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Trinidad & Tobago among the USMNT U-20’s opponents at CONCACAF Championship


Almost a year after seeing the U.S. Men’s National Team have its World Cup qualifying hopes dashed by Trinidad & Tobago, the U.S. Under-20s will look to avoid a similar fate.

The U.S. U-20s were drawn into Group A for November’s Concacaf U-20 Championship, with Trinidad & Tobago the highest-rated of the U.S. team’s five opponents in group play.

The Americans play the first of their five group games on November 1 against Puerto Rico.

Suriname, St. Vincent and Grenadines and the U.S. Virgin Islands were also drawn into Group A.

Mexico was assigned to Group B alongside Jamaica, Aruba, Nicaragua, Grenada and Saint Martin.

The group stage lasts from November 1 to 10, with the qualification stage beginning on November 13.

The winners of Groups D. B and F will be drawn together in the qualification stage, as will the champions of Groups A, C and E.

After playing a round-robin format, the two teams at the top of their respective qualification stage groups will meet in the November 21 final.

All of the games will be played on the complex of IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.


  1. The qualifying format is must win the group above, and then you go into semifinal groups with the 3 ACE and 3 BDF winners, and the top 2 of each 3 team group make the U20 world cup. The group winners then face each other for the final.

    The US should advance and then barring an upset it would look like a semi group with Honduras and Costa Rica. Both of them qualified last time and Honduras was second in the tournament to us.

    Hard to know what to expect with the U19s beating the U20s in their own tournament, and neither side probably fielding the best age group players. And then will the best players already gone pro be released. And then how will they handle the initial group stage and 5 games in 8 days. Only after that ordeal do you get to the semi group stage with the best teams.

    • Players on first teams likely won’t be available, but remember anyone under 20 is eligible so there should be plenty of talent. With fairly weak opponents in the group stage Ramos should be able to rotate players a little bit.

    • From what i’ve read by posters, US U20s were down a man for a healthy chunk of the match. I didn’t see the game, nor followed the after report so I’m not a wealth of information. But those U19s are also in the pool so…

  2. The US will probably be facing the identical TnT team that took the field in Couva last October, and will finally get that elusive win…


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