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USMNT planning plenty of lineup changes for Peru friendly


TAMPA, Fla. — The U.S. Men’s National Team lineup that will take on Peru next week is going to look vastly different from the one that faced Colombia on Thursday.

The USMNT suffered a 4-2 loss to Colombia in a friendly on Thursday night, and changes are coming for next Tuesday’s clash with Peru at Pratt and Whitney Stadium in East Hartford, Connecticut. The lineup alterations will not be the result of or a reaction to the loss at Raymond James Stadium, but rather a part of the preordained plan that was mapped out for these October fixtures.

“Going into these two games, the idea was to get through the first game with the core group. There are plans to make a number of changes for Tuesday,” said U.S. head coach Dave Sarachan on Thursday. “That’s the reason you play these friendlies: to allow some players opportunities, so we’re going to make a number of changes. We’ll address some of the issues from today and scout Peru, but the same fundamentals will apply to that group as this group.”

Exactly how many changes Sarachan has in mind is unclear, but the U.S. lineup that battles Peru will be vastly more inexperienced if the manager does stay true to his word. The only veteran option that was on the bench vs. Colombia was goalkeeper Brad Guzan, who has played 58 times at the international level.

The other 11 players Sarachan has at his disposal in this October camp have 29 caps between them following Thursday’s match. Jonathan Amon, Reggie Cannon, and Aaron Long are the players who have not even debuted yet, though that appears set to change on Tuesday.

“All of these moments for young players I hope add up in terms of their experience and that’s so important for these guys,” said Sarachan. “That’s why you play these games.”


  1. what did we see: first the injuries to adams and mckinney, who just happen to play cm; then calling up mb, who plays for one of the league’s worst teams this year; and the full blown media propaganda trumpeting his return; and after the game, the media machine gushing about how great he was.
    my two cents: this might have been a high level “job”. people in positions of power can do things like this, you know. i don’t know anything but i am suspicious.

    • correction: and after the game, the media machine gushing about how great he was WHEN IN FACT HIS PERFORMANCE WAS SUB PAR.

    • exhibit b: the case that almiron faked his no contact hammy pull last week just got stronger. disco just found him guilty of basically doing the same exact thing one week earlier in the new england game. (and in almost the same minute). what does this prove? well, if it’s true, what is shows is an example of a club and the media working together to try to fool the fans/viewers/season ticket holders/readers. and if it happened once why couldn’t it happen two or three times. see?

  2. Bradley needs rest. He may or may not have what it takes to continue as a main layer for the US, but not in his current for. He looks exhausted by the end of every game whether it is for ‘TFC or the USMNT. It could be he is entering a hase where he is good for only 65 minutes, or it could be that his large number of appearances fir club and country in the last 2 years has taken its toll.

    I suspect we won’t know know the answer to that until next spring after a permanent coach is brought in,

  3. I expect Guzan to start and Bradley to sit. Trapp will be captain until he gets subbed by Bradley at minute 65 to inherit the captain’s armband.

    • 90 minutes of “leadership” whether you like it or not. A true leader gets out in front of the pack when he walks after his man.

  4. Unfortunately we are stuck with Bradley in all the friendlies coming up. Did I miss something?? How is he rated higher than most players on the USMNT in the polls???? Doing what???

    “DM – Michael Bradley: 5.5/10 — Back with the USMNT for the first time in a year — and wearing the armband — Bradley was finally deployed in a situation that works for him: as a no. 6, with a no. 8, who’s actually a no. 8, alongside him. However, Bradley’s effort on Colombia’s third goal stuck out as sorely lacking, which won’t have done him any favors in the minds of his many skeptics.”…… finally deployed in a situation that works for him Hahahahaha, like he was outstanding or something ?

    “Michael Bradley (6.5) – Despite all the chaos going on around him, the skipper enjoyed a decidedly solid return. Bradley stopped several Colombia advances up the gut and rarely misplayed a ball off his foot'” …….like what? ?

    American Soccer Now
    “Michael Bradley – Asked to play a DEFENSIVE ROLE in the midfield ahead of the back line, the veteran was solid at clogging passing lanes in the middle of the field. His first half tackle on James in the midfield sparked a counter that saw Yedlin nearly find Bobby Wood on the back post. Overall he did a solid job distributing the ball as well. Rating: 6.”…….played a defensive role in front of the back-line and we experienced the LARGEST defeat since putting this new team together ?

    Praying the next USMNT coach it all about HONESTLY building from scratch……cant wait for November 1st.

    • Yeah, I saw some of these and wondered what I missed. I thought he was a solid 5 maybe 5.5 for the first 55 minutes, but then I don’t know how you could rate him above 4.5 over the last 35. He shouldn’t start the next match purely for fitness, the debate on the value of him is pointless if he doesn’t have the fitness.
      I think Trapp gets the start next match so that Dave has some cover, see the young captain either outplayed or underplayed by the old captain.

  5. Just please no Bradley. We aren’t learning anything from him and he is not that good. And if you must play him, for the love of god, sub him out at some point. He was awful the last 25 minutes against Columbia and could be blamed for one goal. He is there for defensive cover and was too gassed at the end to keep up with Columbia when they were attacking. He was 15 yards ahead of a Columbian player on there 3rd goal counterattack and failed to track back to keep up with that player who somehow passed him and was 10 yards ahead of him when he finally scored.

  6. First thing needing change is Bradley. He can go jog at Toronto. Sarachan would be #2 but that won’t happen. Start Sargent, send Wood home

  7. thanks for the update, franco. guzan doesn’t need minutes. bradley doesn’t need minutes. only the kids need minutes in these games. if bradley and guzan both sit on the bench and the kids play against peru; and they should be different kids, spread the minutes around, then that’s how we get “back on track”. playing anyone other than the kids is a complete waste of time for these friendlies where nothing is at stake and winning doesn’t matter.


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