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Jonathan Klinsmann replaces Zack Steffen on USMNT roster


The U.S. Men’s National Team’s latest roster adjustment involves a member of a family familiar with the program.

Jonathan Klinsmann, the son of former USMNT boss Jurgen Klinsmann, is set to join the November camp, replacing Zack Steffen of the Columbus Crew.

The 21-year-old, who played his collegiate soccer at Cal, plays for Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin.

Klinsmann is a reasonable call-up for the November camps, as he’s a European-based option and was a top option in goal during his cycle with the USMNT U-20 side from 2015-2017.

Steffen, who was eliminated from the MLS playoffs with the Columbus Crew on Sunday, has a hamstring strain that’s preventing him from participating in camp.

Klinsmann will join Ethan Horvath and Brad Guzan as goalkeepers in the camp preparing for the friendlies against England and Italy.

In addition to Steffen’s departure, midfielder Darlington Nagbe has also left due to hamstring strain. The Atlanta United player suffered the injury in the Five Stripes second leg playoff win over NYCFC on Sunday.


  1. He was 16, he still listened to his dad and swallowed every word as truth.
    Blame dad.
    IF he still feels that way…ok I am on board with the hatred.

  2. I’m not even a Landon fan. but I’m also not a USMNT fan, because the elder Klinsmann killed it for me. so thanks, Sarachan, for giving me a reason not to watch these games. I’m sure I can find better things to do…

      • But you want a HSBC II keeper playing in the regionalliga (4th division)?

        I think we should have had a different slate of US and MX keepers in, but Westberg is an interesting idea. I had the same thought. One question is at 32 could he even be in long term plans. This is why you scout people I guess.

  3. The problem isn’t so much the comments he made as a 16 year old ,it’s that he knew exactly was going to happen beforehand with LD. Klingon the elder had laid it out at the dinner table. German in ,kid I don’t like out. Still would like to tell him how I feel about what he did, you know in a German way!

  4. There is no way that guy should do any more than shag balls in practice. Any goalie in MLS is better than him. Sarachan is a jerk till the very end

    • I thought it was sloppy, you call in too many players end of season this is bound to happen, someone gets hurt or says no, you need a last minute replacement, who plays keeper in Europe, not much. Not well considered.

  5. Horvath did get a call up. Yarborough still has one match left Leon is just playing for pride but would hate to give Club Leon an excuse to bench him with next season starting in January.

  6. I have nothing against Klinsmann the younger, but both Yarbrough and Horvath have been playing regular first division. Both deserve the call up more than Klinsmann.

    • Ethan only recently got minutes because their starter is injured. He hasn’t done enough to get a call up and will be sent to the bench once their starter is healthy again. I hope he goes to a new club because he’s limited now and needs to start elsewhere

      • Yes, I know about Horvath, but how many first team minutes has Klinsmann gotten? And Horvath was a starter a couple of years ago while Klinsmann was still an amateur.

    • Personally I think the primary problem is Sarachan calling up so many MLS players not eliminated or just out. Once you try that then I think you’re last minute scrambling for replacements and the best isn’t necessarily being called to fill the gap. I would have called Euros for these two — they are early in their seasons — and then rotated back to MLS for camp cupcake. Most of the MLS callins have abundant tape. It’s like calling in Pulisic in May.

      • I mean if you pushbutton call up MLS people over and over and then have games in Europe starting midweek, it’s no huge surprise you might lose some people from MLS especially the weekend before, and at that point with international flights you’re pretty much stuck fishing for replacements on the continent already. There might even be better options but I am sure part of Klinsmann’s appeal is low division easy availability. HBSC pimps out its player’s callup. He sees negligible time as clipboard carrier for the first two. But just sloppy.

      • Ha ha it’s true! I admit it. My blood boils at the mere mention of this kid! I console myself with the notion that… you know doesn’t hold any ill will toward this little punk? Sir Landon. So as ever, I commend my emotional demons to The Greatest Player (and maybe human?) America Has Ever Produced. If Landon don’t hate, then neither will I. (fists clenched).

    • He was a jerk for his comments. He was also 16 years old at the time. God forbid that we should be held accountable for what we say at 16. Who hasn’t said something stupid at that age?

    • Controversy is bound to follow him until/unless he shows something for the NT but let’s be real, Klinsmann name, former U20 keeper, this was coming eventually. It may have been rushed because Sarachan is a moron who called up MLS in November, and he probably had to find someone in Europe fast to fill the hole. Garbage planning, problems could have been foreseen. But that’s a separate issue from whether this would happen at some point.

      • I’m not sure of any other keepers in Europe. Kronholm with Holstein in 2Bundesliga was born in US but I don’t think has ever represented US at any level. Other than that it’s leagues like Iceland and Finland.

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