USL Announces Central Rebrand Across Three Leagues

USL Announces Central Rebrand Across Three Leagues


USL Announces Central Rebrand Across Three Leagues


The United Soccer League announced today a single focus across the USL, USL D3, and the PDL. The leagues are all now connected under the USL brand as USL Championship, USL League One, and USL League Two respectively.

“Today’s announcement comes at the dawn of an exciting new era for our sport,” said USL CEO Alec Papadakis. “The USL has spent the past eight years transforming our league to meet the evolving needs of our team owners, players, coaches, fans and partners. We have established our place in the U.S. soccer landscape while blazing the trail for professional soccer’s future by introducing a new third division, completing the nation’s professional soccer structure.”

The new looks of each league’s logos share similar features with color schemes that both reflect their past and combine them all under one style.

The new structure and branding will start in the 2019 season alongside a new “modernized” website.

“We are repositioning the competition under MLS with a new strategy, new names and logos,” concluded Papadakis. “As we look to the future, the USL is ready to put its fingerprints on U.S. Soccer’s drive toward becoming the best in the world, and its pursuit of winning a FIFA Men’s World Cup.”

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