around the same time, but that definitely tilted the game in our favor. All of a sudden we were dominating and attacking down that flank, instead of the other way around. A fail to USSF for sticking us in this situation. An interim coach felt the need to go for the win on an emotional night against our rival. Who could blame him? What we needed was a veteran manager with job security who could keep this friendly in perspective, and make sure that all six subs were used to try out the new players that were brought in so we could start to build a deeper pool of capped players. Hire the damn coach already.

    • One disappointment thats officially emerged is we still have 0 attacking threat without Pulisic. Green may have a role to play at times and same story with Tim Weah, but neither is ready to consistently produce for us. We still haven’t gotten the chance to see Kenny Saief. Is there anyone else who could be a game changer for us by Gold Cup?

  2. Lichaj is strictly a RB at this level, and I’m not sure he’s the kind of RB this team wants/needs anyway. Seems to be a good attitudinal glue guy for these camps as he doesn’t have much stink from the failures of the rest of the guys in his generation and has carved out a niche for himself in England (similar to Ream in that regard). Doesn’t bring anything crucial to the national team set-up (also similar to Ream).

    I think, for the time being, Shaq Moore should be done getting called up. He wasn’t horrible, but nothing stands out either. Might wanna let the kid find himself at the club level first.

    Acosta isn’t a winger, we really need to stop playing him there.

    Not sure why Novakovich can’t get a look.

    • Agreed. Shaq Moore is too slow for this level. Imagine if he had faced Neymar or Costa rather than Yedlin and Robinson. Even Robinson got burned by that opposition and he is probably the second-fastest player on our team.

    • agreed Moore needs to continue to develop. He’s going to be more of a stay at home wingback, perhaps a solid option (after more development) against teams who apply a lot of pressure when we don’t need a wing back running up the line (4-3-3 maybe?).

      but his 1v1 defending is solid. Yedlin is clearly ahead of him, but not too many options after that. There are parallel options (both pros and cons) but i think it would depend on the mentality and formation against the opponent.

    • we can’t rely on them alone. An injury later and we’d be scrambling. Yedlin is a known commodity, I’m fine with developing a backup. Yedlin and Moore are two different style wingbacks though.

      Lichaj would be serviceable if played out right, but still.. wouldn’t be my first choice.

  3. A bit unconventional, but I’d give it to Robinson. I thought Lichaj was the most underwhelming player on the field, and his sub led to a number of chances. Perhaps it wasn’t a complete performance as Robinson never really had to defend, but I think he did a great job showing his positive qualities when they were most needed.

  4. This reminded me of the USMNT of old that dominated Mexico for 15 years. Not saying it’s great, I’m just saying that was the vibe I got watching this. I’m not a Green fan, but his insertion before half absolutely changes the game. Up to that point, I though McKinnie was our best player. But everyone around Green started connecting better.

    No need to blow this result out of proportion, but the fact that they pressed when up a man and made a count is a positive.

    • Before you get too excited, this was far from the Mexico A team and they lost to Uruguay 6-1 last Friday. I thought the performance and result by the US were quite underwhelming.

      • First off Mexico lost to Uruguay 4-1 not 6-1, second this wasn’t close to our best side either. For instance in the back 4 we had a C teamer at LB (Lichaj), an A teamer at CB(Miazga), a B teamer CB (CCV), and a B teamer at RB (Moore).

      • Gary: It’s best to actually read a comment in its entirety before you respond to it. I warned against blowing this result out of proportion. And the fact that I compared this performance to the old days, when we won by sheer grit and hustle rather than skill, is not meant as a compliment.

  5. Usually good to go with the goal scorer. The game really leveled out after Green came on so I like the mention of him as well. Robinson’s ability to get to the end line was a huge boost as well was only on for 10 minutes before the red, but was a big upgrade over Lichaj.

    • For sure Green had an immediate positive impact. He has nice touch in tight spaces and consistently moves forward which unfortunately was lacking. Here’s the But. You don’t have to be a monster- but he desperately needs to work on his leverage/strength on the ball to maintain possession. He was way too easily pushed off the ball any time there was any contact by a team not exactly physically imposing. If he can improve in that dept. he could be very valuable.


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