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The SBI MLS Draft Big Board (Final Version)


The 2019 MLS Draft is less than a day away and if you were wondering which players your team should be considering with its draft picks, this is your place to find out.

Here is the final SBI MLS Draft Big Board, which has been built with the help of input from front office personnel and coaches from throughout MLS, as well as scouts and coaches from across the country:

SBI MLS Draft Big Board (Final Version)

(*=Generation Adidas Player, %=international player, $=Canadian domestic)

1. (*) FRANKIE AMAYA, UCLA, Central Midfielder (Bio)

2. (*) SIAD HAJI, VCU, Winger/Midfielder (Bio)

3. ($) CALLUM MONTGOMERY, Charlotte, Centerback (Bio)

4. (*$) TAJON BUCHANAN, Syracuse, Right winger/forward (Bio)

5. (*$) DAYNE ST. CLAIR, Maryland, Goalkeeper  (Bio)

6. DEJUAN JONES, Michigan State, Right Winger/RB (Bio)

7. (%) ANDRE SHINIYASHIKI, Denver, Forward  (Bio)

8. SANTIAGO PATINO, FIU, Forward (Bio)

9. *J.J. WILLIAMS, Kentucky, Striker (Bio)

10. (*) JOHN NELSON, North Carolina, Left Back (Bio)

11. SERGIO RIVAS, Seattle, Central Midfielder (Bio)

12. AKEEM WARD, Creighton, Right Back (Bio)

13. LOGAN GDULA, Wake Forest, Right Back (Bio)

14. JACOB HAUSER-RAMSEY, UConn, Centerback (Bio)

15. ROY BOATENG, UC-Davis, Centerback (Bio)

16. RYAN SIERAKOWSKI, Michigan State, Striker (Bio)

17. CAMDEN RILEY, Pacific, Defensive Midfielder (Bio)

18. (%) WOUTER VERSTRAATEN, Pacific, Centerback (Bio)

19. (*) GRIFFIN DORSEY, Indiana, Right Winger (Bio)

20. CHASE GASPER, Maryland, Left Back (Bio)

21. RECE BUCKMASTER, Indiana, Right Back (Bio)

22. ($) KAMAL MILLER, Syracuse, Centerback (Bio)

23. (%) ANDERSON ASIEDU, UCLA, Defensive Midfielder (Bio)

24. (%) NILS BRUENING, North Carolina, Striker (Bio)

25. (%) JANOS LOEBE, Fordham, Left Back (Bio)

26. BRAD DUNWELL, Wake Forest, Defensive Midfielder (Bio)

27. (%) PROSPER FIGBE, Virginia, Centerback (Bio)

28. BRENDAN MCDONOUGH, Georgetown, Centerback (Bio)

29. ($) ALEX COMSIA, North Carolina, Centerback (Bio)

30. JOEY PIATCZYC, West Virginia, Central Midfielder (Bio)

31. SAM JUNQUA, California, Left Back (Bio)

32. AMIR BASHTI, Stanford, Forward (Bio)

33. JIMMY HAGUE, Michigan State, Goalkeeper (Bio)

34. (%) DON TCHILAO, Oregon State, Forward (Bio)

35. TOMMY MCCABE, Notre Dame, Defensive Midfielder (Bio)

36. MARCELLO BORGES, Michigan, Left Back (Bio)

37. (%) PATRICK BUNK-ANDERSON, Clemson, Central Defender (Bio)

38. AMAR SEJDIC, Maryland, Central Midfielder (Bio)

39. ABDI MOHAMMED, Akron, Right Back (Bio)

40. HASSANI DOTSON, Oregon State, Central Midfielder (Bio)

41. GEOFF DEE, Louisville, Central Midfielder (Bio)

42. GRANT STONEMAN, Loyola, Defender (Bio)

43. KEMAR MARRIOTT, Florida Gulf Coast, Defensive Midfielder

44. (%) BEN LUNDT, Akron, Goalkeeper

45. ANDREW SAMUELS Maryland Defensive Midfielder/RB

46. SEBASTIAN ELNEY, Maryland, Striker

47. SEAN MCSHERRY, Princeton, Centerback

48. (%) KERVIN KENTON, Coastal Carolina, Left Centerback/Left Back

49. LOUIS BARRAZA, Marquette, Goalkeeper

50. QUENTIN PEARSON, Washington, Centerback

51. SIMON ENSTROM, Boston College, Forward

52. EBY ACKON, Bowling Green, Defender

52. (%) RASHID NUHU, Fordham, Goalkeeper

53. MAMADI CAMARA, Simon Fraser, Right Winger

54. EDUVIE IKOBA, Dartmouth, Striker

55. PETER LEE VASSELL, Harbor View, Midfielder

56. KYLE COFFEE, Washington, Forward

57. (%) JAVI PEREZ, Pittsburgh, Central Midfielder

58. DYLAN GREENBERG, UConn, Left Back

59. SHINYA KADONO, California, Winger/Central Midfielder

60. ROBBIE MERTZ, Michigan, Central Midfielder

61. (%) MITCHELL OSMAND, U of Rio Grande, Centerback

62. NATHAN AUNE, Seattle, Centerback

63. (%) LENNART HEIN, Saint Louis, Centerback

64. (%) MOSHE PEREZ, Denver, Defensive Midfielder

65. SCOTT DEVOSS, Denver, Centerback

66. RASHAWN DAILY, Quinnipiac, Forward

67. (%) JOEL RYDSTRAND, Creighton, Central Midfielder

68. EMIL CUELLO, SMU, Central Midfielder

69. THOMAS UELAND, Notre Dame, Forward

70. JOHN FREITAG, Michigan State, Right Back


  1. I still think John Nelson might go sooner. Good left backs are hard to find and he is one who got this far without being a big brute, but by playing with intelligence and skill.

    Also happy to see Sean McSherry is up to #47, he was one of those invited off the alternates list so he probably started well off the radar. That likely means he saw a little bit of time in the scrimmages and impressed those who watched. Good luck to him.


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