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Tyler Adams impresses in first start for RB Leipzig


Tyler Adams wasted no time impressing RB Leipzig enough to earn some playing time, and his first impression as a Bundesliga player was a good one.

The young American midfielder started and played the full match in RB Leipzig’s 4-0 win against Fortuna Dusseldorf.

Adams was excellent in central midfield, providing his trademark tireless defensive work along with efficient passes that helped Leipzig dominate their opponents on the road.

Being put into the starting lineup so quickly bodes well for Adams, who played well enough to keep earning minutes for an RB Leipzig side battling for a top four finish in the Bundesliga.

Adams and RB Leipzig return to action on Friday with a visit to Hannover 96.

What did you think of Adams’ performance? See him settling in as a regular starter for RB Leipzig?

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  1. Didn’t look out of place at all. Was completely reliable defensively and with simple distribution, more creative offensive stuff didn’t come off regularly but that will improve with time as he gets to know his teammates. Have to imagine Leipzig staff are really happy with him. Hope his growth can continue, he looks like a stud.

  2. Has anyone been following RBL long enough to know who Adams “displaced” for this game? I’m curious whether there was an injury situation. Seems hard to believe that he could show so well in 2-3 weeks there to push a starter out for the 4th ranked team in the Bundesliga. But if that’s the case, pretty great.

    • what are you talking about? A kid with huge potential, playing CM for good Bundesliga team… you want to play out of position so we can accomodate Michael Bradley?

      • You misunderstand me. I was looking to see if there were any signs that Adams did not fit in with his teammates. I saw none. I don’t know what you thought I was saying, or why Bradley was mentioned.

      • You’re overreacting , Tyler Adams has a big ” engine ” but lacks the technical side of the game. He has to improve 100% in ball control, dribbling, passing and reading to game correctly.

  3. I think it is likely that he will be a regular starter for Leipzig. He was pretty darn good and you figure that he will get better as he adapts to the league and knows his teammates better.

  4. While this was a game that RB Leipzig was expected to dominate, and therefore a low risk game to give Adams minutes….the fact that he started the game and went the full 90 should be seen as a positive.
    The next hurdle will be how they use him in games against opponents who are closer to Leipzig’s level of play and league standing. Will they start him against BM & BVB? Will he be an impact sub, or will he be an unused sub in these types of matches. That’s when we’ll truly know what his club thinks of him.

  5. It’s a really big development that Adams is already in the squad rotation. I assumed it would take him until next season to gain meaningful minutes. Very impressive that he has earned the manager’s trust so quickly. This will be a great story to follow in the spring.

  6. Tyler Adams looked really good on the field today. Looked better, more confident, more reactive and more poised on the ball than the veteran Alfredo Morales (who started as a CM/CAM). Awesome


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