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Report: Bayern Munich showing increased interest in Pulisic


The latest U.S. Men’s National Team captain could become the next player to make the jump from Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich.

According to a Sports Illustrated report, Bayern Munich has its eyes on the 20-year-old American, who could be in line to replace one of the aging wingers on the roster of the German giant.

Over in England, Chelsea’s emerged as the front-runner in the Premier League for Pulisic, but the midfielder, who captained the USMNT for the first time on Tuesday against Italy, doesn’t appear to be on the move until the summer.

Pulisic has played for Borussia Dortmund for the entirety of his professional career, which began in 2016.


  1. Since we are talking same league, whygo somewhere and be a Peasant when you can stay were you are and remain a Prince in that same “kingdom”……#Dortmund !!!

  2. @Rob – this is not true, Pulisic is coming off injury and now in a rotation system. I actually thought he was Dortmund’s best player sans Reus before some nagging injuries. I’m English and Sancho reminds me of James Milner at Newcastle(he was a pretty dynamic back in the day) he has great movement but he’s not that great of an athlete and he’s tidy on the ball but nothing that’s really going to make a defender fearful. To me Pulisic is the more talented player w more upside and that’s pretty clear.

  3. not sure what the rush is to get him out of Dortmund, where he plays and is well liked. also, while this may appeal to pecking order fanboys, dortmund is actually top of the table this season and bayern 7 points back, and i watched dortmund come back on bayern to win 3-2 in must see viewing. the implication this would be a step up is not current.

  4. Well, Bayern are up to their old tricks again. Anti-competitive scumbags whenever things aren’t going their way….. though in all honesty, it’s no different from what any elite club would do if they allowed the stuff they do in Germany.


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